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Chapter 65 Nine Tails, Long Time No See

When a person’s psychological defenses collapse, then that person is also the easiest to be invaded and the easiest to trust others.

Of course, trying to do this is not as simple as it seems, especially in a short time.

But this matter, just dealing with these little ghosts, is not difficult for Koshita Yoshiro.

The same action is the same, as long as there are a few subtle differences, the result will be completely different.

Koshiro’s guidance of Sasuke and Sakura’s movements was completely correct, and the movements of Naruto’s guidance, although they looked exactly the same on the surface, were wrong.

And this way for a while, it will directly widen the gap.

Under Kinoshita's personal guidance, even Hagi Kakashi, standing next to Kinoshita, couldn't tell.

A day's time is fleeting, and everyone has been training for a whole day without knowing it.

Kakashi, leaning on the big tree, closed the small book in his hand and glanced at the direction of the center.

The strength of the three of Sasuke has indeed increased a bit, especially Sasuke, whose strength has improved the most.

Kakashi looked at the clumsy Naruto in the field, his face not only showed a helpless look.

Sure enough, it is still a bit difficult for Naruto to remember these actions or attack methods with his carefree personality.

Thinking of this, Kakashi looked at Koshita Yoshiro, this person is indeed not hostile, but there is definitely a problem!

In the field, watching the three people sweating profusely, Koshita Yoshiro spoke with a gentle smile:

"Well, the training is here for the time being. Everyone has a rest and prepares to go back."

Hearing the voice of Koshiro Yoshiro, Sasuke took a few breaths and stopped.

He clenched his fists hard, and Sasuke's eyes had a look of surprise. Although things like combat skills seem to have little effect on strength, they are actually unexpectedly high!

Thinking of the previous way of fighting, I was too naive!

"Mr. Ji Lang, trouble you!"

Sasuke looked at Koshita Yoshiro, with a respectful tone in his tone.

Sakura on the side also spoke, although his strength has not improved as much as Sasuke, but he still gained a lot of things.

"That Mr. Yoshiro, I want to practice again."

Naruto on the side wiped the sweat from his forehead and said with a smile.

"Really, don't practice for too long."

Kishiro Koshiro was slightly stunned, then stretched out his hand and gently touched Naruto's head.

"Then let's go first, right, Lord Kakashi together?"

Kinoshita Yoshiro smiled at Sasuke and Sakura, and at the same time, looked in the direction of Kakashi and spoke.

"I've been a little tired after staying here for so long. It's time to go back. Naruto, pay attention to your practice."

Kakashi stretched out and spoke softly.

In any case, it is Kakashi's current strategy to keep Kikashita Yoshiro from leaving his sight.

And deep down, among the three, Kakashi is most concerned about Sasuke Uchiha. If Sasuke and Koshiro are allowed to leave, Kakashi is a little worried.

Of course, it is not too far from Dazna's home, and even if there is any special situation, it can quickly come to support.

Looking at the direction where Kakashi and the others were leaving, Naruto's eyes flashed slightly, and he continued to practice the skills Koshita Yoshiro taught.

It didn't take long for Naruto to pant, and fell back on the ground: "The gap with Sasuke is no more. Does Sakura learn faster than me?"

A trace of unwillingness appeared on Naruto’s face, not only did he remember Koshita’s gentle look,

Maybe you can ask Mr. Yoshiro for advice alone, maybe Mr. Yoshiro will not refuse?

A breeze blew across the sky, blowing the leaves slightly.

Feeling the breeze, Naruto's already tired body, a trace of sleepiness rose, and he couldn't help closing his eyes slowly.

An extremely faint voice sounded, Naruto didn't notice it at all, and beside him, there was a figure standing quietly beside him.

Seeing Naruto who was sleeping with his eyes closed, a smile appeared on You Dou's face.

Sure enough, compared to the son of a former teacher, Kakashi cared more about the people of his close friends.

The teacher Bo Feng Shuimen was really a failure. One was dead and the other became a villain, which not only caused the Kyuubi Rebellion, but also indirectly killed himself and his wife.

As for the other one, You Dou shook his head with a chuckle. He didn't believe that Kakashi didn't know that Naruto was his teacher's child.

Right Dou reached out and put his hand on Naruto's stomach, pressing down slightly, and a chakra went directly into Naruto's body.

With the right fighting movement, Naruto, who was half asleep and half awake, also felt something.

Just about to open his eyes, but the next moment, a strong sleepiness came directly, and Naruto fell asleep completely without opening his eyelids.


The sound of dripping water rang in You Dou's ear.

Dark, damp, and empty!

You Dou looked in front of him curiously, and a smile appeared in his eyes like a channel like a waterway.

The huge iron prison directly occupies most of the space. In the iron prison, a huge figure is hidden in the darkness.

Nine huge tails swayed randomly behind him, and Nine tails closed their eyes and lay on the ground lazily.

"Huh? This breath..."

Kyuubi, who had closed his eyes and calmed down, slowly opened his eyes and looked out of the iron prison.

When Kyuubi saw the tiny figure standing under the iron prison door, his two huge eyes shrank suddenly.

"It's been a long time, Kyuubi."

Looking at Kyuubi, You Dou smiled and said.

"Sure enough, it's you, Uchiha Madara is right. Even if you are thrown into a different space, you will come back sooner or later."

It seemed that the identity of You Dou was confirmed, and Kyuubi lay on the ground again and spoke coldly, but Kyuubi's eyes were full of caution!

The first generation of water shadow right fight!

As the Kyuubi who had fought with You Dou, it was quite clear about the terrifying power contained in the young man before him.

"It's an old friend anyway, it's not good to be so cold."

You Dou looked at Kyuubi's indifferent look and spread his hands.There was a helpless expression on his face.

But thinking of what Kyuubi said just now, a hint of thinking flashed in You Dou's eyes.

Others don't know, but he knows that Uchiha Madara and Senjuju are fighting with each other, only to die. This guy has been through the outside golem for a long time.

With so much time, with Uchiha Madara's cautious character, coupled with Kurozu's planning behind, it is impossible not to leave behind.