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Chapter 83 Building the Strongest Fighting Power in Wunin Village

Mioi Iso raised his head and glanced contemptuously at the bubble that now looks taller than it. Although this state is a bit awkward, it can only be this way at present.

It's not that it didn't want to grow bigger, but just remembering what Youdou had said, Sanweiiso shrank his neck... for fear of being beaten.

Sanoiso crawled up to the foam's feet with his toes, patted the foam's toes, and a faint chakra went directly into the foam's body.

Seeing the movement of Sanwei Isosuke, the bubble froze for a while, but after realizing that there was nothing wrong with him, he was slowly relieved.

The bubble of consciousness.

The six-tailed rhinoceros that had been shrunk into a ball suddenly came out of the body with two secondary eyes, looking at the position outside the seal.


The six-tailed rhinoceros was a little dazed and didn't react for a while.

what happened?How could Isofu appear here?

Seeing the rhinoceros's stunned eyes in the seal, Sanweiji's eyes flashed a triumphant smile.

For their group of tail beasts, seeing other tail beasts worse than their own is the happiest thing.

"Yeah, rhino, long time no see."

Mitsuo Isoki imitated Youdou's tone, and said desirously.


Before You Dou approached the training ground, he heard a fierce weapon collision sound from the training ground.

At this time, on the training ground, Tao Di was no longer fighting Ghost Deng Shuiyue.

As for the others, they stayed outside the training field, watching the battle in the field with great interest.

I have to say that among the five great ninja villages, both Yunren and Wuren villages are more combative.

Yunren Village is a ninja village of the fighting faction, where it belongs to the world of muscular men.

As for Wuren Village, it is hard to imagine that even his own people would be cut down.

The battle at this time was almost over. Although Ghost Lantern Shuiyue had a secret technique such as Hydration Technique as its support, its experience and overall strength were completely lower than No More Slash.

Even if Gui Deng Shuiyue had a blunt knife in his hand, a weapon that had a certain degree of restraint against decapitation, it was still no longer not an opponent.

Seeing this scene in front of him, a smile flashed in You Dou's eyes, and it seemed that Ghost Deng Shuiyue had given up the idea of ​​beheading the sword.

Otherwise, with this guy's character, I'm afraid he would never take a blunt knife and slash him if he doesn't give up.

Now the seven Ninja swordsmen have gathered five.

Broken Knife·Beheaded Broadsword——Do not cut Taodi again.

Burst Knife·Fly Mo-Lan Wan.

Blunt Knife·Pouch Cut——Ghost Light Shuiyue.

Thunder Blade · Tooth-Ringo Yu Yuri.

Double-sword and flounder-Changjuro.

The only thing left is the big knife and shark muscle currently in the hands of the dried persimmon ghost shark, and the long knife and stitches have not yet been used.

For the long knife and stitch user, Right Dou already has a good candidate, but this person is not in Wunin Village.


A muffled sound came from the center of the training ground. Ghost Deng Shuiyue was beaten out by Tao Di without cutting.

Ghost lamp water moon defeated!

"It's worth noting that I won't kill senior again."

Rubbing his numb arm, Gui Deng Shuiyue smiled bitterly.

Ringo Yu Yuri, who was standing on one side, showed some sharp small teeth, and looked at the peach ground without cutting it.

Obviously next, it should be a duel between Ringo Yu Yuri and No More Kill.

"Master You Dou!"

Junmaro appeared beside You Dou and said respectfully.

With the sound of Junmaro's voice, it instantly attracted everyone's attention.

Ringo Yu Yuri was taken aback first, and quickly walked towards You Dou with a look of joy.

The others were not slow in their movements, and in less than a while, they had stood respectfully beside You Dou.

"My body is recovering well, Junmaro."

Seeing Junmaro's face, Youdou said with a smile.

After speaking, You Dou raised his head and scanned the crowd, with a look of doubt in his eyes: "Where is Lan Wan?"

"Um..., Master Youdou, Ranmaru was called away by Haruna."

Ringo Yu Yuli's cheeks blushed, and she spoke embarrassedly.

Spring vegetables?

When You Dou heard this name, the little girl with a mouthful of oil immediately appeared in his mind.

I have to say that the impression of this little girl on You Dou is really a bit deep.

Right Dou waved his hand at Ringo Yu Yuri, showing that he didn't care.

Lan Maru is not very old, and is about the same as Haruna. If Lan Maru can find friends in Wunin Village, it would be a happy thing for You Dou.

Moreover, as a peer of the same age, the little Lolita of Haruna is a bit clever, Lan Maru may not be able to learn something from Haruna, but it may be helpful for future battles.

This idea flashed through You Dou's mind.

He raised his head and looked at the members of the Seven Swordsmen in front of him, as well as Junmaro and Shiro. The next thing has nothing to do with Ranmaru.

"Except for Lan Wan, since everyone is here, there is no need to say one by one."

The voice of the right fighting entered everyone's ears, making everyone look serious.

Obviously, Master You Dou has something important to say.

"I think you have all seen the power contained in Lan Wan's body."

You Dou looked at the people who suddenly looked serious, and said with a smile.

Without cutting his eyelids and jumping lightly, his mind not only suddenly recalled the impressive amount of violent Ranmaru.

To put it simply, after Taodi returned to Konoha without cutting it, and learning that there was a child among the Seven Swordsmen, I can imagine the feeling of not cutting it at that time.

The name of "Mist of the Seven Swordsmen" seemed to be insecure in Tao Di no longer, so Tao Di no longer had a fight with Lan Lan.

As a result, it was a little unimaginable for Tao Di to stop cutting.

Ran Maru is by far the most difficult ninja to deal with if Tao Ji does not cut, and even Tao Ji would rather challenge the two flags of Kakashi instead of dealing with opponents like Lai Ran Wan.

Intrepid power and impeccable speed. Once you get close to Ranmaru, Taodi is almost crushed without cutting. The so-called skills are useless in the face of absolute power and speed.

If it weren't for the wealth of experience, Taodi wouldn't even be able to survive ten moves, and the red eyes of Shanglan Maru would be completely defeated by the Wunin assassination technique.

Defensive and imprisoned ninjutsu is almost useless, relying on the powerful explosive power of the blasting knife and droplets, such ninjutsu is directly exploded by Ranmaru.

And Lan Wan's powerful body does not need to worry about the impact of explosive power.

There are now five Ninja Swordsmen, and the strongest is the youngest kid.

This is a blow to the arrogant No More Cut and Ringo Yu Yuri, even Changjuro, who has always had a Buddhist mentality, is now being stimulated by Lan Wan to start training.

This is also the main reason why they have been in the training ground.

The expressions of the people reflected in You Dou's eyes, making the smile in You Dou's eyes thicker.

What he needs is fighting spirit, people full of fighting spirit can become strong, and You Dou wants to make the "Seven Ninja Swordsmen" the strongest combat power in Wuren Village.

The thing that was wiped out by Emperor Kai's father in one breath, but made the entire Seven Swordsmen lose face.