Wujin Village.

The slightly gloomy weather, accompanied by patters of light rain, dripped from the sky.

This kind of weather is too common for Wuren Village in the island country.

In the entire Wuren Village, in a special open space to the north, there are sparsely standing figures. Although the number of people is not large, everyone can be said to be a very important person in Wuren Village.

In front of this group of people, there is a huge stone monument, which is the soothing monument of Wuren Village.

Of course, although the stone monument is not small, it is limited after all, and ordinary ninjas can't get on this piece of comforting stone.

The existence of this memorial monument is to pay tribute to the heroes who died in the "war" or the ninja who made special contributions to the entire Wunin Village.

In the front of this group of people, two figures stood respectively.


A crisp hammer sound sounded on the memorial tablet, and with the last hammer sound falling, a clear name appeared in everyone's eyes-"Koshita Yoshiro"!

Quietly looking at the newly engraved name on the Wei Ling tablet, You Dou's face was calm.

"Climbing the memorial monument in a heroic manner is a glorious thing for Koshita Yoshiro and the Koshita clan."

Terumi Mei, who stood in front of Youdou, spoke softly.

"Maybe." You Dou's face remained calm, but his tone was low.

As if feeling that You Dou's mood was a little depressed, Terumi Ming turned her head, looked at You Dou, and whispered:

"Youdou-sama, is it a pity Koshiro Koshiro?"


Hearing Terumi Ming's words, You Dou shook his head and smiled slightly, and said:

"When I saw the memorial tablet in front of me, I just suddenly remembered my former companion."

After speaking, You Dou turned his head to look at Terumi Ming and raised his eyebrows, jokingly:

"This beautiful lady is worried about me?"

Looking at the smile on You Dou's face, Terumi Mei quickly turned her head and looked ahead, and said firmly, "No!"

Although the rain was not heavy, it did not mean to stop, but You Dou and Terumi Mei did not get the slightest rain on them.

Because, in the back position beside Terumi Mei, Qing Zheng held an umbrella to help Terumi Mei support.

Similarly, behind You Dou, Tao Di no longer held an umbrella.

At this time, no matter whether it was green or Taodi, they all looked ahead, as if they had not heard the dialogue between Youdou and Terumi Mei.

Soon, there were not many people around the consolation monument. After the worship service, they bowed to Youdou and Terumi Mei and left in order.

In the end, only the elders of the Muxia clan and You Dou and others remained standing in place.

"Master You Dou, Master Shui Ying, I didn't expect the two adults to be there in person."

The elder of the Muxia clan, with a trace of fear on his face, spoke respectfully.

"Any ninja's contribution to the village will be remembered by the village, and the same is true for Koshita Yoshiro."

Terumi Ming glanced at the elder of the Kinoshita clan, and said solemnly.

Hearing Terumi Ming's words, the elders of the Kinoshita clan quickly agreed, with a look of gratitude.

Seeing this scene, You Dou felt a little funny in his heart, and Terumi Mei was still a little tender.

Looking at the elders of the Muxia clan, You Dou said with a plain expression:

"There is a very well-known shipping company in Poland. The owner is called Cardo, do you know?

The patriarch of the Muxia clan was taken aback for a moment. He didn't understand the meaning of You Dou's words for a while, but he still nodded.

Cardo is one of the few richest people, and the elders of Kinoshita have naturally heard of it.

"The village plans to take over Cardo's shipping company during this period. Let you handle this matter."

You Dou looked at the elders of the Muxia clan and spoke casually.

The elder of the Muxia clan was taken aback for a moment, and then, with a look of joy on his face, he hurriedly replied respectfully to You Dou:

"Master You Dou, don't worry, your subordinates will do it now and they will definitely get this matter done."

After speaking, the elder of the Kinoshita clan bowed to Youdou and Terumi Mei, and turned to leave.

"This old guy." Terumi Mei raised her eyebrows and whispered.

"It's just a little money, not to mention that as long as the Muxia clan is still in Wuren Village, then the Muxia clan's things are the village's things."

You Dou didn't care, smiled and said.

Terumi Ming's eyes lit up, and Master You Dou's words seemed to give her a whole new way of thinking.

Taking a look at the comforting monument, You Dou turned and walked outside, and Terumi Mei quickly turned to follow.

"How are you preparing for the pressure on Konoha?" You Dou's body voice suddenly sounded.

"If you simply put pressure on, there are candidates in Wuren Village. After all, there is no plan to get any benefits from Konoha, and you need a reason to start the war."

Terumi Ming licked her lips and said with a smile.

Hearing the conversation between the two people, Taodi, who stood behind You Dou, showed a trace of excitement on his face.

The name "Seven Ninja Swordsmen", I am afraid it will not be long before it will resonate in the Ninja World!

The patter of light rain was still falling, and the figures of the four people gradually disappeared into the hazy drizzle.


Konoha Village.

Naruto Office.

Sarutobi Rizen sat quietly on his desk. Although his face was calm, anyone felt that Sarutobi Rizen was in a very bad mood at this time.

Even his favorite pipe was cut aside by Sarutobi.

With the entire office, it gives people a very depressed feeling.

On the desk in front of Sarutobi Hizumi, although there was a document, there was not much information on the document.

Many things are just a few words, not enough to understand what happened.


A soft knock on the door sounded outside the office.

Sarutobi Hizen raised his head, with a gentle expression on his face again, and said to the direction of the office door: "Come in."

The door of the office opened, and Iruka walked in with a solemn expression for a year, watching Sarutobi Rizen respectfully opening his mouth and said, "Three generations of adults!"

"How's it going?" Sarutobi nodded, and said in a low tone.

Iluka shook his head lightly, and sighed:

"The injury Kakashi endured is relatively serious. I am currently in a coma. I am afraid I will not be able to wake up in a short time. Fortunately, Kai Shangren just led the team to do the task nearby, otherwise..."

Having said this, Iruka did not continue to speak, but the meaning in the words was self-evident.

As if feeling the atmosphere in the office a little depressed, Iluka showed a smile on her face, watching Sarutobi cut and said:

"However, Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke are already awake. The injuries to the three of them are not serious. They only need to recuperate for a period of time to fully recover."

"Finally there is good news."

Hearing Iruka's words, Sarutobi Hizumi's face forced a smile.