Koshiro Koshiro died, and still died in Naruto's arms.

A large amount of blood dyed half of Naruto's body red, and Naruto stared at Koshita Yoshiro in his arms in a daze.

"mission completed."

A root ninja raised the scroll in his hand, with a low tone, and spoke to the root ninja who was blocking Kakashi.

Kakashi's face is extremely ugly. Koshita Yoshiro is an extremely important figure in Kirinin Village. Such a person's death in Konoha's hands will definitely cause big problems!

"You two stop me!!"

Naruto slowly laid the corpse of Koshita Yoshiro on the ground, raised his head and shouted at the two root ninjas.

At the same time, a tyrannical chakra began to emerge from Naruto's body.

Of the two root ninjas who were about to turn around and leave, one figure suddenly froze.

The other rooted ninja quickly turned around and looked at Naruto whose fiery red chakra began to emerge.

Kakashi didn't notice the small movements of the two root ninjas, because Kakashi had already appeared next to Naruto at the moment when Nine Tail Chakra leaked.

Pressing Naruto's head with one hand and pressing Naruto's shoulder with the other, let Naruto calm down.

"Naruto, calm down!"

Kakashi's voice rang in Naruto's ears. Hearing Kakashi's words, Naruto's original tyrannical aura began to slowly fade.

"Ms. Kakashi." Naruto still had an angry look on his face, clenched his fists with both hands, and Chakra spoke in a somewhat unstable voice.

Kakashi breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that Naruto was not tailed.

The root ninja is different from Konoha's other ninjas. Once there is a conflict with the root ninja, it may be a headache for the three generations.


Kakashi raised his head with a cold face, and said in a low tone to the two root ninjas:

"I will truthfully report what happened today to Hokage!"

When the two root ninjas heard Kakashi's words, they didn't care at all and turned and left.

In a few blinks, the two root ninjas have disappeared from everyone's eyes.

"Mr. Ji Lang..."

When Kozakura also walked over at this time, she looked at Koshita Yoshiro, who was completely silent on the ground, and slightly covered her mouth.

Sasuke was silent on the side, suddenly raised his head to look at Kakashi and asked, "Are those two Konoha ninjas really Konoha's Anbe?"

Kakashi's expression remained unchanged, the existence of the roots was a secret to ordinary ninjas, and Kakashi would naturally not tell them.

This is not only to protect Konoha's secret, but also for the good of Sasuke and three others. The less you know, the safer you know.

That's all for Kozakura, neither Sasuke nor Naruto are too sensitive in their identity, and they must never come into contact with the roots.

the other side.

The two root ninjas who left didn't stop until they were some distance away from Kakashi and others.

One of the root ninja twisted his waist lazily, throwing the mask on his face on the ground casually, and crushed it with one foot.

"Oh, it's really thrilling. The kid didn't expect it to be Konoha's Renzhuli. If he really fights, I'm afraid it will be exposed."

Gui Deng Shuiyue touched her neck and mumbled softly.


Accompanied by a soft sound and white smoke, the transformation technique of Ghost Light Shuiyue lifted.

"But having said that, Koshita Yoshiro is really admirable. He wiped out all the flaws at the cost of death."

With a sigh in his tone, Gui Deng Shui Yue opened the scroll that Koshita Yoshiro gave him from his arms.

I saw that the content of the scroll was blank and there was nothing.

Gui Deng Shui Yue put the scroll again into his arms, then turned his head and looked at the root ninja standing motionless.

The identity of his root ninja is fake, but the one next to him is real, just controlled by illusion.

Thanks to them all wearing Konoha root masks, and last night, the root ninja was specially made to meet Kakashi.

Otherwise, with Kakashi's caution, I'm afraid he will be suspicious.

"Your mission is over."

Looking at this root ninja, Gui Deng Shuiyue gave a slight grin, and in the next moment, a handful of kunai had already penetrated through the root ninja's heart.

Slightly arranged the surrounding scenes to make it look like a fighting scene. At the same time, after destroying the root ninja, Gui Deng Shui Yue turned around and disappeared.


"Teacher Kakashi, what about Mr. Yoshiro's body?"

Seeing the somewhat silent Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi, Sakura was stunned for a while, and said helplessly.

Forget Sasuke, what are these two guys in a daze!!

Sakura couldn't help but complain, but there was no change in expression on her face.

Hearing Sakura's body voice, Kakashi's eyes flashed, and he recovered from his thoughts.

I don't know why, Kakashi always feels that there are some strange things, but for a while, he can't think of them.

Kinoshita Yoshiro was a little strange, but he was dead now.

The people at the roots are also a little strange, but the people at the roots always do things like this.

Kakashi sighed slightly, and let this matter be handled by the third generation.

"Bury the body of Koshiro Koshiro in this place."

Kakashi thought a little, then said.

Although Kishita Yoshiro is dead, his body is actually of high value. However, let's not say that Kishita Yoshiro is from Kirinin Village after all.

As the patriarch of the Koshita clan, I am afraid that before he died, he would definitely set a seal about memory in his mind. Even if he took the corpse back, he would not get any important information.

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura showed sad expressions on their faces. Although they only spent a few days together, they were full of affection for Koshiro Yoshiro and Sasuke.

Especially Naruto, in Koshita Yoshiro, Naruto seemed to feel a touch of fatherly warmth.


Suddenly, two footsteps came slowly from a distance.

Kakashi and others quickly raised their heads and looked in the direction of the sound.

I saw that two extremely young figures appeared in front of Kakashi and others.

One of them was a girl of about seventeen or eighteen with brown-red hair, two double knives on his back, and a cold face.

The other person has long black hair, a blue and black dress, and a gentle smile on his face.

These two people are not others, but Ringo Yu Yuri and Bai.

Ringo Yu Yuri glanced at Kakashi, a look of excitement faintly flashed in his eyes.

For Kakashi, the flagwood who can defeat Taodi and never cut.Ringo Yu Yuri was quite interested.

On the other side, Kakashi narrowed his eyes slightly when he saw the forehead guards on the foreheads of these two people. People from Wunin Village!