Naruto's sad look was not discovered by Iruka and others.

"The tail of the crane."

Sasuke glanced at Naruto and curled his lips in disdain.

However, Sasuke's eyes have a cautious look, and the powerful force of Kyuubi, Sasuke will not forget.

"Sasuke is a genius."

Sakura looked at Naruto, raised her fist, and said to the side.

Seeing this scene, Iluka smiled on her face. After this time of getting along, Sakura returned to her original appearance to Naruto.

Although Iruka is not quite clear about Kyuubi's affairs, adding that there is no order from the three generations of Hokage, he naturally cannot tell Sakura and others.

However, there are other reasons.

"Speaking of genius, your teacher Kakashi is a real genius."

After hearing Sakura's words, Iruka sighed.

"Really?" Kozakura's face showed a suspicious look.

Not only Sakura, but also Sasuke and Naruto's faces.

Seeing the disbelief of the three people, Iruka raised an eyebrow:

"His Excellency Hagi Kakashi, but a disciple of the fourth generation of Naruto Master Bo Feng Shuimen."

After saying this, Iluka paused, seeing the surprised expressions on the faces of Naruto and others, a trace of triumph flashed in his eyes, and continued.

"You graduated from Ninja School at the age of twelve, but do you know how old your teacher Kakashi is?"

"The graduation age of the ninja school is five years old. In other words, Lord Kakashi became a ninja at the age of five, and became a ninja at the age of six, and at your age..."

Iluka has a serious expression on his face, with respect in his tone:

"Kinoha was only 12 years old and became a genius ninja of Shangnin."

After Iluka finished speaking, he looked at Sasuke, who was already stunned. There was a genius in Konoha. Unfortunately, this genius was the taboo of Konoha.

"Ok... so awesome!"

Naruto was stunned for a while before speaking slowly.

This is no longer a powerful description. Only genius can describe Teacher Kakashi.

Although Kozakura also had a shocked look on her face, there was a hint of disbelief in her heart.

Such a powerful ninja would faint even after fighting with No Slash?!

Although Sasuke had some surprises in his heart, he had no doubts about Iruka's words, and he felt a little excited in his heart.

"Let's go, there are still two D-level tasks to do." Iluka said with a smile.

"What, another task?"

Naruto, who was a little excited when he heard the deeds of Mr. Kakashi, suddenly wilted.

"Of course, although you can take the Zhongnin exam, there are certain conditions. You must complete a certain number of tasks. There are still two D-level tasks missing."

Iluka shrugged and said helplessly.

"Then let's go!" Naruto heard these words, turned and said firmly!

Although Kozakura and Sasuke did not speak, they also showed the same expressions and turned and walked towards the place where they received the task.

Iluka smiled at the corner of his mouth, and it seemed that it was right for them to take the Zhongnin exam.


The patter of light rain caused a thin layer of mist to rise across the town.

This is a small town not far from the border of Water Country.



Accompanied by the sound of drizzle and the soft ringing of bells, two figures wearing black robes with red clouds on their heads and hats appeared on the streets of the town.

"It seems that this rain cannot stop temporarily."

The rain mixed with the damp breath, making Uchiha Itachi frowned slightly.

"In this case, find an inn to take a rest."

The dried persimmon ghost shark glanced at Uchiha Itachi, and said casually.

For the dry persimmon ghost shark, rainy days are one of his favorite fighting environments.

Uchiha Itachi nodded, and the two walked towards a small shop in the town.

Walking into this small shop similar to a tavern, Uchiha Itachi took a look at the environment of the small shop casually, and there were not many people.

Everyone was exposed to some rain.

Obviously, these people are similar to them, and they are all passers-by.

The two found a remote place to sit down, and took off the hats on their heads.

Two people's foreheads were exposed, and a forehead guard was drawn with a deep horizontal bar.

That is a mark of rebellion!

"The things that Penn explained to us haven't been done yet. Which one will Konoha Village or Wuren Village go to?"

The dry persimmon ghost shark had a casual tone, but looked at Itachi Uchiha, obviously waiting for Uchiha's opinion.

Uchiha Itachi was slightly silent, and after a while, he spoke slowly:

"In the recent period, Da She Maru didn't know what he was planning, and moved a bit frequently.

"You said that guy, if that's the case, let's go to Konoha."

Hearing the name Dashemaru, the dried persimmon ghost shark frowned.

"Yeah." Uchiha Itachi nodded and didn't speak anymore.

Before long, under the contempt of the shop owner, two bowls of hot water were placed in front of the two people.

Uchiha Itachi didn't mind, and took the hot water in the bowl and sipped it.

If it weren't for the persimmon and ghost shark who was sitting across from him, who looked too vicious, I'm afraid the shop owner would be rushing.

The light rain is still falling.

However, at this moment, Uchiha Itachi and dried persimmon ghost shark frowned at the same time.

Itachi Uchiha didn't move, and continued to drink the hot water in the bowl.

However, the dried persimmon ghost shark turned his head and looked at a corner of the shop.

I saw that a young kid was hiding in a corner and looked at them secretly.

The dried persimmon ghost shark grinned at the little devil, with a fierce expression that scared the little devil's head straight back.

Seeing this scene, the dry persimmon ghost shark retracted his gaze, and was about to say something. The kid on the opposite side showed his head again.

The dried persimmon ghost shark was too lazy to take care of it, but after a while, the little ghost walked towards them cautiously.

When this little devil leaned on the table made by dried persimmon ghost shark and Uchiha Itachi, about one meter away.

The two raised their heads at the same time, watching the little demon who came by.

Feeling the gaze of the two people, the kid took a step back in fright.

"Do you want to die, kid?"

With a fierce expression on his face, the dry persimmon ghost said in a cold tone.

"That...that, I..." The little devil stammered and said with a nervous look on his face.

Uchiha Itachi looked at this kid's scared expression, his face was calm, and he said coldly:

"What is your name and what is your purpose."

Compared with the fierce appearance of the dried persimmon ghost shark, Uchiha Itachi is obviously much cute.

Seeing Uchiha Itachi's expression, the kid breathed a sigh of relief, holding his clothes in both hands, and said nervously:

"My name is... Lan Wan."