There was a smile on Mimi's face on You Dou, looking at the ghost lamp Shuiyue in his hand.

Hearing You Dou's words, Ghost Deng Shuiyue, who was in a semi-hydrated state, hit a violent spirit all over her body, and the whole person recovered directly.

"That's not good... Master You Dou."

Gui Deng Shui Yue said with a sullen expression.

Now the "Fognin Seven Swordsmen" belong to Master You Dou, if You Dou really deprives him of the qualifications of the Seven Swordsmen.

After thinking about the consequences, Gui Deng Shui Yue's back was cold, and he felt that he would never be able to get out of the ghost lamp clan in his life.

What's more, his dream is to revive the life of the "Seven Ninja Swordsmen"!

"What do you mean." You Dou raised his eyebrows and looked at Gui Deng Shuiyue.

Gui Deng Shuiyue immediately showed a serious expression on her face, and said seriously:

"I didn't react just now, and now I let them see the uncle's methods!"

After that, in You Dou's indifferent expression, Gui Deng Shuiyue rushed into the melee again.

A sound of metal impact and the roar of ninjutsu kept ringing on the training field.

The strength of these people in the melee is not weak, and everyone's fighting style is different, and such a high-intensity battle can not only increase everyone's combat effectiveness, but also increase everyone's combat awareness.

Especially for the two people, Ranmaru and Guideng Suizuki.

The fighting styles of Ringo Yu Yuri and Junmaro have basically been finalized. What they need to do is to hone their skills and the means to deal with various types of enemies.

As for Chojuro, his strength may be somewhat watery, but in terms of fighting wisdom, none of the people in the melee is too long.

Perhaps it was because of this that Chojuro was able to mix the position of the water shadow.

Just like the battle between Jilaiya and the Six Ways of Payne, it can be said that although Jilai died in the end, Jilai also basically analyzed the Six Ways of Payne quite thoroughly.

Of course, the combat intelligence is in a corresponding situation. If the opponent's strength is too strong, what if the intelligence is analyzed?

You Dou stretched his waist. Except for Jun Maro, the real purpose of the melee was to let these seven swordsmen have a basic position on themselves.

Familiar with everyone's fighting methods, play support when it is time to play support, be the main force when it is the main force, and be destroyed by the group when it is saved.

A few days passed quietly, and the whole Ninja World was as calm as usual.

In addition to training the new Mistura Seven Swordsmen, You Dou is also discussing combat skills with Foam, to be precise, the Six-Tailed Rhino.


Konoha Village!

A hall dedicated to posting missions to ninjas.

"No! I don't want to do this kind of task, I want to perform more powerful tasks!"

A slightly noisy voice sounded from the hall. Naruto Uzumaki with a few beards and golden hair yelled out of dissatisfaction.

"Stupid! You are just newbies who are just getting started. Anyone is using simple tasks to accumulate experience from the beginning!"

Hearing Naruto Uzumaki's words, Iluka, who was sitting next to Sarutobi Hitoshi, stood up quickly.

"Naruto, it seems that I have to tell you. Different level tasks require different levels of ninjas to perform, and you can only perform D-level tasks at the moment."

Sarutobi spit out a puff of smoke, and said lightly.

"Old man, you always preached that way, I'm not a kid anymore! Don't always think I'm still that kid who can only play pranks!"

Naruto Uzumaki bulged his cheeks and looked at Sarutobi Hiro with dissatisfaction.

Sarutobi Rizen was stunned for a moment, with a faint smile on his face, glanced at a task scroll on the table, and suddenly said:

"Since you said that, let's give you a C-level mission."


With the sound of the door opening, a drunken old man walked in slowly.


Fog Shinobu Village!

"Youdou-sama, Kakashi Hagi from Konoha Village has left the village with three people, and there is a client in the middle. As for the specific task, it is still impossible to know."

A ninja from the shadow of the mist suddenly appeared next to You Dou, respectfully speaking.

"Oh, is this good show finally going on?"

A faint smile appeared on You Dou's face, and he spoke softly.

"I see, go down." You Dou waved his hand at the ninja and chuckled.


You Dou looked at the people fighting in front of him and patted his hands twice.


Ringo Yu Yuri and others who had been fighting on the training ground all stopped and looked at the right fighting in surprise.

Today’s training didn’t take long, so why did you rest so soon?

Gui Deng Shuiyue breathed a sigh of relief. The training during this period of time has caused him a miserable toss. No matter what the reason, as long as he does not train, it is good for Gui Deng Shuiyue.

"Lingo Yu Yuri and Gui Deng Shui Yue, you two come here."

Right Dou faced the two and spoke softly.

Listening to You Dou's words, Ringo Yu Yuri smiled and ran over quickly. After the training of Master Right Dou, Ringo Yu Yuri clearly felt that her strength was increasing steadily.

The Ghost Deng Shuiyue on the other side looked bitter, only You Dou called him, and generally nothing good.

"You two get ready and will leave the village later."

Seeing the two people approaching, You Dou didn't talk nonsense and spoke directly.

"Out of the village, is there a task?"

Lin Piaoyu Yuli was taken aback, and said somewhat suspiciously.

"It's not a mission. I will take you to see one of the seven Ninja swords. The sword bearer who beheaded the big sword will never cut Taodi."

The corner of his right bickering curled up, with a smile on his face.

"Don't cut the peach field again!!"

Gui Deng Shuiyue let out a cry of exclamation, his eyes widened, and an expression of excitement on his face.

"Didn't you always want to behead the sword? Now the opportunity is here. Whether you can get it depends on your abilities. Don't die in the hands that don't cut it again."

You Dou looked at the radiant Ghost Deng Shuiyue, and said jokingly.

"Hey, I'm Ghost Deng Shuiyue!"

Gui Deng Shuiyue curled his lips, the excited expression on his face made no secret of it.

Ringo Yu Yuri on the side looked at the triumphant Ghost Deng Shuiyue, raised his eyebrows slightly, and pressed the thunder knife in his hand to Gui Deng Shuiyue's body.


Accompanied by a burst of electric sparks, and a screaming scream.

Gui Deng Shuiyue slumped directly on the ground, convulsing all over.

"Master You Dou personally go this time?"

Ringo Yu Yuli turned his head, with a trace of doubt in his eyes, looked at You Dou and said respectfully.

"It's a pity not to go to such an interesting thing, let alone this is still a big show."

Right Dou's eyes were slightly narrowed, with a mysterious look on his face.