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Chapter 75 Kakashi's Choice

Hearing Ringo Yu Yuri's disdainful body voice, Sasuke let out a roar unwillingly, and his eyes turned directly into single gouyu writing round eyes.

But unfortunately, with a surge of electric current from Thunder Blade, Sasuke shook his whole body a few times, and instantly shrank.


Naruto let out a loud roar and rushed out.

Seeing Naruto's movements, Shiro, standing beside the right fighting body, quickly stepped forward, and at the same time Kie Yin with one hand!

The Secret Technique of Water Escape-Thousand Killing Water Xiang!


The stream of water in the air instantly solidified into a thousand original shapes, and a sound of breaking through the air was emitted and shot on the ground in front of Naruto, preventing Naruto from moving forward.

"I don't like to do it, so don't move forward. Also, I am a man."

Bai looked at the opposite Naruto, with a hint of indifference in his tone.

Naruto now doesn't care whether Bai is male or female. He raised his fist and came over at Bai Boom, and shouted at the same time:

"Get out of me!"

Bai sighed softly, moved his feet, and his whole body disappeared in place instantly, and he appeared beside Naruto in the blink of an eye.

With a muffled noise, Naruto didn't even see his movements clearly, and the whole person was kicked and flew back.

"These two... are so strong!"

Sakura couldn't help trembling when she saw Naruto and Sasuke who had been defeated.

Seeing Sasuke who was stepped on by Ringo Yu Yuri's head, Sakura gritted her teeth and took out a handful of Kunai from the ninja bag around her waist, and was about to rush forward.

An angry voice came from the side!

"How can this kind of thing make girls rush forward! The technique of multiple shadow clones!!"

Naruto got up from the ground, and looked at Xiang Bai and let out a roar again.


A burst of white smoke emerged, and then more than 20 vortex Naruto appeared from the ground and rushed in the direction of Bai at the same time.

"I said, don't move forward anymore."

Bai sighed softly, his figure flashed, and he appeared among the many Naruto.

Bai's speed was too fast, even if he didn't use ninjutsu, Naruto couldn't resist it at all, and within a moment, all the shadow clones that Naruto had separated disappeared.

Naruto at this time was similar to Sasuke's appearance, but compared to Ringo Yu Yuri, Bai's movements were obviously gentler, at least his feet did not step on Naruto's head.


Sasuke and Naruto were full of unwillingness and anger on their faces, but no matter how hard they were, they couldn't get rid of Ringo Yuri and Shiro's control.

Seeing the two people, Sakura wanted to rush forward with Kuwugang in his hand.

A hand has been stopped in front of Sakura!

"What do you mean by your excellency? Or is Wunin Village wanting to be an enemy of Konoha?"

Kakashi stepped forward and looked at the indifferent right fight not far away, with an angry tone in his tone.

"Kirinin Village is a peace-loving Ninja village, and Kishita Yoshiro is an important figure in the Ninja Village"

"But now, the death of the head of the Kinoshita clan is unknown, Wuren Village needs an explanation!"

Hearing Kakashi's words, You Douyi spoke righteously.

"Then your so-called explanation?"

Kakashi narrowed his eyes slightly, his body was tight, and he was obviously ready to fight.

You Dou smiled lightly, with a charming smile on his face:

"Some things have to be explained, so I plan to invite one of you Konoha to go to Kakashi Shinobu, I don't know what to do? Of course, this candidate will be handed over to Kakashi Kakashi Kakashi."


As the words of You Dou fell, Sasuke and others were shocked!

Kakashi's pupils contracted sharply, and the whole brain quickly started to operate.

Is this the purpose of Kiri Shinobu?

No, in exchange for the life of a patriarch, there is no need to do so.

Still speaking, this is just the shock caused by the death of Koshita Yoshiro in order to calm the tremor caused by the death of Koshita.

Countless thoughts flashed in Kakashi's mind, making Kakashi's heart unable to calm down, but there was no slight emotional change on the surface.

"Leave it to me? Then I refuse!"

Kakashi's firm voice sounded on the court. The next moment, Kakashi pulled down his forehead, and the writing wheel of his left eye spun frantically, and rushed towards the right fighting first.


A terrifying coercion suddenly erupted from You Dou.

"I haven't done any serious printing for a while."

There was a trace of nostalgia in You Dou's tone. He was able to be a water shadow back then. Ninjutsu was very strong.

The reason why I didn't use ninjutsu when fighting with Senju Junma and Uchiha Madara was completely because those two guys were both ruthless people who used their hands together.

Compared with those two guys, ninjutsu is not as good as physical skills.

Right Dou stretched out his hands, both hands were in Kakashi's shocked eyes, and they made different seals with one hand at the same time!

Water Escape-The Art of Water Dragon Bomb·Five Dragons Come Out!


Five huge streams of water condensed in mid-air, and turned into five huge water dragons about ten meters away, and appeared behind You Dou with teeth and claws.

"Unexpectedly one-handed seal!"

Kozakura couldn't help falling directly on the ground, speaking in panic.

Hearing Sakura's words, You Dou curled his lips, showing an unseen expression. You are afraid that you have never seen Jieyin with your eyes.

The figure Kakashi had rushed forward, also froze in place.

Once such a ninjutsu attacked, even if he had to avoid it, it would be quite troublesome. More importantly, Sakura standing behind her would definitely not be able to avoid it!

"Then Lord Kakashi, make your choice. After all, maintaining this technique is very tiring."

Right Dou wiped the sweat that was not on his forehead, and spoke sincerely.

"My choice is..."

Kakashi stood on the spot and spoke slowly, but in the middle of the speech, the whole person turned into a stream of water and fell on the ground.

Water body!


The moment Kakashi shattered his body, there was a muffled sound in the ground where Ringo Yuri and Shiro were located.

Then a hand filled with thunder and lightning came out from the ground at the same time.

The two Kakashi rushed out from the ground respectively, towards Ringo Yu Yuri and Bai attack.

Both faces were shocked at the same time, and they quickly blocked it. Unfortunately, Kakashi had planned and did not do any entanglement at all.

After disrupting the movements of the two people, Kakashi picked up Sasuke and Naruto separately, and quickly retreated to Sakura's side.

Kakashi quickly sealed his hands and let out a low drink:

"Soil Escape——Multiple Earth Flow Walls!!"

Several earth walls with a thickness of half a meter instantly rose from the ground, firmly enclosing the four Kakashi inside, forming a four-fold earth flow wall defense.

There were still a few dog heads hanging on every earth flow wall, which made You Dou raise his eyebrows.


When Kakashi rescued Sasuke and Naruto, You Dou naturally did not intend to stop, and the five huge water dragons went straight down.

If Ruowu's dragon chants were mixed with roars, crashing down, and the first layer of earth flow wall was directly shattered with ease.