In the entire competition venue, in addition to the spectator stand and the battlefield, there is naturally a place for the wounded to treat and rest.

And Neji Hyuga was carried to this place by two medical staff.

Although Konoha does not seem to have changed much at this time, it has already been undercurrents.

There are a large number of ninjas lurking around, whether on the surface or in the dark.

As the venue for the Chunin test, this is even more true.

After all, not only are there a large number of civilians gathered here, but the two minds of Konoha's Hokage and Sand Ninja's Kazekage are gathered here, and naturally there are more people secretly protected.

With the death of Moonlight Gale, the intelligence provided by Kakashi, and even the warning from Jiraiya, how could Sarutobi Rizen not take some precautions?

And the venue of the Nakanin exam is undoubtedly the most troubled place. There are too many ordinary people in this place. Once a problem occurs, some of Konoha's ninjas will be restrained to protect these civilians.

Therefore, before the official competition, Sarutobi Hizaki had secretly asked the Hyuga clan to monitor the entire Nakanin exam president.

After all, when it comes to surveillance and intelligence gathering, a powerful insight is undoubtedly the best method.

In a special room in the Zhongnin exam venue.

Several members of the Hyuga clan were scanning the surroundings with open eyes.


Suddenly, a white-eyed member made a puzzled voice.

"What's wrong, Majo, is there any problem with you?"

Another member of the Hyuga clan looked towards and asked sincerely.

"No...nothing, it should be a mistake."

Hyuga Majo carefully looked at it for a while again, and shook his head gently to explain.

The member of the Hyuga clan nodded, then looked at the others and spoke softly, speaking solemnly:

"This period of time before the end of everyone's exam, I will trouble you all."


All the Hyuga members present at the same time spoke.

In a long corridor.

"Master You Dou, I found him."

Ranmaru's gray-black pupils had turned into fiery red, looking at a certain direction in front of the corridor with a happy expression on his face.

You Dou nodded slightly, and asked casually: "How many of the Hyuga people have found?"

"Is You Dou-sama talking about the white-eyed people? A lot."

"However, Ranmaru's ability can prevent them from seeing me and Lord Rightto, but I can see them."

Lan Wan had a happy expression with a small smug look on his face.

"Lan Wan is really amazing."

With a gentle smile, You Dou reached out and touched Lan Wan's head.

Lan Wan's Xue Ji Bian completely restrained his eyes from rolling his eyes, unless it was a head-on collision, otherwise, the two of them were in the eyes of the eyes as if they did not exist.

In a room similar to a lounge.

The two medical staff gently put Hyuga Neji on the bed for examination.

After a while, the two of them breathed a sigh of relief.

"Most of them are traumatic. They didn't hurt the internal organs. You can recover after a period of rest."

A medical staff looked at Neji Hyuga and spoke softly.

"However, since Chakra is almost consumed, your body is very weak now, and there is no way to perform high-intensity movements for the time being."

Another medical staff nodded, and also spoke softly.

Hyuga Neji did not speak, and a faint light flashed in his eyes and unwillingness.


With a soft sound, the door of the lounge was opened.

Hyuga Hizuto walked in with a calm look on his face.


Seeing Hyuga Hizus walking in, the two medical staff hurriedly spoke respectfully.

As the patriarch of the Hyuga clan, the position of Hyuga Nippa in Konoha can be said to be quite high.

"Sorry, can I ask you to leave for a while."

Hyuga Hizuka nodded, and said lightly to the two medical staff.

Although there was a discussing tone in the words, there was no hint of discussing in the voice.

"Good... good."

The two medical staff looked at each other, nodded, turned and walked outside the door.

As the door closed again, Hyuga Hizu walked to Neji's body and said in a slight silence:

"I came here to tell you about what happened that day."

Hearing what Hyuga Nizu said, Neji struggled to sit up, with an angry look on his face:

"My father was killed just to replace you, what do you want to tell me now!"

Hyuga Hizuka's face was calm, and he didn't care about Neji's angry look at all. Instead, he stretched out his hand and took out a scroll bearing from his arms, walked to Ningji's side, and handed the scroll to Ningji's hands: "This is the record of all the truth that day. ."

Ning Ci looked at the scroll in his hand, especially the handwriting on the scroll, his expression stunned.

The scroll was slowly opened by Neji, looking at the content on it.

"I didn't die because I separated my family to protect the clan, but because I protected my brother and the village."

At this moment, a tender voice came from outside the door.

Hyuga Neji was taken aback for a moment, because what the voice from outside the door said was exactly what was on the scroll.

"who is it!!"

His face changed, and he quickly turned to look in the direction of the entrance to the lounge, and let out a loud shout.


The door of the lounge was slowly pushed open.

Under the gaze of Hyuga Nizu and Neji, Uto and Ranmaru walked in with a smile on their faces.

"Even if it's only once, I want to defy the fate of the Hyuga family."

"I choose my own destiny, nothing more."

Lan Maru's red eyes still stared at the scroll in Ning Ci's hand, and continued to speak with milky voice.

A shocked look appeared on Hyuga Hizu's face, and what the little devil said when he walked in was all on the scroll.

You know, he has never shown the content on the scroll to anyone from the Hyuga clan. No one except him should know what it says.

If this happens, there is only one possibility!

Roll your eyes!

With the ability to whiten your eyes, you can see clearly the content on the scroll through perspective.

Hyuga Hizuka looked at Youto and Ranmaru coldly, and his gaze swept over the two of them.

The features of white eyes are easy to recognize, so just by looking at it, Hyuga Nizu has denied the possibility of white eyes in his heart.

Hyuga Hizuka's gaze stayed on Ranmaru's body, and when she saw Ranmaru's red eyes, there was a guess in her heart.

It is very similar to Shao Lun Yan, but the eyes do not have Gouyu. Is it the new limit of blood succession?And it's still a similar ability to Baiyan!

"I don't know if it disturbs you, if so, I'm really sorry."

With a gentle smile on You Dou's face, there is no such thing as sorry.