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Chapter 60 "Vortex" is Really a Great Surname

Hearing what Dokishita Yoshiro said, Kakashi's expression remained unchanged, but he looked at Dazna who was aside.

"This gentleman named Ji Lang was injured some time ago, so he has been recuperating at our house, which has helped us a lot."

Dazna's daughter walked over and said suicide.

"Really." Kakashi's eyelids drooped and said softly.

Thinking of the conversation between them when he just woke up, Kakashi glanced at the three Naruto people, except that Sasuke was somewhat cautious, I am afraid that Naruto and Sakura didn't have much defense against the man in front of them.

"You should be a ninja."

Kakashi's faint voice sounded again, and then the whole room was quiet!

Standing beside watching Kakashi, Sasuke Uchiha was taken aback for a moment, then directly took Kunai from his pocket, and looked at Koshita Yoshiro cautiously.

After Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura saw Uchiha Sasuke's movements, they couldn't help but froze, but they still made a fight.

Now Kakashi cannot move, if other ninjas attack, they are in danger!

"Don't worry about Konoha's Lord Ninja, if I have any bad intentions, I would have done it just now."

Kinoshita Yoshiro gently shook his head, and said gently.

Kakashi nodded slightly, he naturally knew this, otherwise, he wouldn't be able to point out the identity of the opponent on the spot.

Kinoshita Yoshiro still had a gentle smile on his face, but he knew in his heart that it was impossible for the Konoha ninja in front of him to believe his words.

However, if only to convince these three little ghosts, Kishita Yoshiro thought he could still do it.

Thinking of this, Koshita Yoshiro pulled away his clothes, revealing the wounds all over his body.

"this is……"

Uchiha Sasuke's pupils shrank suddenly, and a shocked expression appeared on his entire face.

Uzumaki Naruto's face also showed a shocked expression, and Sakura even directly covered her mouth, for fear that she would call out.

I saw that on Koshita Yoshiro's body, large and small wounds were all over his body. There were not only flame burns but also injuries left by other ninjutsu attacks.

With such a serious injury, it was like a miracle that Koshita Yoshiro survived.

"If it weren't for Miss Jinbo's rescue, I'm afraid I would be dead."

Yoshiro Kinoshita closed his clothes again, and looked at Dazna's daughter with deep gratitude in his tone.

"Don't thank me, I just woke up when I was about to bury you, and your injury is still not healed. If you move and fall again, I won't care."

Dazna's daughter spoke blankly.

Kinoshita Yoshiro scratched his head, apologizing on his face.

"Mr. Yoshiro, is it also attacked by other ninjas?"

Uzumaki Naruto looked at Koshita Yoshiro with a curious expression on his face.

"Naruto! Some questions cannot be asked casually."

Sakura quickly pulled Ra Naruto's clothes and spoke quietly.

Kinoshita Yoshiro just smiled without speaking. Although he wants to gain the favor of these little ghosts, he can't act too much in the play. If you say everything, it will be less mysterious.

"I don't know Mr. Yoshiro, which Shinobu Village?" Sasuke Uchiha looked at Koshita Yoshiro with a little curiosity on his face.

Following Sasuke's opening, the others also looked over.

"I should be considered a wandering ninja now."

Koshimoto Yoshiro smiled lightly, but there was a trace of sadness on his face.

"What is a wandering ninja?" Naruto's eyes widened and was taken aback.

"Idiot!" Sasuke looked at Naruto with an idiotic look.

"Asshole Sasuke, who do you say is an idiot!"

Naruto jumped up instantly, looking at Sasuke with dissatisfaction and shouted.

"Okay, stop making trouble."

Kakashi stretched out his hand to cover his face, and said helplessly.

"Who makes you not listen carefully in the ninja school? A wandering ninja refers to a ninja who has lost the ninja village for some reason, or has no fixed ninja village and wanders around.

Kozakura grabbed Naruto and said helplessly, at the same time secretly saying: You idiot!

Kinoshita Yoshiro smiled lightly and scratched his hair: "Although I know that you are here because of a mission, I still want to ask you if you have other purposes besides the mission?"

Uchiha Sasuke's mouth twitched, they were actually suspected?

And when asked in person, even if it really had any purpose, no one would say.

A black line also rose on Kozakura's forehead, and she looked at the gentle Koshiro Yoshiro, and then at the dull Naruto beside her.

Why do these two guys look so stupid?

"Don't worry, uncle, we don't have any purpose. By the way, my name is Naruto Uzumaki, and I will become Hokage in the future!"

Naruto patted his chest and spoke carelessly.

Naruto had a good impression of Kishita Yoshiro in front of him. After all, Kishita Yoshiro, but one of the few people who did not look at him with a different color.

"Maelstrom? Really a great surname."

Hearing the words "Uzumaki", Koshita Yoshiro showed a surprised expression on his face, but there was a trace of sadness in his eyes.

Great last name?

Sakura gave Naruto a surprised look, but she didn't see how great this surname was.

Sasuke also glanced at Naruto curiously. He always thought that Uzumaki was a small family name, but it seems that it is not that simple at present.

Kakashi on the other side glanced at Koshita Yoshiro slightly, but did not speak.

"Uncle! Do you know anything?"

Naruto suddenly became a little excited, and his eyes had never before seen brilliance.

No one has ever told him what the surname "Uzumaki" represents, even Naruto once thought it was just a very ordinary surname.

But now that someone told him that this is a great surname, how unexcited Naruto is, maybe he can get news from his parents.

Seeing Naruto's expression, Kishiro Koshiro's face looked puzzled: "Has no one told you before?"

Speaking of this, Koshita Yoshiro raised his hand and pointed to Kakashi's Shangnin costume:

"All of your Konoha executives or Shangnin's clothes are printed with the mark of the Uzumaki clan. This is a proof of the friendship between the Uzumaki clan and your Konoha."

"Back then, Uzumaki Ashina, the patriarch of Uzushio Ninja Village, signed a friendly agreement with Konoha's first generation Naruto Senjuju. This matter is quite famous in the entire history of Ninja."

At this point, Koshita Yoshiro let out a sigh.

Sasuke and Haruno Sakura glanced at each other. As Konoha, they didn't even know about it.