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Chapter 68 King Kong Blockade, Nine-Tailed Chakra Mode

You Dou was still thinking about how to capture Nine-Tailed Chakra.

Who thought that Jiu Xinnai gave him a surprise.

By absorbing the Chakra of Nine Sina, after adding the Diamond Blockade and being absorbed by the Right Dou, through the Black Emperor's ability, the Right Dou has been able to fully replicate.

King Kong blockade can not only attack and defend, but also has a certain sealing effect.

It can be called a perfect ninjutsu, and it can be said to be a pretty good ninjutsu for the right fight, which has relatively few attack methods.

Thanks to the Diamond Blockade is only related to the Chakra of the Maelstrom family, not the special Blood Succession Boundary, otherwise You Dou would really not be able to replicate it.

"go with!"

Right Dou looked indifferent and let out a soft moan.

In an instant, the six diamond blockades gushed from the body of You Dou, rushing towards Nine Tails.

When Kyuubi saw this scene, he let out an angry roar. Unfortunately, being in the seal, Kyuubi couldn't make a corresponding resistance at all, more like a turtle in a urn.

The only thing that Kyuubi hopes now is that the seal in front of him can withstand the attack of Youdou.


There was a sound of the chain, and when the King Kong Blockade touched the seal, there was a slight meal, but before Nine Tails were happy, they passed directly through the seal under the horrified gaze of Nine Tails.

The Seal of Four Elephants that seals the Nine Tails is itself derived from the sealing technique of the Maelstrom family, and the Diamond Blockade also has a certain sealing effect. It can be said that the two are of the same origin.


With the blessing of the right fight and the strength of the King Kong blockade itself, no matter how much Kyuubi's resistance is, it is completely useless.

Five chakra chains fixed the head and limbs of the nine tails in place, while the other chakra chain pierced directly into the body of nine tails, and then pulled it violently.

A group of imaginary nine-tailed chakras were directly pulled out, and the chakra chains were also retracted into the right bucket.

The moment this Nine-tailed Chakra entered You Dou's body, it was easily controlled by You Dou.


A pale golden light emerged from You Dou's body, and the flame-like Chakra surrounded You Dou's entire body. At the same time, black marks and lines appeared on You Dou's body.

"This is... Nine-Tailed Chakra Mode?!"

You Dou looked at the state he was in and couldn't help being stunned.

The Nine-Tailed Chakra is really special compared to the other tailed beasts you have seen.

I remember that in the previous life, the reason why the Nine-Tailed Mode and Zhuli's tail beast-like form of other people are so different has been explained.

The nine-tailed chakra is closer to the ten-tailed beast than other tailed beasts, and the ten-tailed is the source of all chakras in the world, which is why the nine-tailed mode is stronger than other tailed beasts.(PS: This explanation comes from the official, no leverage is allowed.)

You Dou shook his head slightly, and his heart moved slightly, canceling the nine-tailed chakra mode.

The Nine-Tailed Chakra mode is completely tasteless to You Dou. In terms of improvement, it is not as good as the Immortal Mode of the Senshou Zhujian.

If you talk about the Nine Lama mode, perhaps you can still pay more attention to it, but it's just the Nine Tail Chakra mode.

What's more, the right fight is not the strength of the nine-tailed people. If you want to maintain this strength, you can only convert it through the black emperor's ability.

The reason why You Dou wanted to capture the nine-tailed chakra was to make up the nine-tailed chakra, and merge the ten-tailed power into the true six-way mode.

As for the nine-tailed chakra pattern in front of him, You Dou was totally insignificant.

"Roar! Right fight!!!"

A roar full of anger and hatred came from the direction of Kyuubi.

Jiuwei stared at You Dou with big blood-red eyes, but it was a pity that his eyes couldn't kill.

Looking at the two huge red eyes, Right Dou rolled his eyes, and what's the use of shouting so loudly?

Stupid Odoudou... No, it should be the stupid Kyuubi, hate me!

The seal has been torn in half. Maybe the negative emotions of Nine Tails and Chakra have been able to influence Naruto's judgment. You Dou thought happily in his heart.

Although Jiu Xinnai's affairs moved You Dou a little, but being moved back to being moved does not hinder You Dou's work.

You Dou guessed that the reason why Naruto Uzumaki was still naive, living in such an environment since childhood, is nothing more than three points.

The first one is because of the Chakra influence of Ashura.

Second, the three generations of Hokage consciously taught Naruto the so-called will of fire, which can also be understood as a kind of brainwashing.

The third one is the Chakra left over by Bofeng Shuimen and Jiu Xinnai, which have a certain subconscious influence on Naruto.

Among these three points, the most important is the third point.

As mentioned in the anime, "Parents' love filled Naruto long before Kyuubi was sealed."

And such Uzumaki Naruto, no matter how confused or even the so-called blackening he experienced, he would probably dissipate the moment he saw Bofeng Shuimen and Kushina in his body.

No one can refuse the love of his parents, let alone what Naruto himself lacks most.


After returning to consciousness, You Dou slowly opened his eyes, looking at Naruto who was still sleeping on the ground, a complicated expression flashed in his eyes.

"Although you are just a game of chess played by me, it is up to you whether it is a fellow player or an enemy in the end."

Right Dou spoke softly, and at the same time revealed a trace of the nine-tailed Chakra that had just been absorbed.

In the next moment, You Dou's figure had disappeared.

Dazna's home.

Kakashi and Yoshiro Kinoshita, who had just come back not long, raised their heads at the same time at the moment when Right Dou revealed the aura of Nine Tails and looked at each other.

Kakashi stood up and swiftly ran in the direction Naruto was.

Seeing Kakashi's rapid departure, Koshita Yoshiro flashed a quiet light in his eyes, the corner of his mouth curled up, and he also moved towards Naruto.


A rapid wind sounded.

Kakashi first appeared next to Naruto. When he saw Naruto lying on the ground, Kakashi's face showed a nervous look.

Kakashi squatted down quickly and inspected Naruto's condition. Kakashi breathed a sigh of relief after a long time.

It's just excessive practice.

However, why the breath of Nine Tails leaked, Kakashi's eyes flashed a little doubt.

Thinking of this, Kakashi quickly looked at the seal on Naruto's stomach, when he saw the clear four-like seal on his stomach.

The color of doubt in Kakashi's eyes is even worse. Is it because of excessive training that gives Nine Tails a glimmer of opportunity, Kakashi thought thoughtfully.

Not long after Kakashi finished examining Naruto's body, Koshita Yoshiro appeared to be late with a worried look.