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Chapter 91 The Game Has Started

How can terracotta and loess not understand what it means to dispatch ninja troops.


The two shook their heads gently, temporarily negating the thoughts in their hearts, although the fourth Ninja World War will happen sooner or later.

But in the eyes of the two, it is not the time yet. Some time has passed since the Third Ninja World War, but the strength of each village has not returned to the peak level before the station.

If in two or three years, the new generation of ninjas has grown up, it might be possible then.

As for now, unless there are enough benefits, no Shinobu will enter the venue early.

"Hurry up and do it!"

Seeing the suspicious look on the faces of the terracotta and the yellow soil, Oh Yemu didn't want to explain, and said impatiently.

"Yes, Master Tuying!"

The terracotta and the yellow earth looked solemn and spoke respectfully, turning to leave at the same time.

Until the two people disappeared completely, the calm look on Oh Yemu's face changed to a face of doubt, and he said to himself:

"What can the Yunrencun guys care about?"

Under the secret impetus of You Dou, the entire Ninja realm had already entered the arena without knowing it.

As for the other small Ninja villages, You Dou didn't care, and the other Ninja villages also didn't care.

Currently, there are only five players who can participate in the game on this board called Ninkai.The other Ninja Villages are not even qualified to be on the table.

Even the current Akatsuki is also not qualified to be on the table.

Miaomu Mountain!

One of the three legendary holy places.

This is a place similar to a temple in Miaomu Mountain.

An old toad about several meters high with an orange body is sitting on the huge throne that enshrines it, sleepy.

This old toad is the ancestor of Miaomu Mountain and is called the existence of the big toad immortal.

The old body can't make people ignore the powerful Chakra inside the big toad immortal.

"When will the big toad immortal sleep?" Jilaiya looked helplessly at Shen Zuo aside.

If it weren't for telling him deeply, the big toad immortal had an important prophecy, and since then he would have slipped away.

Knowing that his creation was only halfway through, he was deeply anti-psychic.

Shen Zuo raised his head and glared at Ji Laiya, without speaking.

Seeing this scene, Jilai could only sigh helplessly.

Just when Jilai thought that he was going to wait for a while, the drowsy Toad fairy slowly opened his eyes.

"Xiao Jilai is here too."

A low and gentle voice came from above, making Jilaiya feel very energetic, and quickly looked up.

"Big Toad Immortal, is there a new prophecy? Is it about the son of prophecy?" Ji Lai also quickly said with a serious expression.

Hearing Jiraiya's words, Immortal Big Toad was slightly silent, and then slowly spoke:

"I didn't foresee the child of prophecy, but I just saw Konoha falling into war in my sleep just now."

"Konoha caught in the flames of war?"

With a shocked expression on Jilai's face, he was stunned for a while.

"Big Toad Immortal, then..." Jilaiya quickly asked again, but stopped halfway through the conversation.

At this time, the big toad immortal had fallen into a deep sleep again, obviously not giving the answer to nature.

"When will Immortal Big Toad wake up next time?" Ji Lai also turned his head and looked at Shen Zuo next to him with a serious expression on his face.

"I don't know, maybe it's a while, maybe a long time." Shen Zuo shook his head with the same helpless expression.

"Is that so? It seems that I have to return to Konoha in advance."

Jilai also frowned, and he naturally paid attention to the prophecy of the big toad immortal.

Konoha village is caught in the flames of war, no matter how you look at it, it is not a good prediction.


As a burst of white smoke dissipated, Zi Lai had disappeared in place.


A huge place dedicated to entertainment.

The whole room is terribly quiet, and everyone's eyes are fixed on a gaming table in the center of the room.

A beautiful blonde girl with two ponytails looked at the chips on the table calmly.

Opposite this blonde beauty, there was a middle-aged man with a cold sweat.


A referee's voice came from the side.

The dice in both hands are opened at the same time.

The next moment, a strong noise erupted from the entire room.

"Win again!"

"How could it be possible that I played everything once, but I didn't lose once!"

"She won all the money of everyone present, and whoever will call her "the legendary big fat sheep" in the future, I killed him!!"

Full of verbal abuse, loud noises continued from the crowd.

But none of the people present dared to step forward and grab back the chips that had been piled up into a hill on the table.

After all, the dozens of figures lying under the feet of that blonde beauty are not a joke.

"Tsunade-sama, we are rich!"

Silent looked at the piles of chips on the table, his eyes were full of stars, and he spoke with excitement.

The Dolphin, who was held in silent embrace, also hummed twice.

However, compared to the silent and excited look, Tsunade's face was somewhat calm, even with an ugly look between his eyebrows.

"Silent, we have won a few rounds." Tsunade said in a subtle tone.

Mute was taken aback for a while, she really didn't think about it. After thinking about it, she was not sure:

"It should be dozens of rounds. Since entering this store, Tsunade-sama seems to have never lost."


As the silent voice fell off, Tsunade stood up abruptly, turned and walked outside the store.

"Tsunade-sama, money!"

Silent was stunned and let out an exclamation. Even the dolphins in his hand were thrown directly on the ground, and he quickly hugged the chips on the table in his arms.

At the same time, Mute showed a fierce expression and looked at the crowd onlookers:

"Which of you dare to fight our idea of ​​money, be careful to kill you!"

After speaking, Silent replaced all the chips on the table with money, put them in two suitcases, and hurriedly chased them in the direction Tsunade was walking.


At this time, Right Fight, who was the instigator, did not stay in Wuren Village, but instead appeared on a street in Konoha Village.

The flow of people coming and going, the various shops on both sides of the road, and the merchants pulling goods for sale, a prosperous scene.

It has to be said that Konoha, the most prosperous of the Five Ninja Villages, is indeed not just developed, and Wu Ninja Village can be compared.

Looking at the prosperous Konoha in front of him, You Dou had a gentle smile on his face, and spoke softly with a voice that only he could hear:

"This game has already begun."

Ranmaru followed You Dou closely, looking around curiously. At the same time, he looked at the tortoise with the tail cocked on the shoulder of You Dou from time to time.

Perhaps because of the beginning of the Zhongnin exam, there was a lot of people coming in and out of Konoha during this period, but Youdou and Ranmaru did not go through any interrogation, and easily followed a caravan into Konoha.