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Chapter 70 The Last Flaw

With the appearance of these scenes, the original negative emotions in Naruto's mind disappeared completely.

At this time, Koshitadoshi reached out his hand and gently touched Naruto's head:

"Don't worry, the people of the whirlpool clan have red hair, but your hair is golden, maybe you are just an unexpected surname whirlpool."

Kishiro Yoshiro smiled and said, while squatting down to put Naruto down, whispered:

"I'm almost at Zina's house, should I get some strength now?"

A trace of sadness flashed in Naruto's eyes, but he still nodded vigorously, with a bright smile on his face, shouted:

"I am going to be a Hokage person, this exhaustion is nothing at all!"

Seeing Naruto's appearance, Koshita Yoshiro raised his eyebrows slightly. This is called Uzumaki Naruto Xia Ren. The brain circuit is really strange.

"That Mr. Yoshiro, where's your wife?" Naruto couldn't help but speak with a sad look on his face every time Koshita Yoshiro talked about his wife.

"Missing, and a newborn child."

Koshimoto Yoshiro spoke plainly, but the expression of grief on his face could not be concealed.

With a slight sigh, Koshita Yoshiro turned his head and looked at Naruto, with a bit of bitterness in his tone: "If the child is still alive, I am afraid he will be about the same age as you."

Naruto, who was walking, couldn't help but tremble. Looking at Koshita's brilliant blonde hair, his mouth trembled a little, but just about to say something, Koshita's voice already sounded.

"The reason why I appeared in Poland was because someone told me that there was news about my son and wife, and I was waiting for them to make a deal."

"Don't tell anyone about this, I only told you Naruto."

Kishita Yoshiro didn't seem to notice Naruto's expression, and he looked at the front and spoke softly.

It turned out that Mr. Ji Lang appeared here to find his wife and son, and there has been news...

Hearing Koshiro's words, the thought that had just risen in Naruto's heart was put out again, with a faint look of loss on his face.

"Okay, Naruto, training should be moderate. Let's rest early today."

Standing at the door of Dazna's house, Koshita Yoshiro spoke softly to Naruto.

"Thank you, Mr. Ji Lang."

Naruto was taken aback for a moment, then realized that he had reached the door, and quickly thanked Kinoshita Yoshiro.

"The tail of the crane, I thought you wouldn't be able to come back tonight."

Sasuke leaned at the door and sneered at Naruto, but the nervous look in his eyes just disappeared.

After all, Kakashi and Kinoshita Yoshiro left at the same time, so it is naturally impossible to hide Sasuke and Sakura, the two thought that something had happened to Naruto.

With a gentle smile on his face, Kishiro Koshiro nodded slightly to Sasuke and Sakura, and walked toward his room.

Behind him, the noisy sounds of Sasuke and Naruto reached Koshita Yoshiro's ears.


Gently closing the door, Koshita Yoshiro's gentle smile disappeared instantly, and his face was full of coldness.

Kakashi already doubted himself. If it weren't for Master Right Dou, who would create opportunities for himself, it would be almost impossible to get along with Naruto alone.

However, it seems that at last there is no opportunity to create in vain.

He has done everything he needs to do, and Koshita Yoshiro has said the information extremely vaguely from beginning to end, naturally he did it intentionally.

Although Naruto looked like a child now, he would naturally not be an ordinary ninja if you can make Youdou adults pay such attention.

Kinoshita Yoshiro had already placed Naruto in the same position as him, and every word he said had a corresponding purpose.

As the former patriarch, Koshiro knew better than anyone in the world that no one in the world would completely believe what another person said.

No matter how sincere this person is, or even for the good of others, the person listening to this person will still be wary. This is human nature!

Want someone to believe what you are saying is not for you to tell him how it is, but for him to think about it.

People may not believe what others say, but few people will doubt themselves if they come up with their own thinking.

Although most of the words Koshita Yoshiro said to Naruto did not seem to have much connection, they were constantly reminding Naruto in the subconscious.

When Naruto settled down and thought about it, Koshita Yoshiro's goal was achieved.

Those who directly express their goals are extremely stupid to Koshita Yoshiro. No matter how careful the plan is, there will be loopholes.

This kind of behavior that seems to hand the initiative to others is what Koshita Yoshiro is best at.

Just like the former deputy captain of the Anbe, Masamitsu Tsuchida, Koshiro said nothing, and did nothing.

But Masamitsu Tsuchida spoke out of his own mouth what Koshiro Yoshiro wanted to say.

Unfortunately, Kishita Yoshiro underestimated the influence of Master Youdou, as well as Yuanshi's determination.

"Time is too hasty, there are still a few flaws..."

"However, it happens to be the second thing that Master You Dou confessed to be done together."

Kinoshita Yoshiro's eyes were calm, and he spoke to himself with a voice that only he could hear.


Early the next morning.

Numerous light beams spilt across the earth from the sky, and the warm sunlight cast on Naruto's face.

Naruto slowly opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling above, slightly silent.

Why am I having sex?Is it my parents' surname originally, or is it something else?

However, Mr. Yoshiro said that the people of the Uzumaki family have red hair, and my hair is blonde. Is it possible that one of my parents has blonde hair?

Who is my father?Who is my mother?And why do people in the village know that I am a monster?

Naruto touched his stomach. There were a lot of questions that hadn't been thought of before, and they came to Naruto's mind one by one.


There was a heavy knock on the door from outside.

"You fellow Naruto, hurry up, Mr. Dazna, today, must go to build the bridge, we have to protect his safety."

Sakura's dissatisfied voice came into Naruto's ears from outside the door.

Lying on the bed, Naruto was slightly taken aback when he heard Sakura's words, and immediately jumped up from the bed, holding his head and shouting:

"What the hell am I thinking!"

Naruto shook his head vigorously, and the silent look on his face disappeared. He changed back to his former cheerful look, and shouted to Sakura outside the door: "I'll be fine!"