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Chapter 77: The Prelude to the War Has Started

After doing all this, Kakashi was obviously relieved, raised his head, and faced his right fight.

Obviously, Kakashi intends to use his own life to create escape time for Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura.

Seeing this scene in front of him, You Dou's face showed a rare unexpected look.

"Sure enough, there will be many accidents for such a person who does not play cards according to common sense."

You Dou raised his hand and held his forehead, secretly sighing that he was taking it for granted.

The original plan of the right fight was to force Kakashi to make a choice through pressure from himself and others. Among the three Sasuke, whether it is Naruto or Sasuke, are relatively important to Konoha.

With Kakashi's strength, three people can only forcefully take away two people, and the remaining person is naturally Sakura without background.

If Kakashi did this, Sasuke and Naruto would be completely disappointed in Kakashi, and the next extended consequence would be disappointment in Konoha.

Normally, ninjas who have experienced war should make the kind of choice designed by Right Fight, because this choice is to maximize the benefits, whether it is for themselves or the village.

Unfortunately, Kakashi did not do this, but instead used this special method to relieve his current predicament.

But think about it carefully, Kakashi did this, somewhat unexpected.

"Fortunately, I did a two-handed preparation."

Seeing Kakashi standing not far away preparing to do his best, Right Dou smiled slightly and made a few seals with one hand.

At this time, Naruto, who was riding on the back of the dog, suddenly stiffened.

Inside, Kyuubi who was sealed in the prison slammed his eyes open and let out an angry roar:

"Right fight!!!"

Strong negative emotions erupted from Nine Tails, and the Seal Talisman that had been torn off in half, under the violent power of Nine Tails Chakra, although it still blocked a large part of Chakra, a small part of Chakra leaked out. .

The red chakra coat quickly spread all over Naruto's body, and Naruto's pupils directly changed into the shape of beast-like pupils.


With one paw, the big dog Naruto sat down was slapped loose!

The other two big dogs stopped quickly and looked nervously at the beastly Naruto in the middle.


Sakura looked at the way Naruto was now, and couldn't help covering her mouth.

"This chakra... how is it possible!"

Looking at the red chakra coat outside Naruto, Sasuke swallowed hard.


The roar like a beast came from Naruto's mouth.

In a short period of time, the original chakra tail behind Naruto turned into two.

With the appearance of the second tail, the last trace of clarity in Naruto's eyes was completely concealed by the tyrannical mood!


Naruto stepped on the ground abruptly, and his entire body turned into a red afterimage, and he rushed towards Sasuke.

Sasuke opened the writing wheel eyes, but still only saw a vague red figure, too fast!

In the next instant, Naruto appeared in front of Sasuke with a shocked look, and Chakra's red paw snapped.

Sasuke was slapped flying by Naruto and hit a tree not far in front, while the big dog summoned by Kakashi was also slapped away.

"Sasuke! What are you doing, Naruto!"

Sakura saw the injured Sasuke's face change drastically and shouted to Naruto.

With the sound of Sakura's voice, Naruto suddenly turned his head to look in Sakura's direction.


Sasuke covered his chest and shouted at Sakura hoarsely.

At this time, the big dog under Sakura also reacted, and quickly turned around to carry Sakura, and fled in the opposite direction.


Naruto's speed was too fast, Sakura didn't react at all, and only felt a sharp pain. The whole person was already photographed on the ground.

The frantic, tyrannical Chakra radiated from Naruto's body. Naruto with two tails could not be dealt with by Sasuke and Sakura.

Nine-tailed Chakra is still outputting. If you don't stop it, it may not be long before the third tail will appear behind Naruto.

the other side.

Feeling the very familiar Chakra not far away, Kakashi, who was confronting You Dou, changed his face greatly.

How could Naruto suddenly become a beast!

Kakashi could no longer take care of dragging You Dou and the others, and quickly turned and hurried towards Naruto.

"Master You Dou, do we need to pass now?"

Ringo Yu Yuli looked in the direction Kakashi was leaving, with a trace of regret in his tone.

"Although it did not achieve the desired effect, the result should be similar. With Kakashi's body, facing Naruto who is about to enter the three-tailed state, even if he is not dead, he will be seriously injured and unconscious."

Looking down at the pity look on Ringo Yu Yuri's face, You Dou reached out and patted Ringo Yu Yuri's little head:

"Don't worry, Konoha's opponents are so many, I'm afraid that you won't be able to pick it."

Ringo Yu Yuli's face flushed, but her eyes shone.

"The prelude to the war has begun, Konoha, let me see your background."

"That guy Uchiha Madara definitely left behind to deal with me, so what about you, Senju Junama? Did you also leave the means to deal with me?"

There was a rare excitement on You Dou's face, looking at the direction of Konoha in the distance, he spoke softly.

As a rare top figure in the entire Naruto, the one at Chishouzuma is not really silly.

After a while, the excitement on You Dou's face retreated and turned to Ringo Yu Yuri and Bai said:

"This scene is over, let's go."

A light breeze blew by, and the three of You Dou had disappeared.



A huge roar and violent chakra filled the surroundings.


Kakashi coughed up a stream of blood, but the blood on his mouth could not even be wiped, so he quickly left the place.


The place where Kakashi was standing just now exploded directly, and Naruto's figure had appeared there, and there was a huge roar.

A large amount of blood has dyed Kakashi's clothes blood red, and Kakashi is holding Sasuke and Sakura who passed out into a coma.

While attracting Naruto, he kept retreating towards the border of the country of fire.

At this time, Naruto's tail has entered a three-tailed state, and even the fourth tail has been exposed halfway.

Under the constant temptation of Kakashi, he was getting closer and closer to the border of the Fire Country. At the same time, Naruto's unabashed chakra quickly attracted the attention of Konoha Ninja, the domestic border of the Fire.

Sweat mixed with blood, making Kakashi's eyes unable to open, but Kakashi did not dare to stop.

There is not much Chakra left in his physical fitness. Once he moves a little slower, not only himself, but also Sasuke and Sakura in his arms are probably in danger.

Konoha Rigid Tornado!!

Suddenly, a very familiar voice came into Kakashi's ears.

Along with a dull loud noise, the beast-shaped Naruto was suddenly kicked out by green figures.

A smile appeared on Kakashi's face, and the next moment, the whole person fainted.