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Chapter 71: Deal with the Root

Namibia is a place similar to a pier.

It hasn't been long before dawn, and dozens of people around the pier are already busy.

Building this bridge is the only way to lift the entire Polish country out of poverty, and it is also the hope of the entire Polish country.

"Master Dazna is here!" A respectful voice came from the crowd.

With the sound of this voice, everyone looked in the direction where Dazna had come.

"Master Dazna!"

"Good morning, Dazna!"

"Come here early today, Dazna."

A voice full of respect and joy came from the villagers on both sides of the street.

"The old man Dazna seems very popular."

Naruto looked at the eyes and smiling faces of the surrounding villagers looking at Dazna, and couldn't help but speak.


A fist hit Naruto's head directly, Sakura raised her fist and said in a dissatisfied tone:

"What old man! Mr. Dazna, but the only bridge-building expert in Poland is also the hope of Poland."

Compared to Naruto and Sasuke spending most of their time in cultivation, Sakura has a good collection of information on Nami country.

Unlike Konoha's prosperous scene, the poverty of Nami country completely made Sakura understand what building a bridge means to Nami country.

If at first, Sakura was dissatisfied with this drunk and stubborn client, then for Dazna, Sakura already has a trace of admiration in her heart.

Naruto rubbed his head, looked at Sakura's fierce look, and quickly shrank his head.

Sasuke, who was not far from Sakura, looked around cautiously.

There was still a little mist around at this time, and if you didn't do a sneak attack at this time, it was definitely the best time.

Behind the Naruto trio and Dazna, followed by Kakashi and Koshiro respectively.

"Mr. Ji Lang, why do you want to come with me?"

Kakashi glanced at Koshita Yoshiro beside him, and said in a light tone.

"Your Excellency Kakashi's body should have almost recovered, and it should be the same for anyone who wants to come to Taodi without cutting it."

"I've been bothering the Dazna family during this period of time, and I have to help. If Tao Di doesn't attack Zhenzhen, I might be able to help."

Kinoshita Yoshiro smiled cheerfully.

"Really." Kakashi put his hands in his trouser pockets and glanced at Koshita Yoshiro.

With the addition of Dazna, the entire bridge building work began to run quickly.

However, Kakashi and others stood in different directions to prevent Taodi from being attacked.

"Recently, Cardo didn't know what conspiracy he had planned secretly. During this period of time, he has not made trouble."

"Don't you say that I haven't noticed yet, but Cardo hasn't made trouble for a few days."

Among the civilians at work, there was a low voice of discussion.

Unconsciously, as the sun continued to rise, the fog in the entire wave country began to slowly dissipate.

Until noon, no matter what, I didn't even show up, and the busy civilians around each went back to each house for lunch.

On the entire wharf, only Dazna was left in a corner to perform various measurements.

Kakashi frowned. It is reasonable to say that with the strength of Taodi not cutting, the body should have recovered long ago, but it has not appeared until now, which not only makes Kakashi a little confused.

Tao Di's character that will not be cut, I am afraid that after the body recovers, he will definitely retaliate immediately. After all, it is not a sophisticated method to calculate the matter of not being cut.

"It seems that Momoji will not be able to come for now without cutting it." Kakashi looked around for a moment and said to himself.


At this moment, two winds suddenly came from a distance.

With the sound of these two winds, Kakashi quickly turned his head to look in the direction from which the wind came, and at the same time was ready to fight.

The boring look on the Naruto trio's faces had disappeared, and they looked in the direction of the sound.

However, the next moment, Kakashi was stunned, because the two people who appeared were actually dressed as Konoha roots.

And one of them was the root ninja that Kakashi met last night.

After these two root ninjas appeared, they passed Kakashi directly and walked in a certain direction in front of them.

Kakashi's eyebrows couldn't help but wrinkle, but he didn't speak. For these people at the roots, try not to touch them as much as possible.

"Who are these two arrogant guys?"

Naruto was a little dissatisfied, and looked at the two root ninjas who were not alone.

This time, Sakura didn't do anything to Naruto, because not only Sakura, but Sasuke's face was faintly dissatisfied.

Kakashi had already appeared beside Naruto three in a flash. It seemed that he was afraid that the three would make unnecessary actions. Kakashi roughly explained:

"These two people are assassinated ninjas belonging to Konoha. When you see them, don't do anything extra."

Having said that, Kakashi glanced at Naruto and seemed quite worried about what Naruto would do.

"But... Teacher Kakashi, those two people seem to be looking for Mr. Yoshiro."

Naruto looked in the direction that the root ninja said, and couldn't help but speak.

Kakashi was taken aback for a moment, raised his head and looked quickly, the ninja at the root really walked in the direction of Koshiro Koshiro.

"What the hell is going on, how can Koshita Yoshiro have something to do with the people at the root?"

Kakashi's eyes flickered and an unexpected look appeared on his face.

At this moment, Koshita Yoshiro's voice came over.

"You are late, but I have been waiting for you for a long time."

Kinoshita Yoshiro looked at the two people standing in front of his eyes, a faint flash in his eyes, as if he understood something, and then he spoke coldly.

"Did you bring things?"

A slightly stiff, emotionless voice came from the mouth of one of the root ninjas.

Koshiro did not hesitate, took out a scroll from his arms, but held his hands tightly, and at the same time the whole person stepped back, his tone showing nervousness:

"I have brought things. Then you have to tell me about my wife and son, otherwise I will never trade with you."

Kakashi and others, who stood not far from Koshiro Koshiro, heard the conversation between them, and they had a general understanding of what happened.

"No wonder Mr. Ji Lang stayed here all the time, he turned out to be doing business with people in the village."

There was a faint flash in Kozakura's eyes, and she spoke with some surprise.

"However, just now Mr. Yoshiro said that he mentioned what happened to my wife and son. Could it be that he was..."

Sasuke spoke softly, but before he finished speaking, Kakashi's voice sounded:

"The village matters can't be discussed casually, let alone perhaps there is only relevant information."

Even so, Kakashi's face sank. If it is the root person, in order to achieve the goal, this kind of thing may really be done.