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Chapter 90 Oh Yemu's Sharp Smell

Seeing the nervous look of Ranmaru, Uchiha Itachi and the dried persimmon ghost shark did not change their expressions from beginning to end.

If an outsider sees this scene, I am afraid that these two men are bullying a child, but unfortunately, no one in the whole shop wants to be nosy.

Uchiha Itachi still looked at Ranmaru, and continued to speak coldly: "Purpose."

"That... that, there is something very important on this, this thing is for you."

Lan Maru took out a half-folded note from his pocket, and said with a serious face on his small face.

It seems that the whole piece of paper is a little wrinkled due to being put in the pocket.

Seeing the note in Ranmaru's hand, Uchiha Itachi frowned, and did not reach out to take it.

On the other side, the dried persimmon ghost shark watched this scene with interest.

At this moment, a slight footstep came from the other side.

I saw a figure wearing an ordinary robe appeared in front of the dried persimmon ghost shark and Uchiha Itachi.

"Senior White."

Seeing this figure that suddenly appeared, Lan Maru quickly turned around, hid the note in his hand behind him, and said respectfully to Bai.

"Ranmaru turns out you are here, we should go now."

Bai saw Ranmaru speak softly, and at the same time, raised his head to look at the dried persimmon ghost shark and Uchiha Itachi, with a trace of apology on his face:

"If there was anything abrupt in Lan Wan just now, I hope you two will forgive me."

Hearing Bai's words, Ran Maru put his back behind him, and randomly threw the note in his hand on the ground, then turned and ran in front of Bai.

Bai smiled softly, holding Lan Wan with one hand, opening an umbrella with the other, and walking out of the shop.

The rain was still falling outside, and between a few breaths, the figure of Bai and Lanmaru had disappeared in the misty light rain.

"These two men are ninjas."

Looking at the direction where the two people disappeared, Uchiha Itachi frowned and said.

"Without a protective forehead, I don't know if it is from other Shinnin Village or Wunin Village."

An interesting look flashed in the eyes of the dried persimmon ghost shark, and he continued thoughtfully:

"This place is on the border of the water country. It is normal to have other ninjas from Ninja Village."

"Speaking of which, you should have used illusion on that kid just now, did you get anything useful?"

The dried persimmon ghost shark turned his head, glanced at the note that Ranmaru had thrown on the ground just now, and chuckled at Uchiha Itachi.

"Nothing at all."

Uchiha Itachi looked indifferent and spoke coldly.

If it weren't for Ranmaru's body, there was a not weak chakra, Uchiha Itachi might not even have the mind to use illusion.

Seeing the cold-faced Itachi Uchiha, the dried persimmon ghost shrug shrugged. Compared with Itachi Uchiha, he became a little interested.

Reached out and took down the shark muscle that was hanging on the back, and gently picked it towards the front, the folded piece of paper had fallen into the hands of the dried persimmon ghost shark.

Open the folded piece of paper, and there are two messy symbols drawn on the whole piece of paper, as if they were drawn randomly.

But the pupils of the dried persimmon ghost shark suddenly shrank, but in an instant, the expression returned to its original appearance.

"what happened?"

As if feeling something, Uchiha Itachi raised his head and glanced at the dried persimmon ghost shark.

"It's nothing, it just suddenly felt that that kid was a little funny."

Dry persimmon ghost shark grinned, narrowed his eyes and said.

In the light rain.

While holding Lan Wan's hand, Bai looked at Lan Wan curiously and said:

"Master You Dou, why did you ask me to come with you?"

Before coming, Bai didn't know the purpose of his coming here, Master You Dou just told him to assist Ranmaru.

Lan Wan, who had a happy face, suddenly heard Bai's words and said with a little embarrassment:

"Lan Maru didn't know. You Dou-sama only told Ran Maru that if you met someone wearing a red cloud gown with a black background and a shark face, just give them the note."

Seeing Lan Maru's dumbfounded look, Bai couldn't help being a little funny. The two people who performed the task didn't even know what the task was...

However, thinking of the scratches on the foreheads of the two people just now, one of them was Wu Ren's rebelliousness, and there was a slight guess in Bai's heart.

Perhaps this is also the reason why You Dou-sama asked Ranmaru to perform this task.


time flies.

Unknowingly, the Zhongnin exam has come, and during this time, the Sand Ninja Village led by the four generations of Fengying also entered Konoha one after another.

At the same time, the Wuren Village, which was tense with Konoha, followed the sand-nin village into Konoha, and it also died down. The entire world of Shinobi regained its original calm for a while.

However, this so-called calm, for some people, is just what it was before the storm.

Rock Shinobu Village.

Onoki stood on a rooftop and walked back and forth, his face a little irritable.

For some reason, Onoki always felt isolated from the other four villages.

There was also the entire Ninja World. Although it seemed extremely peaceful, Onoki felt a sense of depression. This feeling had not reappeared for a long time since the third Ninja World War.

"Wenya!" Onomu said in a low tone suddenly.


Along with the sound of the wind, a ninja with a serious expression on his face appeared behind Ohnoki.

"Are there any suspicious actions in other Shinobu villages recently?"

Onoki looked down at the entire Yannin Village and asked without looking back.

"Konoha, Shinobu is about to take the Zhongnin exam recently. Fengying should be in Konoha now. As for the misty Shinobi, she was a little calm during this time and didn't move much."

Having said this, Wen Ya paused and continued:

"Yunren doesn't know the reason during this period. The ninja has been mobilized a little bit frequently. The specific reason has not been found out yet."

Oh Yemu nodded lightly, with a thoughtful look in his eyes, and after a while, he waved his hand to the Wen Ya behind him.

Wen Ya nodded respectfully, turned and disappeared.

"Chi Tu, call Huang Tu over."

Onoki looked at the terracotta not far away, and whispered.

Chi Tu was taken aback for a moment, then turned and left quickly.

Before long, a sturdy middle-aged ninja with a beard and terracotta appeared in Ohnoki's field of vision.

Huang Tu looked at Ohyemu with some doubts, obviously not understanding why the old man suddenly called himself over.

"The two of you led two ninja troops to the borders of the land of the earth and the land of thunder, and the borders of the land of the earth and the land of fire. There is still something to be done in secret."

Without waiting for two people to ask questions, Oh Yemu said directly.

Lead a ninja army?

Simultaneously surprised expressions appeared on the faces of Terracotta and Loess.