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Chapter 79 The Tensed Hokage Office

Hearing the only good news so far, Sarutobi Hitoshi was finally relieved.

Sarutobi Hizen stretched out his hand and put the pipe beside the table, picked up and hung it on his lips again, and was silent for a while, before Sarutobi Hizen spoke again:

"Have you confirmed the news with Naruto?"

Iluka nodded, with a serious look on her face:

"The general process is clear. Listening to the description of the three of them, it seems that it was the ninja of Konoha Anbe who killed Koshiro Koshiro in Kirinin Village."

"Then Kakashi squad was attacked by the ninjas of Ninja Village, and Kakashi Shangren dragged the ninjas of Ninja Village, creating opportunities for Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura to escape..."

Having said this, Iluka paused slightly, and continued: "After that, Naruto didn't know what caused the leakage of Nine-tailed Chakra, and the three of them didn't know what happened afterwards."

Konoha Anbe?

Hearing these four words, Sarutobi Hitoshi's eyelids twitched slightly. He naturally knew that this could not have been caused by Konoha's Anbe, and there was only one in the end.

The conversation with Danzo at the beginning was only about contacting Koshita Yoshiro, rather than killing the other party.

Danzo, you are too reckless to do things!

An ugly look flashed across Sarutobi's face. It would be fine if he killed the other god without knowing it, but now the people in Wunin Village seemed to know that they did it.

Sarutobi Rizen took a light cigarette. Although the information he received was not comprehensive, he still felt a faint strangeness.

Unfortunately, Kakashi is still in a coma. If he wakes up, I'm afraid everything will be clear.

"Hokage-sama, Naruto definitely didn't intend to do that."

Iluka looked at the silent Sarutobi Hitoshi, and quickly spoke.

After all, although the beast-tailed Naruto has lost consciousness, it is a fact that he hurts people in the same village. Iruka is worried that Naruto will be punished by Sarutobi.

Seeing Iluka's nervous expression, Sarutobi slashed his face with a smile, and said in a relaxed voice:

"Rest assured Iluka, this is not Naruto's fault. I will not punish Naruto."

"By the way, Iruka, how are Sasuke's emotions."

Iluka shook his head, with a low tone in his tone: "After experiencing this incident, Sasuke and the others are somewhat depressed, especially Naruto."

Sarutobi nodded, but there was no unexpected look on his face. After all, a scene wandering around the edge of life and death, I am afraid that no one will be emotional.

However, Naruto can be said to have grown up by watching Sarutobi Rizen. As for Naruto's character, Sarutobi Rizen naturally understands, and I am afraid that he will recover soon.

Therefore, Sarutobi hit it without much worry.

"Kakashi can't wake up temporarily, the three of them will be given to you to take care of them during this period. After all, you are their teacher, and you are familiar with them."

"During this time, I will trouble you to help Naruto adjust and adjust your emotions. By the way, don't tell Naruto about hurting Kakashi for the time being."

Sarutobi Hizen looked at Iluka with a serious look on his face.

"No problem, three generations of adults!"

Iluka quickly and respectfully said, even if this matter does not need to be said by three generations of adults, he will do it.

Watching Iluka exit the Hokage office, the smile on Sarutobi's face slowly disappeared.

He stretched out his finger and tapped on the desktop in front of him, just as Sarutobi Hitoshi was thinking.

The door to the office suddenly opened, and Danzo walked in with a gloomy expression.

"I've talked about the human column force a long time ago. The human column force is an unstable factor and must be left to the roots."

"There is also the orphan of the Uchiha clan, Hizumi. You should know what his existence means to Konoha. If there is something wrong with Sasuke Uchiha, you should know the consequences!"

As soon as Danzo entered the office, he went straight to the subject without the slightest nonsense, watching Sarutobi Hitizumi's impassioned opening.

Sasuke Uchiha was fine, after all, there was still a ruthless man standing behind him, but the Kyuubi man Zhuli and Danzo had always wanted to be in the roots.

And this time, the leak of Nine Tails Chakra is a great opportunity for Danzo.

Sarutobi Hizen looked at Danzo expressionlessly, until Danzo had finished all the words, Sarutobi Hizen coldly said, "Kishita Yoshiro is dead."

Danzo was taken aback for a moment, but he didn't react for a while.

Regarding what happened in the country of Nami, no one except the Kakashi team knew what had happened. As soon as Kakashi and others returned to the village, Anbe took over.

Because of this, Danzo has limited knowledge of other information except for the leakage of Kyuubi's Chakra.

"Kishita Yoshiro died in the hands of the people at the root, and was seen by the Kakashi team at the scene, and even clashed with the ninjas of Kirinin Village. Don't you know about this?"

Sarutobi Hizen looked at Danzo coldly.

Hearing Sarutobi Hitachi's words, Danzo's face changed slightly. He did secretly go down. If he found Koshita Yoshiro, he would directly take the other person's head back to order.

But all these premises are under secret conditions, and based on the principles of action at the root, you should not make such small mistakes.

What's more, the root ninja he sent out now hasn't returned any news yet.

Could it be!

Danzo's face changed, and he raised his head to look directly at Sarutobi and cut his words: "If I don't know this matter, do you believe it?"

Sarutobi Hiji frowned, but did not speak.

Although Danzo's method sometimes made a little bit, it shouldn't make this obvious mistake.

Of course, it is also possible that Danzo did it deliberately, but the possibility of this is relatively small.

But for one thing, Sarutobi Hisaki can be sure that Naruto and Sasuke should not lie.


The door of the office that had just been closed shortly was pushed open again.

Sarutobi Hizen and Danzo frowned at the same time, looking in the direction of the sound.

I saw two old men who were not young, walked in directly.

In the entire Konoha Village, people who can enter and exit Hokage's office without hesitation can count with one hand.

These two people are Konoha's administrative department, the highest official who specializes in Konoha's government affairs, similar to the existence of elders: Mito Menitis, turn to sleep Xiaochun.

The Administration Department is a relatively special organization in Konoha, and generally does not intervene in the internal affairs of the village. However, once this department intervenes, it means that something that can affect Konoha has occurred.

As soon as these two people walked in, they were slightly taken aback when they saw Sarutobi and Danzo who were a little nervous in the office.

"Since they are all here, it would be best."

Menyan Mito looked at Sarutobi Hitizan and Danzo and smiled softly, but his voice was a little low.