The dispute between clan and division.

The hatred of the division of the clan for the clan has lasted for hundreds of years, and Hyuga Ningji is not the first and will not be the last.

In the eyes of Hyuga Hizuka, with the indifference of the head of the clan, as long as there is a bird in the cage, all the clan has to do is to maintain a high posture.

"If there is so-called destiny, then it would be fine to defeat it!"

When Naruto heard Neji Hyuga's words, he opened his mouth and retorted loudly while making seals with both hands.

The technique of multiple shadow clones!


Along with a series of white smoke, dozens of Uzumaki Naruto figures appeared in front of everyone at the same time.

Ran Maru, who was climbing in the stands to see this scene, uttered a soft whisper: "It's amazing!"

At the same time, Neji Hyuga moved and rushed directly into Naruto's shadow clone.

Neji covered the surface of his hands with a thin layer of chakra, and at the same time quickly moved towards the acupuncture points of the surrounding Naruto.

With bursts of white smoke coming out, within a short period of time, the shadow clone that Naruto had just separated was half wiped out by Hyuga Neji.

"Got you!"

Hyuga Neji suddenly looked at one of the many clones, and rushed towards the figure of Naruto first.

Unfortunately, it was not until the figure of Naruto turned into white smoke that Hyuga Neji realized that he had chosen the wrong one.

The situation that had been unfavorable to Naruto suddenly turned around, and the rest of Naruto surrounded him, and in the next moment, he had already attacked him.


Hyuga Neji's body spun quickly, and the light blue Chakra spewed from the acupuncture points of Hyuga Neji's body, knocking out all the Naruto who had attacked.

"That...that is, Father's..."

Hyuga Kazuo showed a surprised expression and looked at the Hyuga Hippopotamus sitting next to him.

"Huitian! That is the Hyuga Sect family, that is, a secret technique that can only be passed down to the heirs of Hyuga!"

There was a rare serious expression on Hyuga Hizu's face, but there was a deep shock in his eyes.

Because he knew that the Huitian used by Hyuga Neji was completely created by himself!

"Master You Dou, what was the trick just now?"

Ranmaru opened his mouth and looked at Neji Hyuga in surprise.

Although Ranmaru's strength is stronger than Hyuga Ningji, he is obviously quite interested in such moves.

"Huitian, it's just a broken version. Wait a while and take you to see the real Huitian."

Looking at Neji Hyuga below, You Dou's face showed a gentle smile.

Without any reference, relying only on talent, can simulate the appearance of Huitian, worthy of the name of genius.

The battle continued, and Naruto retreated steadily when Hyuga Neji broke out with all his strength.

Immediately afterwards, as in the original plot, Naruto was hit by the sixty-four chapters of Neji Hyuga's gossip. After Neji Hyuga told him, Naruto finally knew why Hyuga Neji often talked about fate.

"The curse mark on the forehead can be said to be the absolute horror that the Zong family gave to the division of the family. This mysterious curse imprint made by the Zong family. It can easily destroy the brain nerve of the division.

"Naturally, we can also be killed easily, and this curse seal will only completely disappear when we die."

Neji Hyuga's voice filled with resentment entered Naruto's ears, causing Naruto's body to tremble slightly.

"So in this exam, your fate was already doomed when you became an opponent with me."

Neji Hyuga squatted down, preparing to give Naruto the final blow.

At this time, a cold, evil Chakra suddenly radiated from Naruto's body.

this is!

Ninja's expressions all changed on the scene, and even a few ninjas could not help standing up.

"It seems that I have already taught Naruto how to control Nine-Tailed Chakra, but it should be one-tailed now in this state?"

With a faint smile on your face, You Dou looked at the red Chakra coat outside Naruto in the center of the battlefield.

The seal spell of Bofeng Shuimen had been torn in half by You Dou, and the seal's restrictions on Nine-Tailed Chakra had already weakened.

It's just like Gaara's unstable state, but this instability is completely within the controllable range, unlike Gaara's kind of mentality that explodes from time to time under the influence of one-tailed guard crane.

In addition, during this time, he also taught Naruto how to control a small number of nine-tailed chakras.

For Naruto at this time, he was completely able to enter the state of one tail on his own, but until now, even Naruto himself is not clear.

The right side held his chin and looked at the somewhat tense atmosphere around him, with an interesting look on his face.

However, it seems that Ji Lai is also obviously lazy, and has not carefully checked the sealing charms on Naruto, otherwise, it will never be possible that there will be problems with the sealing charms.

Of course, this matter is a good thing for You Dou.

Sitting on the high platform, Sarutobi Rizen had already squinted his eyes. If he hadn't seen Naruto still being able to stay awake, I am afraid that Sarutobi Rizen would have ordered Anbu line to terminate the game.

Compared with the different faces around Shinnin, the other Konoha Xiaoqiang all looked at the current Naruto in incredible!

"What a powerful Chakra!"

Ding Ci suddenly forgot the French fries in his hand, and couldn't help but let out an exclamation.

Even the small players watching from a distance can feel the surging Chakra outside Naruto's body, not to mention the rival Hyuga Neji.

It's different from the original work, which only borrowed a little Nine-Tailed Chakra.

The current Naruto didn't need to play any tricks at all. With the blessing of the one-tailed state, he directly broke the seal of the sixty-four palms of the gossip and rushed in the direction of Hyuga Neji.


An explosion sounded at the center of the collision between the two.

Naruto panted heavily, looking at Neji Hyuga who had fallen to the ground, the nine-tailed Chakra on his body began to recede slowly.

"I won! So don't say that fate can't be changed anyway, this kind of silly remark has been on the lips."

"Because you are different from me, not the tail of a crane."

Naruto gasped hard, watching Hyuga Neji and said seriously.

In the cheers of the audience.

Neji Hyuga was carried on the stretcher, his eyes staring at the sky above.


On the other side, watching Hyuga Neji being carried away on a stretcher, Hyuga Hizuka slowly got up and walked out of the stands.

"Let's go Lan Wan, let's meet this white-eyed boy who has just rebelled against fate."

With a gentle smile on your face, You Dou turned and walked towards the direction outside the stands.

Thinking of seeing Neji Hyuga, Ranmaru's face showed a trace of doubt, but he still trot all the way, closely following You Dou.

Perhaps Neji Hyuga did not qualify at the beginning, but now, under Naruto’s mouth, Neji Hyuga’s understanding of fate has been broken.


Let me change your destiny completely, Neji Hyuga!