As all the members of the Anbu of Wunin Village left, the entire water shadow office fell into silence again.

After a long time, Terumi could not help being a little curious, and looked at the right side who was sitting lazily on the sofa:

"Youdou-sama, why don't you just publish Kinoshita Yoshiro's betrayal reward, but choose to publish the news of his disappearance?"

"At the price of the S-Class Rebellion, the reward news made will attract the attention of many people in the future."

You Dou stretched his waist, smiled lightly, and at the same time looked at Terumi Ming and said lightly:

"Among the other four ninja villages, which one do you think is the most threatening?"


Terumi Ming was stunned, and was silent for a while, then said: "Yunnin Village!"

Hearing Terumi Ming's answer, You Dou did not have an unexpected expression on his face. This is not only Terumi Ming's cognition, but also the cognition of most people in the entire Ninja World.

Seeing that Youdou hadn't spoken, Terumi Mei continued to speak, "Although the strength of Iwanin Village and Konoha Village is not weak, there are some differences because of the village's shadow."

"The character of Ohnoki in Iwanin Village is stubborn. Such people basically don't make mistakes, but in the same way, they will have worries about doing anything, and they will never make a move unless they are sure of it."

"As for the Sarutobi in Konoha Village, the well-known moderate in the entire Ninja world, I am afraid that among all Ninja villages, it is Konoha Village who wants to start a war last."

There was a surprised look on You Dou's face, he glanced at Terumi Ming, he didn't expect Terumi Ming to analyze it so thoroughly.

As if feeling You Dou's surprised gaze, Terumi Ming raised her eyebrows triumphantly.

You Dou smiled lightly, looking at the proud Terumi Mei, and attacked:

"I want to come to the village file, there should be about the reasons and results of each Ninja World War erupting. Although everyone in Ninja Village has their own winners and losers, have you seen the losses of Konoha Village?"

Terumi Mei couldn't help but froze for a moment, and then his face became serious, and he said softly:

"No matter which Ninja World War it was, Konoha Village had the lowest loss among the five Ninja Villages."

Right Dou saw Terumi Ming's expression, a sharp light flashed in his eyes, and said lightly:

"So, I really want to see if Kinaba Village can withstand the attacks of the four Shinobu Villages, and Kinoshita Yoshiro is the fuse I placed."

Having said that, You Dou stopped, and there was one word You Dou did not say.

If Konoha Village is destroyed under the attack of the four Shinobu Villages, then Right Dou naturally has no need to hide.

And if Konoha Village is still not destroyed in the face of the attacks of the four Shinobu Villages, then this matter is somewhat intriguing.

And the other three Ninja villages are the little white mice from You Dou to test Konoha Village.


A soft knock on the door sounded outside the office.

You Dou and Terumi Mei glanced at each other and chuckled lightly:

"It seems that the selection of Wunin Seven Swordsmen is over. I don't know who will be?"

Terumi Mei smiled similarly, and said in the direction of the door:

"come in."


As the door of the office was opened, Chang Shiro slowly walked in with Ringo Yu Yuri and Lan Wan.

"Master You Dou!"

"Master Shuiying!"

The three figures confronted You Dou and Terumi Mei said at the same time.

Seeing Ringo Yu Yuri, You Dou was not surprised. When he saw Lan Wan, You Dou's face appeared astonished.

"This... what's the matter with Ranmaru?"

You Dou couldn't help but speak curiously, and Terumi Mei was also curious on the side.

Feeling the gaze of Youdou and Terumi Mei, Ranmaru suddenly became nervous: "That...that..."

Seeing Ranmaru who was stuttering a little, Chojuro hurriedly said, giving a general introduction of what happened.

There was a faint flash in Terumi Ming's eyes, and he carefully looked at the little bit in front of him, then turned his head and looked at the right fight.

If she guessed correctly, the strength in Lan Wan's body should be related to Lord You Dou.

"Remember the four subordinates of Dashemaru. This power is similar to that, but how much stronger it can be depends on each person."

Right Dou shrugged and said softly.

As You Dou's voice fell, several hot gazes looked over.

This kind of curse seal that can directly enhance their own strength, I am afraid that most ninjas cannot refuse.

"This kind of power has side effects. The reason why Lan Wan has nothing to do is because his bloodstain limits have a certain suppression effect."

"And this kind of power can alienate and change a person's body and shape. If you have no worries, I don't care."

At several fiery eyes, You Dou spread his hands and said.

Hearing the body and shape of the alienated person, Terumi Ming and Ringo Yu Yuri turned their eyes back in an instant, they didn't want to become ugly.

As for Chojuro, it seems that he is not interested.

"Ah, although the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist Ninja Swordsmen only selected two people, this is the only way to go now. Regarding the training of the Ninja Swords of Ringo Yu Yuri and Ranwan, you will be responsible for this period of time."

Terumi Ming coughed softly and said to Chojuro.

Changjuro's expression was bitter, the two guys are not weak, but seeing Terumi Ming's eyes, Changjuro nodded helplessly.


In a dense forest

Koshiro Koshiro leaned against the big tree, breathing heavily.

After escaping from Wunin Village, Kishita Yoshiro didn't take a break, and kept fleeing towards the outskirts of Water Country.

Kishita Yoshiro knew that what he was going to do was completely unaware of what he was going to do, except for Shuiying Teru Mimei, Uto-sama, and a few people in Kirinin Village.

Even the elder of the Kinoshita clan is at best only half-knowledge.

"There is still half a day's journey to leave the scope of the Water Country..."

Koshiro took a few breaths and apologized softly.


A sound of breaking through the air came from the far side, and a Kuwuyi shot at Koshita Yoshiro at an extremely tricky angle.


With a burst of white smoke, Koshita Yoshiro turned into a piece of wood.

And Koshiro's figure appeared on another big tree.

"Damn it! Why are the people in the dark side of the fog so fast? Normally they are not so neat."

Koshimoto Yoshiro couldn't help letting out a curse, and got up to flee away.

Not long after Kishita Yoshiro left the place, several figures wearing masks, Mizuna Anbu appeared in the position where Koshita Yoshiro left.

An Anbe member picked up the Kunai who had just shot from the wood, and was silent while watching the direction Koshita Yoshiro was escaping.


The Anbe member standing at the forefront said lightly.

A man wearing an eagle-shaped mask walked out from the back. Although he was confused, his hands still imprinted quickly: "Water escape-water dragon bullet technique!"


The roar sounded throughout the dense forest, and the ground was smashed into a large hole by the water dragon.