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Chapter 84: Teaching the Immortal Mode

Thinking of what You Dou-sama said just now, without cutting his eyes bright, did You Dou-sama want to teach them the way that Ran Maru needs to increase his strength?

Not only did they stop cutting, but everyone else had the same eyes.

Standing by Ringo Yu Yuri, a tangled expression flashed in his eyes.

The method that Master You Dou said, she had heard in the Water Shadow Office, but it changed the way of appearance, which made it difficult for Ringo Yu Yuri to accept.

But now, between the formidable strength and appearance, Ringo Yu Yuri couldn't help but feel a little tangled.

"Lan Maru’s way of enhancing strength is what I call curse seal. This ability can change some of its own characteristics while improving strength. Everyone should have seen the physical changes of Lan Maru. I don’t It needs to be shown."

"The other kind of power I call the fairy mode, this power is stronger than the curse seal, and it is also more difficult to master, and even has a certain degree of danger."

Right after speaking, his body shook slightly, and a black circle the size of a thumb suddenly appeared on the blank forehead.

At the same time, You Dou's entire temperament changed, and a heart-palpitating breath radiated from You Dou's body.

No matter how much Tao Di did not cut it, the others felt a strong pressure on their faces. In an instant, their backs were almost soaked.

In the next moment, You Dou had cancelled the immortalization, and looked at the Yirendao in front of him blankly:

"These two forces, have you decided which one to choose?"

Hearing the flat voice of Master You Dou, the power that was displayed by You Dou just now shocked everyone, and at this time also reacted.

Although there were some guesses at the beginning, it was only a guess in the end, and now I get an accurate answer.

Two powerful forces could choose arbitrarily, even with Chojuro's character, he couldn't help but get a little excited.

Fairy mode!

All of them chose the immortal mode which is stronger than the curse imprinting, even if the immortal mode is far more dangerous than the curse imprinting.

Seeing everyone's choices, You Dou didn't look surprised.

If it weren't for Ranmaru's body to have some defects, You Dou completely planned to let all the members of the "Mist Ninja Seven Swordsmen" master the fairy mode.

But think about it, six masters of the fairy mode, one master of the curse seal "Mist Ninja Seven Swordsmen", is equally terrifying!

The next thing is simple, You Dou injects a certain amount of fairy chakra into everyone's body.

It not only allows everyone to feel the power of the immortalization of Chakra, but also prevents accidents in the process of immortalization.

As for the rest, it depends on everyone's understanding.

Of course, it is not enough to rely on understanding alone, and the most important point is the environment.

All the three holy places have places with abundant natural energy. Cultivating the immortal mode in the three holy places can naturally get twice the result with half the effort.

But it is a pity that You Dou is not a contractor of the three holy lands, and naturally does not know the location of the three holy lands.

At this time, the role of the three tails is reflected!

You Dou first used enchantment ninjutsu to enclose a small open space to prevent a large number of natural chakras from leaking.

Immediately afterwards, by continuously absorbing the three-tailed chakras, the natural chakras were converted, filling the whole enchantment with chakras of natural attributes.

It took nearly two days for You Dou to barely fill the enchantment with a layer of natural energy.

This is thanks to Sanwei's huge chakra as the basis, otherwise, it would be impossible to squeeze the right bucket.

Although it still can't compare with the environment of the three holy places, the purpose of creating this environment is not for them to absorb natural energy.

The immortalized chakras that stayed in the bodies of No. 1 and others can make them perceive the natural energy in the air more quickly.

As long as you can perceive the natural chakra flowing in the air, then it represents an entry. The rest is to store chakras in your body and familiarize yourself with this process.

The immortal mode that You Dou will come from the Qianshou Zhujian. Therefore, the side effect is that the body will become lignified.

However, there is no need to worry about the others anymore, even if such a problem occurs, the body will return to its original state once it is absorbed by the right fighting power.

Under You Dou's personal teaching, and in the environment of enchantment, Qi Dao Zhong and others don't have to worry about danger at all, and their mastery of immortalization has increased at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The natural chakras are quickly digested, absorbed and slowly grasped.

Among the people present, none of them had bad qualifications.

Therefore, in just two days, the first person who could absorb the natural chakra in the air without the help of the right bucket appeared.

The first person to appear not only surprised the Qi Dao Zhong and others, even You Dou was also somewhat surprised.


That's right, Changjuro seems to be the most Buddhist among all people.

Maybe the absorption of natural chakras has certain requirements for xinxing in addition to certain qualifications.

After Changjuro learned the lesson, he was kicked out of the barrier by You Dou, and asked Changjuro to practice outside.

After all, the purpose of enchantment is simply to allow them to quickly perceive the natural attribute energy pervading the air.

Chojuro's face was shy and embarrassed, and it was a catalyst in the eyes of others.

Everyone started to work harder, especially if they didn't cut it anymore, as the old members of the Seven Swords.

That's it for Lan Wan, after all, he has mastered the power of curse seal, and it is not wrong to lose in his hands.

But now that he has stronger strength, he doesn't want to be surpassed by other people's strength if he doesn't cut it.

Soon after Chojuro learned to perceive natural energy, Bai became the second person.

Immediately after that, it seemed as if some kind of gap had been opened. Junmaru was three, Ringo Yu Yuri was the fourth, and Tao Di Nozhai and Gui Deng Shui Yue understood together.

Tao Di no longer looked at the happy Ghost Deng Shuiyue with some discomfort, and no longer thought that he had to find some time to discuss with Gui Deng Shuiyue alone.

Although everyone is currently only able to absorb a small amount of natural energy and cannot enter the state of fairy mode, the rest is a matter of time.

Until this time, all the talents discovered that the strength they had previously mastered was simply not comparable to such strength.


At the same time, in the process of You Dou teaching Qidao Zhong and others to become immortal, Oshe Maru also secretly heard news.

Looking at the information in his hand, a smile appeared at the corner of his right bickering mouth, his wrist shook slightly, and the information in his hand seemed to have turned into fly ash, completely dissipated in the air.

The things Da She Maru did was much faster than he thought.

"It's a pity that a dignified generation of Fengying was attacked to death, and Sharenin Village seems to have directly abandoned Luosha."

You Dou shook his head and said with a sigh.