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Chapter 92 The Purpose of Dashe Pill

By the time Youto and Ranmaru arrived at Konoha, the Ninja test had already begun, and even the third qualifier had ended.

It's not difficult to know this information. For such a big thing as the Zhongnin exam, just ask someone to find out.

However, You Dou didn't care, anyway, they didn't come here to watch the game specifically.

For the legendary Illaku Ramen, You Dou was quite interested, so he randomly found a resident of Konoha and asked the next way.

You Dou took Ranmaru to the place where Yile Ramen was. After all, maybe you won't be able to eat it in the future.

This is a very ordinary small shop, and the entire noodle shop is not too big. When You Dou took Ranmaru into the Yile Ramen, he found that there was not a single customer in the shop.

"Boss, two bowls of your specialties."

With a gentle smile on your face, You Dou looked at the boss of Yile Ramen.

"Okay, guest." A ramen boss said quickly.

Before long, two bowls of hot ramen appeared in front of Youdou and Ranmaru.

After taking a bite, You Dou's eyes lit up. I have to say that although this noodle restaurant is not as delicious as expected, it is also quite good.

"Master You Dou, this noodle is delicious!"

Lan Wan, who was sitting next to You Dou, had a contented expression on her small face, and ate it with big mouthfuls.

Jingle Bell--

The door curtain of Yile Noodle Shop was opened again, and a ninja with a thin figure and a pair of glasses walked in.

"Boss, I want a noodle too."

With a gentle smile on his face, Yakushidou said to the boss of Yile Ramen.

"It's ready soon!" The boss of Yile Ramen said again.

Looking around slightly, Yao Shidou's gaze fell on You Dou and Lan Wan. After all, the entire Yile Ramen was the two of them.

A moment of gaze stayed on Lan Wan's body, a look of confusion flashed in Yao Shidou's eyes, as if he did not understand why there was a kid.

The pharmacist walked to the position next to You Dou, sat down, pushed his eyes, and whispered:

"Master Oshamaru wants to invite you two over."

After speaking, the pharmacist waited for a while and found that You Dou was still eating noodles, as if he hadn't heard what he said at all.

"Oh, Lord Oshemaru, let me go, please come over."

The pharmacist coughed lightly and spoke again, but this time his voice increased slightly.

"It seems that Dashemaru guy didn't tell you who I am." You Doutou didn't look up, and said indifferently.

Pharmacist looked at him for a moment, and just about to continue speaking, Lan Wan, who was sitting on the other side, suddenly raised his head and showed a silly expression, watching the pharmacist say:

"This big brother, if you don't eat noodles, can you give Lan Wan?"

Hearing Lan Wan's words, Yao Shidou suddenly couldn't help shaking his body, turned his head stiffly, and looked at the little devil.

Don't know why, the kid suddenly gave him a feeling of extreme danger.

"Yes...Yes." Pharmacist said stiffly.

"Go back and tell Dashemaru, don't worry about me, just let him go according to his plan."

A faint voice passed into the ears of Pharmacist Tou, causing a layer of sweat to appear on the forehead of Pharmacist Tou.

The pharmacist slowly withdrew from Yile Ramen, took a deep look at the two figures lying on the table eating noodles, turned around, and quickly left the place.

For the careful thinking of Oshe Maru, You Dou had guessed a bit, but the current Oshe Maru is not very useful for You Dou.

The biggest role of Dashemaru has been completed, that is, Yinsha Ninja Village enters the game. As for the remaining role, from You Dou's point of view, it is just to contain Konoha's power.

As for whether Dashe Maru had other careful thoughts, You Dou didn't care at all.

"Speaking of which, the guy from Jiraiya should have already arrived, are you going to start contacting Naruto?"

With a faint smile on You Dou's face, he spoke softly.

Unfortunately, Koshita Yoshiro had already planted seeds in Naruto's heart in advance, and it would be more difficult for Jilai to reach this part of Naruto's heart.

Unless Ji Lai also takes Naruto out to practice as in the original work, he will have enough time to completely change Naruto.

But is there really this opportunity?


In a long corridor, the chirping birds sounded around, giving people a sense of peace.

"It's really quiet here. No, it should be said that this country is too peaceful. You must know that other countries are busy expanding their armaments."

Da She Wan leaned on a mahogany pillar, and said in a low voice.


With the sound of soft footsteps, the pharmacist appeared in front of Dashewan, and said respectfully: "Master Dashewan!"

"Oh, have you come back alive."

Da She Wan glanced at the pharmacist's pocket and licked his lips.

The pharmacist was stunned, lowered his head and showed a wry smile on his face.

Thinking of what You Dou had said to him, Yao Shi's voice was puzzled: "Who is that adult?"

"You should be fortunate that you don't know the name of that person, otherwise, it is a corpse that appears in front of me."

Da She Maru let out a low sneer, with a serious tone.

The eyes of Yao Shidou flashed with surprise, and from just a few words of Dashe Wan, Yao Shidou analyzed that Dashe Wan seemed to have some fear for the young man.

"That person, let Master Oshemaru act according to his plan, don't worry about him."

The pharmacist pushed his glasses around, told him what You Dou had told him, and said to Da She Wan.

"Unexpected thing, but I don't know if it's interesting to remove the old man's head." A sneer appeared on Da Shemaru's face.

"Is Mr. Oshemaru a little hesitant? Although I don't know what will happen next, I feel that Konoha may be in serious trouble."

"Master Oshemaru, did you let yourself be the fuse to elicit something?"

The pharmacist stood up straight and said softly.

Hearing the words of the medicine master's pocket, Da She Wan narrowed her eyes slightly, and suddenly there was a murderous intent on her body, covering the medicine master's pocket, and her voice indifferently said: "You see too thoroughly, but it makes me a little unhappy. "

Feeling the killing intent emanating from Da She Wan, Yao Shidou did not show the slightest nervous expression on his face, but a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

As far as Oshemaru-sama is concerned, as long as it has high enough value, Oshemaru-sama will never kill him now.

Killing the three generations of Naruto, capturing the descendants of the Uchiha clan named Sasuke, etc., these are definitely not the real purpose of Lord Oshemaru.

So, this is where the pharmacist is really curious so far, what is the purpose of Lord Dashewan?Or want to introduce something?

"There are many secrets hidden in Konoha that even I don't know."

Dashemaru looked in the direction of Hokage Rock, and the brown snake pupils flickered slightly.