genius?Ridiculous title.


At this moment, a rush of footsteps came from a distance.

"Nenji, are you okay!"

Running all the way every day, when he saw a corpse in the corridor and Ning Ci sitting on the ground, his face suddenly turned pale.

"I'm fine, bring me the forehead."

Neji Hyuga shook his head slightly and looked at Tian Tiandao.

Protect the amount?

Every day, he was stunned, only then did he discover that Ning Ci's forehead was completely white.

"This is..." Tian Tiande showed a shocked expression on Ning Ci's forehead, and the "bird in the cage" curse mark disappeared.

"Can you help me keep this matter secret?"

Hyuga Ningji looked seriously, and said in a serious tone every day.

Although he didn't know what happened, Tian Tian naturally understood the consequences of the "cage bird" curse and disappeared, and he nodded quickly.

At the same time, Konoha and Anbe, who rushed over because of the sound of fighting in the lounge, froze in place when they heard the explosion and looked at the explosion site.

The enchantment surrounding the entire Konoha slowly disappeared with the sound of explosion.

Those five exploded locations are the center that controls the entire Konoha enchantment!

Once there are problems in these five places, it is equivalent to the entire Konoha becoming blind. How many people has the other party invaded?It is impossible to know where Konoha appears in a short time.

You Dou wandered around Konoha for so long, mainly to do this.

"Damn! Go to the explosion site immediately, check the situation, and quickly repair the barrier, I will report to Master Naruto!"

This group of Konoha ninjas also ignored the sound of fighting coming from the direction of Neji, and quickly divided into five groups and headed toward the five directions of the explosion.

Ninja test venue.

At this time, the second game of the match just ended. After all, Kankuro's guys automatically abstained, so it ended quite quickly.

But when he was preparing for the third game, the sound of an explosion suddenly broke the peace of the entire venue.

The people in Oshemaru and Sand Ninja Village were all stunned. After all, the time planned with them had not yet arrived.

The pharmacist pocket hidden in the middle of the audience reacted at the moment it made a sound and exploded, and he didn't need Dashewan's prompt to activate the illusion.

In the middle of the Zhongnin exam, in the highest stand.

"Sure enough, that person will not follow the plan."

Da She Wan had deep eyes and let out a low moan.

The arrow is on the string, and I have to send it. In this case, let's start ahead of time!

O She Maru slowly turned her head and looked at Sarutobi Rizen beside him. At the same time, Sarutobi Rizen on the other side also turned his head to look at O ​​Shemaru!

Facing each other!


The whole stand exploded directly, and the Konoha Shinobu guarding the third generation was instantly beheaded before he could react.


A sound of metal collision came from the thick fog, and the hidden ninjas rushed towards the stands at the moment when Sarutobi Hitoshi and Oshemaru were fighting.

Da She Maru held Sarutobi Hi-Zan, rushed out of the thick fog, and jumped onto the roof of the highest part of the venue.

"I didn't expect that Shinobu would betray Konoha."

Seeing Kunai placed under his neck, Sarutobi Hizen spoke calmly.

"Betrayal? It's ridiculous. The so-called treaty is just a blindfold to paralyze the opponent."

"The boring game is over, and the history of Ninja world will change from now on!"

Oshemaru let out a low sneer, his tone full of sarcasm.

"Do you want to start a war in Sand Ninja Village? We should be able to avoid the use of force and seek a peaceful way to solve the problem. It is still too late, Lord Fukage."

Sarutobi Hizumi's face was serious, and the reason he didn't resist was because he thought there was still talk.

As long as it can be resolved through negotiation, it is naturally best to not use force.

"Hehe, it's really a good suggestion. When you get older, you will be confused by peace!"

"If I were really Fengying, maybe I would still accept your suggestion, but unfortunately I am not, Sarutobi-teacher!"

Da She Wan had a hideous smile on his face, and said in a cordial voice.

An ugly look flashed in Sarutobi's eyes. He thought that Oshemaru was only working with Sand Ninja Village. Who would have thought that Oshemaru would directly pretend to be Fengying!


With the sound of four breaking air sounds, the four Otonin Village ninjas who had been hidden in the dark suddenly jumped out and stood in four directions.

It may be difficult to find people with the same strength of the original Oonnin four people, but if it is only for enchantment sealing, for O Shemaru, these people are many.

"Ninfa-Four Purple Flames..."

Four people stood in four directions at the same time to start the seal, but the seal was only half of the knot.

Four Konoha ninjas from Anbe have appeared behind them.

In the blink of an eye, four people were instantly beheaded by the Anbe Ninja who appeared.

After solving these four people, a large number of Anbe ninjas have all rushed over, and the Oshemaru and Sarutobi are firmly surrounded.

"Oshe Maru, you can't escape."

Sarutobi Rizen's face remained calm, as for the kunai under his neck, he didn't care at all.


A remote location outside Konoha.

Dozens of sand ninjas hidden in the dark appeared on the ground at the same time.

"Is this the signal of an attack? Why is the time wrong?" A Sha Shino's tone was filled with doubt.

"Maybe something unexpected happened, anyway the plan has already started, let's get started!"

The other Sand Shinobu made a low voice, and you were full of murderous aura.


In an instant, the six Sand Ninja came out from the middle, forming a formation similar to a six-pointed star, and at the same time let out a soft drink: "Psychicism!!"

Along with a huge white smoke, a huge three-headed python was channeled out, making a huge neighing sound.

As soon as the three-headed python appeared, they swam towards the Konoha city wall.

Seeing this scene, the Konoha ninja guarding the city wall quickly attacked, but unfortunately even the python's skin was not breached.

The three-headed python randomly hits with its body, and it easily smashes the outer city wall.

Just when all Sand Shinobu showed excitement on their faces.

In the sky, a group of black shadows directly smashed down, making a shock like an earthquake!

When many Sand Shinobu reacted, they realized that the original three-headed giant python had disappeared.

In the original position of the three-headed python, there was a toad about two or three times larger than the three-headed python.

"Little ghosts in Sand Ninja Village, I have been waiting for you for a long time!!"

A middle-aged man with long white hair wearing a forehead with the word "oil" on his head stepped on the head of the huge toad, looking arrogantly at the sand forehead.