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Chapter 72-Elegy-Koshiro Koshiro

Comparing Sasuke's and Sakura's guesses, Naruto who was standing by still had a cheerful smile on his face, but compared to his usual carefree personality, he was a bit silent at this time.

It turns out that Mr. Yoshiro, what he said to himself is true.

Mr. Yoshiro is such a gentle person, if he can find his wife and son, he will definitely be very happy.

"If the three of you don't want to go back to the ninja school, then forget everything you saw today."

Kakashi looked at the three of Sasuke, with a warning in his tone.

Generally speaking, even if Root’s actions are not top secret missions, they are also very important actions. These are all confidential.

As for all the people present, the other civilians in the country of Wave have already gone back to have lunch, and there are only those who do not belong to Konoha in Dazna.

However, Dazna is still staying under the halfway bridge, measuring various data, presumably what happened above should be invisible.

"Your Excellency Kinoshita Yoshiro, you should not be qualified to negotiate with us."

A deep and cold voice came from the mouth of another root ninja.

With the opening of the root ninja, the whole scene suddenly calmed down. Under everyone's gaze, Koshiro's face was a little pale, and he held the scroll in his hand tightly, as if he was making an important decision.

Kinoshita Yoshiro?No wonder!

Hearing this name, Kakashi looked stunned, as if he was thinking of something. At the same time, Kakashi understood some questions that he didn't understand.

"Ms. Kakashi, what's wrong?"

Seeing Kakashi's expression, Sakura couldn't help but whispered.

When Sasuke and Naruto heard Sakura's voice, they couldn't help but look at Kakashi.

"The so-called Mr. Yoshiro in your mouth is not a wandering ninja. He is the head of the "Koshita" clan in Wunin Village."

"Half a month ago, Wuren Village released a reward for Kinoshita Yoshita. The amount of the reward is the price of an S-level rebel. The content of the reward is not an assassination, but only provides information about Kinoshita Yoshiro.

Kakashi spoke in a low tone. Because of wearing a mask, Sasuke and others did not see the shocked look on Kakashi's face.

"Could it be that Mr. Kinoshita Yoshiro is betrayal!" Naruto's face was startled and let out a soft cry.

"Idiot, Mr. Kakashi said so clearly, you still haven't understood it!" Sasuke heard Naruto's voice, showing an idiot look, and said.

"Naruto, Kakashi-sensei said that Mr. Kikashita Yoshiro is very important to Kirishita, so important that even if Mr. Kikishita is missing, Kakashita can only obtain Mr. Koshita's whereabouts with a high reward. "

Kozakura said helplessly.

"Furthermore, the release of such a high reward is also to explain to other Shinobu villages that Kishita Yoshiro is still a member of Kushita Ninja village, and other Shinobu villages can't do anything to Kishiro.

Sasuke glanced at Naruto with a mocking look, but also explained to Naruto earnestly.

Naruto blinked and looked at Sasuke and Sakura in a daze. Why can they understand so much by listening to the same thing?

Although Naruto still doesn't understand, at least he understands that Mr. Kishita Yoshiro is not a traitor.

Compared with the relaxed look of Naruto and others, Kakashi showed a solemn face. Sasuke said it was indeed good, but there is one thing that Sasuke did not realize, that is the darkness between each Shinobu village.

Kirihiro Village issued such a high reward, and it also explained one thing, that is, Koshita Yoshiro holds extremely important information.

And Koshita Yoshiro, who holds such information, is a piece of fat for every Shinobu village.

At this time, on the other side, the originally tense atmosphere began to gradually dissipate.

Kinoshita Yoshiro seemed to have made a decision, gritted his teeth, raised the scroll in his hand, and said seriously: "I hope you people from Konoha will count!"

After speaking, Koshita Yoshiro handed the scroll to the hand of the root ninja.

The root ninja opened the scroll, nodded slightly when he saw the content on it, and merged the scroll again.

Then, the root ninja made a gesture to another root ninja.

not good!

Kakashi's face changed a lot when he saw this gesture, they wanted to kill Koshita Yoshiro!!


Kakashi slammed on the ground and rushed directly forward. Koshita's identity was too sensitive. If he died in Konoha's hands, he might be in big trouble.

This group of people at the root is really unscrupulous!!

At the moment Kakashi left, one of the root ninjas had already rushed out and stood in front of Kakashi in a low tone.

"Just do your task well, don't be nosy."

At the moment this ninja blocked Kakashi, another root ninja also acted directly.


Blood splattered!!

Under the look that Koshiro Koshiro couldn't believe, another root ninja directly penetrated Koshiro's chest with one hand.

In the blood, there are still some visceral fragments.

Kinoshita Yoshiro looked at the root ninja blankly, a lot of blood flowed out of his mouth, and said weakly:

"Why... what, tell my wife... the news of my son and son..."


Blood spattered again, and the root ninja drew his entire palm from Koshiro's chest.

"how come?!"

Sakura looked at this scene in disbelief, and she couldn't help taking two steps back.

Sasuke's pupils also shrank, and this happened too suddenly, except for Kakashi, Sasuke and others were not prepared at all.

"Gee...Mr. Kiro!!"

Naruto was taken aback for a moment, then let out a loud roar, and rushed forward directly.


Kakashi's face changed and he wanted to hold Naruto, but the root ninja on the opposite side had already locked him tightly, and Kakashi didn't dare to make any movements at all.

Naruto rushed to Koshiro's body, and when he saw the huge wound on Koshita's chest, his whole body couldn't help but tremble.

"You guys...!"

Naruto raised his head, looked at the root ninja, and let out an angry roar, but before he finished speaking, a blood-stained hand gently grabbed Naruto.

"Mr. Ji Lang!"

Naruto felt Koshita Yoshiro's movements and quickly spoke.

Kishiro Koshiro knelt on the ground weakly, raised his head with difficulty, looked at Naruto, and said intermittently:

"You don't... it's him... their opponent, I'm sorry... I lied to you Naruto at the beginning, but... but I didn't see my wife... wife and son until I died.

Having said this, Koshita Yoshiro slowly raised his hand and gently touched Naruto's head. The blood on his hand seemed to dye Naruto's golden hair into a bloody red color.

Master You Dou, my mission is complete, there are no flaws now, right?

The next moment, Koshita Yoshiro slowly closed his eyes, and fell directly into Naruto's arms, with no rest!