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Chapter 67: Elegy-Nine Xinnai

Looking at the red-haired woman who suddenly appeared, Kyuubi's originally hideous face became more hideous, and he gritted his teeth and said:

"Uzumaki Kushina!!"

First it was Bofeng Shuimen, and now it was Uzumaki Kushina. Kyuubi only now knew that these two guys had left behind.

If it wasn't for the right fight, I'm afraid I would still be kept in the dark.

Seeing the emergence of Uzumaki Kushina, a smile appeared on You Dou's face. Sure enough, he was right.

The way to want the wave of the water gate to appear is naturally to tear the seal talisman, and the way to make Kushina appear is when the negative emotions of Kyuubi can affect Naruto.

Even if these two people are dead, the protection of Naruto is still so thorough.

Bo Feng Shui Men was visibly stunned when he saw the emergence of Jiuxina, but his eyes flashed with deep guilt.

A flash, Bo Feng Shui Men has appeared in front of Jiu Xin Na.


Jiuxinai raised his head and looked at the Bofeng Shuimen in front of him, tears in his eyes suddenly flowed down.

In the next moment, Kuzina was crying like a child in Youdou and Kyuubi's dazed expression.

"Mizumi...men, Naruto...he is so pathetic!"

Jiuxinai hugged Bo Feng Shui Men tightly, because of the sad emotions, even his body couldn't help but twitch.

"Sorry, Jiuxina..."

Looking at Jiu Xinnai who was crying into tears in his arms, Bo Feng Shuimen's heart seemed to be deeply pierced, and only deep guilt remained on his face.

In Naruto's consciousness, whether it is from Bofeng Shuimen or Kushina, what happened to Naruto since childhood, even if you can't see it, I am afraid you can feel it.

"Even so...Even so...The kid still laughs every day, right?"

"Why do you treat that kid like this? No matter what you are, or some great character, I will never let you touch Naruto!!"

The corners of his eyes were filled with tears, Jiu Xinnai forcefully broke free from Bo Feng Shui Men's arms, and all the remaining Chakra erupted.


King Kong blocked!!

Dozens of chains made up of chakras are overwhelming, rushing toward the right bucket.

The tyrannical Chakra is even more powerful than Bo Feng Shui Men.


Accompanied by a muffled sound, You Dou was firmly bound in place by these Chakra chains in the blink of an eye.

"Is the only Chakra remaining so powerful?"

Standing in place, You Dou felt the power contained in the Chakra chain, and couldn't help but let out a sigh.

"Watergate, use sealing technique!"

Jiuxina looked at the right fighting who was restricted by himself, and quickly shouted to the water gate.

Kushina naturally saw the battle between You Dou and Water Gate just now. If ninjutsu physique is not effective for You Dou, then only the seal technique!

When Jiuxinai just opened his mouth, the Bofeng Water Gate had already moved, and with a golden light, the Bofeng Water Gate had appeared beside You Dou.

But at this moment, the Diamond Blockade suddenly started to move on its own. To be precise, the King Kong Blockade was being absorbed by the Right Fight.

Jiuxinai staggered and almost fell to the ground. At the same time, as the right fighting continued to absorb the diamond blockade, Jiuxinai's body began to become more and more virtual.

Jiuxina had to hurriedly cut off the Diamond Blockade that connected his body.

"It's a pity, if you were still alive, the Diamond Blockade might really cause me these troubles."

You Dou raised his head and looked at Jiu Xin Na, with a hint of emotion in his tone.


With a roar, the King Kong blockade, which was stronger than Jiu Xinnai just now, rushed out from the body of You Dou, and stabled towards the Bofeng Water Gate and Jiu Xinnai.

Due to You Dou's absorption just now, the Chakra left by Jiu Xinnai was so weak that he couldn't even evade, and he could only watch the Chakra chains that came from her attack.

Bo Feng Shuimen quickly dodged the attack from You Dou, and at the same time a golden light appeared directly in front of Jiuxinai.

Hugging Jiuxinai tightly into her arms, Bo Feng Shuimen's eyes were with two tears, showing a brilliant smile, looking down at Jiuxinai and said:

"Make you wronged..."


The Diamond Blockade directly penetrated the bodies of Bofeng Shuimen and Jiunaixin, hanging them in the air.

Jiuxinai struggled to raise his head. Although there were tears on his face, he still pretended to be angry. He raised his hand extremely weak and lightly hammered Bo Feng Shuimen's head:

"Men... men can't cry, otherwise... you'll be looked down upon... unreasonable."

The tears in Bofeng Shuimen's eyes suddenly welled up.

Jiuxina turned his head hard.Looking in the direction of Right Dou, he spoke with a very weak tone:

"Can you... can you not hurt Naruto, I really want to see... see the kid, and then ask him to eat well..."

You Dou was slightly silent, he didn't speak, or that the promise made at this time was meaningless.

Under the control of You Dou, the King Kong Blockade was shocked!

Before Jiu Xinnai's words were finished, Jiu Xinnai and Chakra of Bofeng Shuimen completely dissipated before You Dou's eyes.

Seeing the dissipated Bofeng Shuimen couple, You Dou's expression was a little silent. If it was said that before, the unity of the Ninja World was only because of the systematic mission.

So now, You Dou suddenly felt that this task was also good.

At least...at least there won't be so many wars in Ninja World, right?

Senjujuma, your original decision was wrong, so I think Uchiha Madara thinks so too!

Bofeng Water Gate was indeed a qualified Hokage, and every decision he made was the most correct for Konoha at that time, but he was definitely not a qualified father.

As for Uzumaki Kushina, she is a qualified mother and wife.

With the powerful physique of the Maelstrom family, Jiu Xinnai might have survived for a while if he didn't intend to die with Bo Feng Shui Men.

During this period of time, Jiuxina could completely arrange the identity of Naruto and die.

Moreover, when Mizumon sealed the nine tails, half of the nine tails could be sealed in Naruto's body, and the other half could be sealed back into Kushina's body.

This method is not unworkable, when Naruto was drawn out of the yang attribute Nine-tailed Chakra and was about to die.

Uchiha brought the soil to seal the Yin-attribute Nine-tailed Chakra back to Naruto's body, and Naruto also came alive. It is only through this that this method is feasible.

Although standing on a relative standpoint, You Dou admires Kushina more than Bo Feng Shui Men.

If Kushina is still alive, Konoha's people dare to bully Naruto so, I'm afraid Kushina will tear Konoha apart.

There was a slight silence for a moment, You Dou raised his head and looked in the direction of Kyuubi, and said softly:

"Next, it's your turn."


Nine-tailed hair suddenly rose up. Although the two people were separated by a sealed cage, Nine-tailed suddenly felt that the cage had such a sense of security.

The huge body of Kyuubi stood up abruptly, looking at the small figure ahead with a grim look.