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Chapter 97 How do you know war when you are in peace?

You Dou reached out his hand and touched Molan Maru's head, and raised his head to look at the dazed Hyuga Neji, with a mocking tone in his tone:

"Does the so-called freedom of the Hyuga clan division mean death?"

"If this is the case, it is really ridiculous. It is really sad that even things like death are regarded as a free thing."

Having said this, You Dou's voice paused slightly, with a look of disdain on his face: "In my opinion, the scroll your father left for you is just a cowardly expression."

Neji Hyuga suddenly raised his head and looked at Right Fight full of anger.

On the other side of the Hyuga Sunfoot, his face was already cold as frost: "You shouldn't be from Konoha, right? What's your purpose here?"

"Aim? Seeing a good genius, I can't help but want to help."

You Dou shrugged, without any intention of avoiding taboos.

"Hmph, did you underestimate Konoha and our Hyuga clan!"

Hyuga Hizu let out a cold snort, and said coldly.

"I attach great importance to Konoha, otherwise, I would not be here in person."

"However, if Patriarch Hyuga wants to wait for your tribe to find out what's happening here, and then send Anbe over, I'm afraid I will be disappointed."

You Dou looked at Hyuga Hizu and said with a chuckle.

Hyuga Hizuka looked stunned. The reason why he didn't do anything up to now was because he was waiting for the arrival of Konoha's Anbe.

but now!

Lifting his head to look at the other party, with a confident look on his face, Hyuga Nizu let out a soft drink: "Blank eyes!"

"This... how is this possible!"

The Hyuga Nizu opened his eyes, as if he had discovered something incredible.


It's the eyes of that kid!

Hyuga Hizu turned his head and looked in the direction of Ranmaru, the killing intent in his eyes had not concealed.

That kid's ability is similar to their rolling eyes, but now not only that, it also has the ability to restrain them from rolling eyes.

Such a blood inheritance limit, in any case, Hyuga Nissu will not let it exist in this world!

"No matter who you are and what purpose you have, you can't escape now!"

Hyuga Nizu squatted slightly, with a hint of murder in his tone.


Soft fist!

Hyuga Hizutsu slammed on the ground, and rushed towards Ranmaru first. Leaving aside Ranmaru, it seemed that it was the easiest solution among two people.

More importantly, in the eyes of Hinata Hizuto's white eyes, something similar to mist appeared on Ranmaru and Rightto.

In front of this misty thing, his white eyes couldn't see clearly the acupuncture points on the two people.

The speed of Hyuga Nizu is very fast, almost in the blink of an eye, he has appeared in front of Ranmaru's eyes.

Although I didn't know the location of specific acupuncture points on Lan Wan, it is not a big problem for the Hyuga people who have been studying human acupoints.

Even if he didn't roll his eyes, Hyuga could easily find the acupuncture points on Ranwan's body, but he couldn't see where Chakra was weak.

Hyuga Hizutsu stretched out his hand and fluttered to a spot on Ranmaru's neck, very fast.

"Curse Seal One."

Lan Maru blinked and said quietly.

The next moment, accompanied by a muffled sound from Lan Wan's body, Lan Wan's body quickly expanded at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In the blink of an eye, a figure over two meters tall appeared in front of Hyuga Hizu!


Ran Maru raised his exaggerated arm and slammed his fist forward, colliding with the hand coming from the foot of Hyuga.

His face changed, Ranmaru's punch was too fast, and the mere wind of his fist made him feel a surge of momentum.

If the hands of the two collide, the hands of Hyuga will definitely be destroyed on the spot.

Soft boxing-gossip empty palm!

It was too late for Hyuga Hizu to withdraw his hand, so he could only temporarily change his move, turning the action of tapping out into a pat, and at the same time, a burst of energy gushed from Hyuga Hizu's hand.


A muffled sound exploded in the entire room, and the force of the collision between the two made Hyuga Hinata couldn't help backing several steps before stopping.

You Dou still had Ruoyouruwu's smile on his face, and walked in the direction of Hyuga Neji with his leg raised.

"I won't let you get close to Neing Ci!"

Hyuga Hizuru let out a loud shout, turned his body slightly, and rushed in the direction of the right fighting.

However, as soon as Hyuga Nizu set out, a strong figure already appeared in front of Hyuga Nizu.

There is no nonsense, Lan Wan stretched out his hand, and a scroll had appeared in Lan Wan's hand.


A burst of white smoke dissipated, and a strangely shaped Shinobi appeared in Ranmaru's hand.

"Lan Maru heard from others that you seem to be the patriarch of the Hyuga clan. Since you are the patriarch, you should be very strong."

When Ranmaru said this, his voice paused slightly, and his eyes looked at Hyuga Hizu with a sincere look:

"So, can Ranwan hack you to death?"

Right Fighter, who was walking towards Neji Hyuga, suddenly heard what came to say, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

Often staying with those guys who don’t cut it again, Lan Maru won’t be taught badly by them, right?

"Very good! Very good! Bursting Blade·Flymo, it seems that you are from Wunin Village!"

Hyuga Hizuru's face flushed a little with anger, and it took a long time to suffocate a word.


Hyuga Nizu directly did it, Ranmaru's words have already made Hyuga Nizu feel insulted!

When the two were fighting, the right fight on the other side had already reached the front of Hyuga Neji.

Neji naturally heard what Hyuga Hizu said, with a trembling tone, looking at You Dou and said:

"You Wunin Village want to fight Konoha?"

Openly provoking the relationship between the Hyuga clan and the division of the clan, and even fighting directly in Konoha with the patriarch of the Hyuga clan is equivalent to a war.

"How can a kid in a peaceful world really understand what war is?"

You Dou glanced at Neji Hyuga faintly, his tone full of murderous air.

Neji Hyuga's body tightened instantly, as if he was about to make a move at any time, and he felt a terrible pressure on You Dou.

"I advise you not to do it, otherwise you will be free."

Looking at Neji Hyuga, You Dou said lightly.

Neji Hyuga naturally understood what "freedom" meant.

"I also have a scroll here. Are you interested in taking a look?"

Right Dou produced a scroll and threw it directly into Hinata Neji's arms, obviously not intending to ask.

Hyuga Ningji settled slightly, without pretense, opened the scroll and looked at it.

He knew that if the young man in front of him wanted to kill him, he couldn't resist it at all in his current state.

"This scroll records what happened that year, but it is not Konoha's record, but Yunnin Village's record."

"In the final analysis, your father is just a victim between the two villages, and even the victim of the Hyuga clan."

"The "freedom of death" your father said is just like what I said just now, it's just the act of a coward."

Right Dou opened his mouth freely, no matter whether Hinata Nizu's explanation, or the scroll left by Hyuga Nikkei that year, he couldn't deny one point.

That is, the fact that Hyuga is a victim.

And the scroll of Yunren Village recorded the secret agreement between Konoha and Yunren.

Neji Hyuga couldn't help trembling with both hands holding the scroll, not only because he was angry with his father, but also because he was frightened by the purpose of right fighting.

As a genius, Neji Hyuga is smart, but he is not smart enough either.

Really smart people would not express their anger towards the clan on such a huge occasion as the Chunin test.

If it weren't for the Hyuga clan of this generation, there would be no younger generation of geniuses other than Neji.

As the sect family, Hyuga Niszu has long killed the genius Hyuga Neji in the cradle.