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Chapter 82: A Stupefied Bubble, Three Tails

Miso Iso caressed that huge body, mixed with the huge waves carried from the bottom of the lake, half of the woods around the lake were submerged before it appeared on the surface.

"Roar, six tails!"

Miiso Iso let out a low, hoarse roar.

At the same time, the huge body of the tortoise appeared on the surface of the water, raised its head, and looked in the direction from which the force had come.


Except for the sound of water flowing from the giant tortoise shell on Sanwei Isosuke's body, the whole world seemed to calm down.

"Yeah, it's been a long time since I saw Sanwei!"

A smile appeared on You Dou's face, and he kept waving his hands at Sanwei, for fear that the other party could not see him.


A huge wave splashed across the lake again, and Sanwei Jifu re-drilled into the lake at a faster speed than before, swimming quickly into the lake.


Wasn't that guy sealed at first?Which bastard put it out!!


As for revenge or resistance, Sanwei Isosuke had no such thoughts in his mind.

He chose this island not only because of the good environment of the island, but also because he thought there was a waterway at the bottom of the lake leading to the sea.

Now, there is only one thought in Sanweiji's mind, that is to flow into the sea quickly, only then is there a slight possibility that he will not be caught by You Dou.

The shore of the lake.

Seeing Sanwei Isosuke, who had re-drilled into the bottom of the lake with extreme speed, the swinging hand of You Dou froze in midair.

"It seems that I am not very popular."

You Dou put down his hand and sighed helplessly.

However, you may not be able to leave today.

King Kong blocked!


Three sturdy Chakra chains gush out from the body of the right bucket and directly dive into the largest lake.


Mioi Isosuke, who was swimming desperately at the bottom of the lake, suddenly heard a sound like a chain crashing behind him, and couldn't help but look back.

The next moment, Sanwei Isao's original extremely fast swimming speed, unexpectedly improved again.

It's a pity that three thick chakra chains appeared at a faster speed next to Miiso to caress him, tying them firmly.

No matter how hard Mioi Isao struggled, he still couldn't break through the power of King Kong's blockade.

Chakra's chains began to retract, pulling Miisoiso's huge body and dragging it towards the right side. Only Sanweiiso's stern roar was heard.

It didn't take long for Sanwei Isosuke to appear in front of Youdou.

You Dou stepped forward, patted Miso Iso with a happy face and stroked that huge head, showing the happy expression of seeing an old friend on his face.

Sanwei Isao lay on the ground honestly, watching his right fight under his nose, motionless.

Although You Dou was very close to him, as long as it opened its mouth, it could swallow the Right Dou in one mouthful, but Sanwei Isao did not dare to do that.

It's better to stay honestly, and save yourself a beating.

After a while, You Dou found that Sanwei Ji was lying on the ground without saying a word, not only a little funny.

If someone else sees this scene at this time, they will be shocked. When will the tail beast be so honest?

"Then talk about it now."

You Dou shrugged, looked at Miso Iso and said with a chuckle.

In addition to the right fight, it was inevitable to have a match with Mitsuo Isosuke, and the conditions would be discussed after the fight was over.

But now it seems that I can't fight anymore, and I can't beat others for no reason.


Wujin Village.

Foam sat on the branch of the tree with a depressed look, blowing a few bubbles from time to time.

In the past, no one came to this place except himself, it was quiet and peaceful.

But since Lord Right Dou came, the bubble found that there were more and more people here.

First came Junmaro, followed by Lan Wan, and then, Ringo Yu Yuri.

And now, there are more, no more cuts and whites.

This place is about to become a gathering place for the seven Ninja swords.

"Are you on top?"

Right Dou raised his head to look at the foam sitting on the tree branch and waved his hand.

Suddenly hearing the sound of the right fighting body, the bubble froze for a moment, and quickly looked under the tree, although he had been absent-minded just now.

But when You Dou appeared, he didn't even notice it.

As soon as the foam body moved, he jumped directly from the branch, walked to the side of You Dou, and said respectfully:

"Master You Dou!"

Nodding slightly, Right Dou looked around curiously, and said with some doubts: "Where are those guys?"

"They are all in the back training ground now."

Foam naturally knew who the guys mentioned by You Dou spoke softly.

You Dou nodded, turned around to go to the direction of the training ground, suddenly remembered something, and turned his head to look at the foam:

"Take a look at this guy for me temporarily."

As Right Dou opened his mouth, he took down a palm-sized turtle lying on his shoulder and threw it into Foam's hand.

Looking at the tortoise thrown over, the bubble quickly picked it up with one hand, but when the bubble's hand was ready to pick up the turtle.

Foam's face changed, and the original movement of one-handed picking was replaced with both hands. The moment his whole body hit the tortoise, he bent down.

Good weight!!

Obviously only the size of a palm, but the weight is a bit beyond imagination.

"What's this?" The heavy weight made the foam face flushed and couldn't help but speak.

At this time, You Dou did not see a flushed bubble on her face, because when the tortoise was dropped, You Dou had already turned and walked towards the training ground.

"Three tails."

Ruoyoruowu's sound is passed into the ear of the foam.

To You Dou, Sanwei is similar to storing energy, and with Sanwei's considerable knowledge, You Dou lazily absorbs Sanwei into his body.

After all, there is a sense of consciousness in the body, which is a very awkward thing for You Dou.

From You Dou's point of view, Sanwei stayed on his shoulders, not much different from sucking into his body.

After all, the tail beast itself belongs to energy, as long as it stays on its own shoulder, the right fighting can absorb it at any time.

On the other side, I heard the body voice from You Dou.

Looking at the tortoise the size of a palm in his hand, the foam body suddenly stiffened, and in an instant, the whole body was cold and sweaty.

As if feeling the aura of You Dou disappear, the originally quiet Sanwei Iso slowly raised his high head and looked at the bubble with disdain: "Boy, put me down."

Foam's body trembled, and quickly placed Sanwei on the ground, while breathing a few rough breaths. It was obviously only the size of a palm, but it was still heavy and terrifying.

This is the legendary three tails. Although the bubble is human strength, it does not mean that there is no fear of other tail beasts.

Being placed on the ground, Sanoiso stroked a satisfied look, glanced at the foam, and an accident flashed in his eyes.

Unexpectedly, this kid turned out to be the Rhino guy's human Zhuli.

Maybe you can say hello to the rhino, Sanwei Iso caressed the humble thought in his heart.