The Anbu member with the eagle mask, after finishing the seal, retreated again. They have made several scenes similar to this kind of battle along the way.

Although most of the Anbu members present were a little confused, no one went to follow up and obey orders. This was the criterion for Anbu members.

The captain of Wu Ninbu Anbu nodded slightly when he saw the big hole smashed by the water escape on the ground.


With the sound of a deep voice, all the Anbu members immediately disappeared in place, chasing forward.


With the passage of time, the reward for Kinoshita Yoshiro has spread throughout the Ninja World in less than two days.

This is not only because of the temptation of the S-level rebel level to offer rewards, but also the secret promotion of Wusuke from Wunin Village.

Land of Earth-Yanyin Village!

Three generations of Dokage Ohnogi looked at the piece of information on the table blankly.

Obviously the hair is gray, but Ohnogi still gives people a kind of vigorous energy.

"Black Earth, what do you think of this matter?"

Oh Yemu was silent for a moment, looked at a tall girl next to her, and spoke softly.

"Rewards at this level are really rare, not to mention just providing information, rather than killing Koshiro Koshiro."

"Looking at this person named Koshita Yoshiro, he should have some important information or things in Kiribu Village, so this is what happened."

"But then again, do we need help?"

Hei Tu put his hands behind his head and said casually.

"Help? Why do you want to help."

Onoki's entire body levitated from the seat and said coldly.

Thunder Country-Yunren Village.

"Huh, the strength of Wuren Village is getting weaker and weaker now. Even the ninjas in my own village can't stand it anymore. I actually need to rely on things like rewards."

A middle-aged man with a very strong body and bronze skin all over made a disdainful voice.

"Raikage-sama, this person named Kishita Yoshiro should have important information about Kirikino Village and should be able to contact it."

Ma Buyi, who was standing by the table, flashed the color of thinking in his eyes, and said softly.

"No, there is a country of fire between them. Before our people arrive, I'm afraid this guy has already fallen into the hands of the people in Konoha Village."

The fourth generation of Raikage Ai waved his hand casually, and said indifferently.

Fire country-Konoha Village.

In the Naruto office,

Seeing the intelligence on the table, Sarutobi Rizen took a few puffs of cigarettes, a thoughtful look flashed in his eyes.


A knock on the door suddenly sounded, interrupting Sarutobi's thoughts.

Sarutobi Rizen frowned slightly, and said faintly: "Come in!"


As the door opened, Tuan Zang strode in, holding a cane.

Dan Zangjun glanced at the information on the desk, and said indifferently:

"You should have received the information about Wunin Village, what secrets should be hidden in Kishita Yoshiro, I plan to send someone to contact it."

Hearing Danzo's words, Sarutobi Hitori frowned, but the expression on his face did not change in any way, and his tone was flat:

"This matter is a bit weird, it's not like the character of Wuren Village."

"Ri Zhan, you are too far-sighted when you do things. With the strength of Wuren Village now, even if they have any thoughts."

Danzo let out a light hum of disdain, while continuing to speak.

"I have sent someone to investigate the border of the Water Country. Although it didn't go deep, there are traces of fighting nearby. Your worries are unnecessary."

Hearing Danzo's words, a light flashed in Sarutobi's eyes, but he remained silent.

Seeing Sarutobi Hitoshi not speaking, Danzo naturally knew that what he had just said had been tacitly approved.

Danzo stopped talking nonsense, turned and walked outside the Hokage office.

Until Danzo completely left, Sarutobi Rizen sighed softly and said to himself:

"In the recent period, there have been a lot of small actions in Sand Ninja Village, and the recent Mist Ninja Village... I hope I have been thinking about it."


Wunin Village

In a training ground not far from where the bubble lives.

You Dou looked at the four fiercely fighting in the field with great interest.

Ringo Yu Yuri, Ranmaru, Junmaro, Gui Deng Shui Yue!

These four people fought fiercely in the training ground like a melee.

Junmaro's condition has been completely suppressed with the help of You Dou.

Originally, You Dou didn't plan to plant another curse on Junmaro, but since Junmaro saw Ranmaru's transformation, he has looked for You Dou seven or eight times.

Reluctantly, You Dou could only tell Jun Maro that after he was thoroughly familiar with his current body, he could re-plant the curse mark on him.

The melee in front of him was originally a battle between Junmaro and Ranmaru, but afterwards, Ringo Yu Yuri saw the two fighting vigorously and directly joined in.

The Ghost Deng Shuiyue suffered a disaster from Wuwang and was thrown in directly by You Dou.

In such a melee, everyone is an enemy. Naturally, the ghost lamp Shuiyue thrown in didn't even have a chance to explain, and was instantly attacked by the other three people.

Even if Gui Deng Shui Yue didn't want to fight, but facing the attack of the other three people, he could only resist.

"Master You Dou, Gui Deng Shui Yue will be fine, right?"

Looking at the dangerous ghost lamp Suigetsu in the field, Changjuro cautiously said,

In any case, Guideng Shuiyue was brought over by him, and if something went wrong, Changjuro could not explain to the head of the Guideng clan.

"Don't worry, you can't die, let alone I am here."

Right Dou waved his hand and said with a chuckle.

Chojuro was originally a close friend of Terumi Mei, but he was also one of the seven Ninto swords.

And now, the Seven Ninja Swordsmen have been directly under Youdou's hand by Terumi Mei.

In other words, from now on, the Wuren Seven Swordsmen will be under the jurisdiction of You Dou and will only obey You Dou's orders.

Hearing You Dou-sama's relaxed tone, Changjuro was also slightly relieved.

"Cangjuro, do you want to go in and fight?"

You Dou looked at Changjuro and suddenly said.

Chojuro was taken aback, just about to say no, when he suddenly found out that Youdou-sama who was standing by had disappeared.

When he reappeared, You Dou was carrying a torn clothes in his hand, and the whole person was in a semi-hydrated ghost lamp Shuiyue.

And Changjuro found himself in the air the next moment, and when he reacted, he had already appeared in the field.


With a loud noise, Changjuro directly joined the melee.

"Really, it seems that your strength is the weakest right now. I'm wondering if I should look for other people from your ghost lamp clan as candidates."

Seeing Ghost Deng Shuiyue who hadn't recovered from the melee just now, You Dou shook his head slightly and said.