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Chapter 86-The Status of Class 7

Time passed quickly, and the verbal battle between Wuren Village and Konoha Village also gradually became smooth from the fierce confrontation at the beginning.

But the two sides did not mean to stop at all.

Before Kakashi wakes up, the three generations of Hokage will not let Konoha Village make any extra moves.

It's just that the only thing that surprised Sarutobi Rischi was that Wunin Village's attitude was unusually determined this time, but he did not make any substantive measures.

This is also the reason why Sarutobi Hisaki really feels uneasy in his heart.

If Wunin Village made any excessive demands, Sarutobi Hizen would not be as worried as it is now.

Sarutobi Rizhan gently rubbed his temples, with a trace of fatigue on his face. Recently, the incident in Wunin Village still had some impact on the village.


Sarutobi Rischi's eyes flashed with a gleam of light, and the Zhongnin exam was about to begin.

With the help of this Zhongnin exam, Konoha's stability and strength were shown from another aspect.Maybe we can use this to eliminate some negative effects.

In a forest.

A worried look flashed in Iluka's eyes and looked at the three people below who were doing the task of gathering herbs.

The problems of these three people seem to be more serious than before.

Some useful things can be analyzed just from where the three people stand.

Sakura was standing close to Sasuke. Although it was the same before, the difference was that Sakura was consciously avoiding Naruto's direction.

It is obviously impossible to say that Naruto's tail beastization will not affect it, but this is the best solution compared to the other two people's problems.

As time goes by, Sakura's problem will naturally be solved.

And Sasuke.

Iluka frowned. Although it seemed that Sasuke was carefully gathering medicine from below, he probably didn't think about it at all.

Moreover, Sasuke's current state has a feeling of being both in this team and outside of this team.

Sasuke doesn't seem to have any special feelings for this three-person team. Such a state is very bad.

This kind of ordinary task of collecting medicine is nothing more than that, but if it is a task of combat, with Sasuke's current state, there will be no such thing as teamwork.

As for Naruto.

A worried look appeared on Iluka's face, although Naruto now looked the same as before, still with a carefree expression.

But as the only people in Konoha who knew Naruto, Iruka could vaguely feel that there was something confused in Naruto's heart.

Is it because of Hagi Kakashi?Or is it because of Kyuubi?

Iluka guessed in his heart, but these two questions are not what he can say at the moment, he can only comfort and encourage Naruto from the other side.

And this method is ultimately limited.

"After the task is completed, I invite everyone to drink ramen."

With a gentle smile on Iluka's face, she looked at the people below who were gathering medicine.


Naruto, who was staying under a certain big tree, was taken aback first, and then shouted with joy.

On the other side, Sakura was lacking in interest, but still responded symbolically.

"I won't go, I have to train at night."

Sasuke looked at Iluka, spoke in a flat tone, and turned around to continue looking for the herbs in the forest for their mission.

With both fists clenched, Sasuke's eyes glanced in the direction of Naruto, and he couldn't help recalling the tyrannical Chakra in his mind.

Is there such a powerful force hidden in the body of that crane?

Sasuke's eyes were unwilling, he looked to the ground, he wanted to become stronger as soon as possible, instead of doing such a boring task!!

"Well, that's really a pity, but you must be moderate when training."

Hearing Sasuke's words, Iluka grabbed his hair and said helplessly.

You must find something that can attract the attention of three people, but also allow them to understand each other and collaborate in a team.

Iluka looked at the three people below, thinking thoughtfully.


Naruto walked into the house alone, at Yile Ramen. Although Iruka spoke a lot to Naruto, Naruto could hear very little.

Naruto is like asking Mr. Iruka if he knows about his parents, or what is called the "demon fox" in his body.

Only in the end, Naruto still didn't say anything, how could Mr. Iruka know?

If you knew it, you should have told me.

During this period of time, Naruto had seen Kyuubi several times. The huge body like a hill and the huge iron prison surprised Naruto, but also seemed to understand something.

Unfortunately, when Naruto saw Kyuubi these few times, he didn't know why, the huge fox in his body was sleeping.

So Naruto did nothing but look.

Naruto didn't know that the reason why he saw Kyuubi frequently during this period was naturally Kyuubi deliberately.

Although Kyuubi couldn't fight Youdou, and he didn't know the purpose of Youdou's search for Naruto, it would be a very refreshing thing for Kunyuu if he could disgust you.

It is a pity that you Dou left a special seal on Kyuubi's body when he captured the Chakra inside Kyuubi's body.

This seal was a seal technique that You Dou deliberately sought to prevent himself from being controlled by illusions during the Warring States Period.At that time, it took quite a lot of time to fight.

As a result, after the right fight was used, it was discovered that this sealing technique was not as effective as expected against illusions, but there was one thing, that is, it had an immediate effect against ninjutsu like consciousness invasion.

In short, there can only be one consciousness in a person's body as the dominant one, and You Dou directly planted this sealing technique on Kyuubi's body, and the result was:

When Naruto's consciousness appeared in the consciousness space, the sealing technique on Kyuubi's body would be forcibly activated, forcing Kyuubi to fall into a drowsy state.

This is the main reason why Naruto, when I saw Kyuubi during this period, Kyuubi was sleeping.

Of course, as long as Naruto's consciousness leaves, the sealing technique will be automatically released, and Kyuubi will be able to wake up.

Result: Nine Tails wake up-Naruto out-Naruto in-Nine Tails to sleep... and then an infinite loop.

At first, Kyuubi thought he had remembered it wrong, but after a few consecutive passes, Kyuubi finally found the problem.

Now, thinking of the word "right fight", Kyuubi hates it.

However, during this period of time, Naruto suddenly discovered that for unknown reasons, the chakras in his body were circulating faster than before, and even easier to manipulate.

The clone technique that he was the least in hand before could be used at will during this period of time.

Although I don't understand why, it is a good thing for Naruto.