Koshiro looked at Naruto lying on the ground with a worried look on his face:

"Your Excellency Kakashi, what happened to Naruto?"

"It's nothing, it's just excessive practice." Kakashi's expression remained unchanged, and he spoke lightly.

"By the way, Sir Ji Lang, did you feel that chakra just now?"

Kakashi suddenly remembered something, turned to look at Koshita Yoshiro and asked.Although there were doubts in the words, there was a certain affirmation in his tone.

Kinoshita Yoshiro nodded in a daze, and said with some doubts: "I do feel a special chakra, is this the same..."

Speaking of this, Koshita Yoshiro suddenly stopped, grinning bitterly, and scratching his head:

"The things in your Ninja Village are too complicated, and I, a wandering ninja, don't want to get involved."

Upon hearing Koshiro's words, Kakashi nodded slightly, just about to say something.

Suddenly, Kakashi was taken aback, with a solemn expression on his face:

"Mr. Yoshiro, would you please take Naruto home first?"

After finishing speaking, Kakashi didn't wait for Koshita Yoshiro to speak, and directly used the instantaneous magic.

"As expected of You Dou, have you considered everything?"

Looking at Kakashi who was leaving, Koshiro Koshiro narrowed his eyes slightly.

Raising his hand and gently pushing Naruto, Naruto slowly opened his eyes following Koshita Yoshiro's movements.

"Mr. Yoshiro, what's wrong with me?" Naruto's voice had a tired tone.

For some reason, Naruto felt vaguely, as if he had lost something extremely important.

"Training can't ignore your body, you see you fell asleep tired."

With a gentle look on Koshimoto's face, he spoke softly.

I thought that I just wanted to lie on the ground and rest for a while, but I didn't expect to fall asleep.With an embarrassed look on Naruto's face, he quickly prepared to stand up.

However, before his body stood up, a feeling of weakness flooded into Naruto's heart, and Naruto sat down on the ground again.

"It seems that the training is a bit overdone." Naruto scratched his head with a smile on his face.

"Come on, let me carry you on my back."

Koshiro Koshiro crouched on the ground with his back turned, and said to Naruto with a chuckle.

Hearing what Kinoshita Yoshiro said, Naruto was stunned for a moment, looking at Koshiro's back, Naruto suddenly felt a little sour in his nose.

The bright moonlight spilled from the sky, accompanied by a little bit of starlight, reflecting shallow reflections of the trees on both sides.

Koshiro, carrying Naruto on his back, walked slowly towards Dazna's house.

"Uh... Uh, thank you, Mr. Jirou."

Although he was carried on his back, Naruto's tone was at a loss.

"It's okay." Kishita Yoshiro smiled lightly, and said indifferently.

"Mr. Yoshiro, it seems that he understands the Uzumaki family well, can you tell me more?" Naruto asked in a low voice.

After a while, it was found that Kishita Yoshiro had not spoken, and Naruto's eyes flashed with disappointment, but there was no unexpected look, because this was not the first time he asked and was rejected.

"Since you want to hear it so much, let me tell you a story. The reason why I know the Uzumaki clan is because my wife is from the Uzumaki clan..."

Kishiro Koshiro carried Naruto on his back, with a hint of sadness in his tone, and said softly.

On the other side, Kakashi ran directly in one direction.

Kakashi didn't stop until he walked hundreds of meters away and looked at a figure wearing a mask not far away.

When I saw the animal on this man's mask and the special clothes he was wearing, Kakashi was slightly surprised. The person in Anbu?

No, although the person in Anbu looks very similar to the person in front of him, there are still some subtle differences.

"Hakimu Kakashi, what's the point?"

A stiff and emotionless voice came from the mouth of the masked man.

Hearing this person's emotionless voice, Kakashi's spirits shook, and he looked so much like Anbu's appearance, except for the stiff voice, it was completely characteristic of the group of guys at the root.

It seems that Naruto just revealed the breath of nine tails, which also attracted the roots' attention.

"How come the people at your roots appear here?"

Hagi Kakashi's expression remained unchanged, but his eyes narrowed slightly.

The ninja at the root did not speak, as if wearing eyes under the mask, he was looking at Kakashi coldly,

Immediately after that, the root ninja raised his hand and performed two hand gestures, then turned and left.

It wasn't until the ninja at the root completely disappeared from Kakashi's eyes that Kakashi breathed a sigh of relief in his heart and said to himself: "It seems that it is indeed the person at the root."

As a member of the former Anbu, Kakashi naturally understood the meaning of those two gestures. In short, don't be nosy!

The people at the root actually appear in the country of Waves. Is there any important task?

A hint of thinking flashed in Kakashi's eyes, and then he left it behind. With the root mission style, he would not have much to do with him.

Thinking of this, Kakashi turned and headed towards Dazna's house, and between a few jumps, he disappeared.

"Oh, Kinoshita Yoshiro, I have created opportunities for you, and the rest depends on your own ability."

You Dou didn't know when, he had already appeared where Kakashi was standing just now, looking at the direction Kakashi left with a chuckle.

And the root ninja just now stood quietly beside You Dou.


The road not far in front of Dazna's house.

"There are many rumors about the reason why the Maelstrom clan was destroyed, and some say it is because the Maelstrom clan mastered a powerful sealing technique and was regarded as a threat by other villages."

"There are also rumors that the Uzumaki clan has a special physique that can seal certain monsters, so other Shinobu villages hunted and killed the Uzumaki clan in various ways. My wife was one of the people who fled back then. I also met at that time. To her."

When Koshimoto Yoshiro said the word "wife", he smiled happily, but his tone became more sad.

Naruto, who was carried by Koshita Yoshiro on his back, heard the words "Monsters can be sealed", and his whole body trembled slightly.

Suddenly, Naruto Uzumaki remembered his experience of being called a monster, and then thought of the words of the teacher Mizuki who he defeated.

Along with Naruto's memories, it seemed that the seal talisman that was torn in half by You Dou did not play its role as before, and Nine Tails' negative emotions began to emerge.

However, at this moment, the scene in Naruto's mind suddenly changed. Iluka's smile, the care of three generations, and the friendship scenes of some companions began to constantly appear in Naruto's mind.