Hyuga Neji tremblingly raised his head and looked to the right, his lips trembled slightly, "Is everything written on this true?"

"Don't believe what he said!"

Hyuga Hizusuka, who was fighting with Ranmaru, turned to look at Hyuga Neji and shouted.

At this time, Hyuga Nizu's face was already full of anxious look, and his heart was even more startled and angry!

The people in Wuren Village didn't know when Konoha got involved, and they were so unscrupulous that they even hit their Hyuga clan.

However, the movement of his fighting with Ranmaru should have attracted Anbu's attention.

As long as you hold on for a while, the Anbu staff will be able to arrive.

His gaze fell on Ranmaru's body again, and Hyuga Hinzu's eyes were full of vigilance. The strength of this kid who suddenly transformed was quite terrifying.

In particular, the opponent's Blood Succession Boundary completely restrained his eyes from rolling his eyes, and the current Hyuga Hizus had already taken away the ability of his eyes.

When your eyes start to deceive yourself, this is the most dangerous!

There was another young man, although because of Ranmaru, Hinata's white eyes didn't see anything on Youdou's body.

However, every time he looked towards Hizuto to fight to the right, he felt palpitations in his heart.

On the other side, when there was a gap when Hyuga was talking to Neji, Ranmaru was holding a burst knife and droplets and strode out, and the whole person had appeared on the side of Hyuga.

not good!

Hyuga's complexion changed, and the chakra in his body was instantly filled with all the acupuncture points of his body, and at the same time, the whole body was rapidly spinning like a top!

Soft Fist-Bagua Palm Back to Heaven!

This is the true Huitian of the Hyuga clan, which is not comparable to the Huitian researched by Neji himself.

The chakra that spurted out formed an invisible barrier, firmly protecting the Hyuga Nikko in the middle, forming a so-called absolute defense.

The moment Lan Maru's body collided with Huitian, he was directly bounced back.


Yiyai was stunned, Lan Wa let out a small exclaim, but there was no decadent look on her face, she grabbed the handle of Boom Knife·Fei Mo with both hands, raised the big knife and slashed forward.


A huge explosion sounded all around Huitian.

At this time, Lan Wan was not so much slashing with a knife, as it was completely smashing with a knife!

Lan Maru didn't care about the damage caused by the explosion. Every time the blasting knife and droplets were smashed, it was like the power of several explosions.

The blasting knife exploded down for the first time, and the fast-rotating Hyuga Sunpod's body shook. The second time it exploded down, it smashed into the sky forcibly.

After falling for the third time, Hyuga Hinode spewed a mouthful of blood, and was directly stunned by the power of the explosion.

Seeing this scene before him, Neji Hyuga's eyes twitched, and his eyes were even more shocked.

Was the patriarch of the Hyuga clan so defeated?

Hyuga Neji didn't seem to believe his eyes, and repeatedly confirmed the time when Hyuga had passed out while lying on the ground.

Originally forced to calm his face, a look of horror appeared for the first time.

"As such an ancient family, the strength of the leader of the family is so weak that it is really sad."

You Dou glanced at Hyuga Nizu with an indifferent expression, then turned to look at Ningci:

"Don't you want freedom? I give you real freedom."

Hearing the words of Right Fight, Neji Hyuga squirmed his throat slightly, and said in a slightly hoarse voice: "What is your purpose!"

"With your current strength, you are not yet qualified to let me plan something."

With a trace of contempt in the right Dou voice, he raised his finger and pointed towards the curse mark on the forehead of Hyuga Neji.

Feeling the right fight's movements, Hyuga Neji conditioned to avoid him, but he also thought of the other party. If he really wanted to kill himself, he wouldn't need to be so complicated.

The next moment, Hyuga Neji only felt a trace of coolness on his forehead.

Then a strong sense of pain came into Hyuga Neji's mind.

This is... the curse seal... passively opened.

This intense pain came quickly and disappeared quickly.

When Neji Hyuga reacted, Right Dou's finger had already left Hiuga Neji's forehead.

"Hinata Hizus' life is left. As for whether you can kill him or not, it's up to you."

You Dou spoke in a flat tone, and an interesting look flashed in his eyes.

"The sound of the explosion made during the battle just now has no one coming. Sure enough, the village you built between the pillars is rotten."

"In this case, let me start the prelude to this war."

The voice of You Dou muttering to himself fell into the ears of Neiji Hyuga, making her whole body tremble!

You Dou didn't pay attention to the expression of Neji Hyuga. He felt the Konoha ninja who was rushing around in this direction quickly. The corner of You Dou's mouth was sneered.

Reached out and snapped his fingers lightly!


Five consecutive huge explosions sounded simultaneously in five directions around Konoha, making a huge roar.

The powerful explosion sounded through Konoha in an instant.

Hyuga Neji turned his head stiffly, looking at the monstrous fire and smoke coming from one direction outside the window.

Now he suddenly felt a dry mouth.


Although there were some speculations faintly at the beginning, when he really faced all of this, Neji Hyuga suddenly felt a sense of trance.

When Hyuga Neji turned his head and looked in the direction of Right Dou, he found that in the room, except for the Hyuga Hippus, who fell unconscious on the ground, the figures of Right Dou and Ranmaru had long since disappeared.


"who are you……"


A scream suddenly came from outside the lounge, making Hyuga Neji a moment of refreshment.

After a while, until the screams stopped outside the break, Hyuga Neji dragged his injured and weak body to the door of the lounge abruptly and looked out the corridor.

A strong bloody air is coming!

Several corpses of Konoha ninjas lay on the ground, blood flowing, among them, there were even the corpses of two members of the Hyuga clan.

Seeing this scene in front of him, Neji Hyuga slumped on the ground leaning on the entrance of the lounge.

In a daze, You Dou's words sounded in the ears of Neji Hyuga again: How can a kid in a peaceful world really understand what war is?

As a caged bird before, Hyuga Neji didn't make any sense whether to resist or not.

But now, without the restraint of the bird in the cage, Hyuga Neji raised his head and looked at the corpse outside the lounge, and then at the fainted Hyuga Hippod in the lounge.

Although my heart was still full of resentment, suddenly, there was a dull feeling.

too weak!

Compared with the real strong, the Hyuga clan is too weak, and too weak!