Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 85 Information to Yunnin Village

The so-called Konoha collapse is just that Sunnin Village intends to use the power of Osha Maru to weaken Konoha, and Osha Maru also wants to use Sunnin Village's power to give herself creative opportunities.

On the other hand, the two parties of Oshe Maru and Sand Ninja Village had no mutual peace at all.

It's just that Dashewan's methods are slightly higher. I am afraid Luosha would not have thought that Dashewan would dare to kill him before she died.

But to speak of it, Sand Ninja Village's methods are equally cold-blooded.

The attack on Konoha Village should basically have the consent of the entire Sunnin Village.

And the two consultants of Sand Ninja Village, Granny Chidai and Eilao Zang, have blood feuds with Konoha, not only will not stop them, but will also contribute to the flames.

As the commander of the battle force in Sand Ninja Village, Maji shouldn't have been able to discover the lost Feng Ying.

Therefore, it is very likely that Sharenin Village would rather give up the scenery of Luosha at that time, and carry on the plan.

So after the failure, Sunnin Village quickly pushed all the responsibilities to the heads of Oshemaru and the fourth generation of Fukage Rasa.

At the time, the thousand-generation mother-in-law used the reincarnation technique to resurrect Gaara, except because of Naruto's mouth.

I am afraid that more reasons are the guilt in my heart and the hope of the rise of Saranin Village in Gaara.

"I don't know if Dashewan will feel soft this time."

A sneer appeared on You Dou's face.


Water Shadow Office.

"Master You Dou, do you really plan to send such important information to Yunren Village?"

Terumi Ming looked at You Dou with a look of surprise on her face.

"This is not for them, but for exchange."

You Dou shook his head with a smile on his face. When he said the word "exchange", his tone was obviously aggravated.

Terumi sighed helplessly. For some of the decisions made by You Dou-sama, although sometimes it seems to be of no benefit, it can often achieve some unexpected effects.

"Master You Dou is not afraid of Yunrencun, revealing such important information to Konoha?"

Terumi Ming looked at You Dou with a confident look, stretched out a hand to pull a strand of hair behind her ears, and looked at You Dou and asked.

"If I give you this information, will you disclose it to Konoha?"

You Dou didn't answer directly, but instead looked at Terumi Ming rebels.

Terumi thought for a while, then shook his head: "No."

"What you can't do, the people in Yunren Village are not stupid."

The right bucket walked to the sofa on the side of the wall and sat down lazily.

Terumi Ming's face stiffened slightly. Why did you hear what You Dou-sama said just now and it didn't seem to be a compliment to her.

"If this is the case, why not give this information to Iwanin Village in exchange for something."

Terumi Ming looked at the right fight sitting on the sofa with some curiosity.

"Iwanin Village has nothing I can see."

You Dou raised his eyebrows and said casually.

What a good reason!

Terumi could not help twitching at the words of Right Fight.

Of course, in addition to Iwanin Village, there is really nothing that You Dou can admire, and there is the most important point that You Dou did not say.

That is Ohnogi, who should be the one who can see the situation in the entire Ninja World most clearly.Therefore, for Iwanin Village, Right Fight does not need to do extra moves.

Onogi will do the most appropriate thing at the most appropriate time.

Terumi Ming reached out and knocked on the table twice, and with a soft "click", the door of the water shadow office opened.

Qing walked in respectfully, first bowed respectfully in the direction of You Dou, then walked to the water shadow office and picked up the materials Terumi Ming had placed on the table.

"Master Shuiying, I'll do it right away." Qing finished speaking and turned to leave.

Seeing Qing hurriedly, You Dou asked with some doubts: "Is Wuren Village very busy recently?"

Terumi Mei couldn't help rolling her eyes, with a hint of resentment in her tone:

"Changjuro is following Youdou-sama now, and the work here now is all on Qing alone, so it's no surprise that you are not busy."

There was an embarrassed look on You Dou's face, but he had forgotten this.

Seeing the expression on You Dou's face, Terumi Mei couldn't help but chuckle:

"I heard Changjuro say that You Dou-sama seems to be teaching a kind of power called the fairy model during this period. I don't know if I can learn it."

"Of course, I originally planned to teach you. After all, strength is the root, but your Shuiying is too busy to mention it."

You Dou nodded naturally, he had this plan originally.

Terumi Mei's eyes lit up. Originally, she just mentioned it casually, but she didn't expect You Dou-sama to actually agree.

From the individual teachings of Chojuro and others, it can be seen that whether it is the immortal model or the curse imprinting of Ranmaru, the teachings of Lord Youdou are people who he can absolutely trust.

"Thanks to the enchantment that has not been canceled, with your talent, you may be able to master it much faster than them." You Dou smiled and stood up to talk to Terumi Ming.

There was joy on Terumi Ming's face, and he followed the right fight with a brisk footsteps, and walked outside the office of Suijage.

It is on a street similar to a commercial street outside the water shadow office.

The flow of people coming and going, coupled with one after another cries, gives people a very prosperous feeling.

Although during this period of time, Wu Ren and Konoha had a real verbal battle, but such things actually had little impact on civilians.

I have to say that the Kinoshita clan manages Cardo's shipping company quite well.

The water country is rich and scarce. Through the shipping company, all the surplus aquatic products produced in the water country are shipped to other countries, and some important materials are being shipped back.

In a short period of time, this shipping company provided a large amount of funds to the entire Wuren Village.

At the same time, even the commercial atmosphere of the entire Wuren Village began to prosper.

Walking on the streets of the commercial street, feeling the lively scene, Terumi Ming's face showed a hint of wonder, and he took a look at standing beside him fighting right from the corner of his eyes.

At the beginning, Lord Youdou made the right decision and handed over the shipping company to Wuren Village. The entire Wuren Village may not be as prosperous as it is now.

After all, the Kinoshita clan is now doing it for their own family, so they will naturally use the power of the entire family.

Compared with a mere family, Wuren Village will benefit in the end.

"Master You Dou, is the turtle on your shoulder sick?"

Terumi Ming looked at the little tortoise who was lying on the shoulder of You Dou, worried.

"You said Sanwei, this period of time is a bit consuming, it will be fine after a while."

Right Dou stretched out his finger, knocked Sanwei's shell, and said casually.

Three tails?!

Terumi Atumi was stunned with a look of astonishment on her face.