The huge toad figure is like a hill, covering many sand ninjas under the body.

"Jilaiya, wouldn't you call me out to deal with a little snake?"

Toad Wen was too dangling with his pipe, and his tone was dissatisfied.

Jilai smiled and didn't explain. Would he tell Toad Wentai that he would be more imposing in this way.

Toad Wentai held a pipe in one hand and let out a smoke ring indifferently. With his knowledge of Ji Laiya, he naturally guessed what Ji Laiya was thinking.

"what happened!"

Seeing the three-headed serpent they had just summoned, they were killed before they showed their power, and the faces of many sand ninjas showed anger.

"He... he is one of the three ninjas!"

A ninja from Sand Ninja Village looked at Jiraiya, with a trembling sound in his voice.

It can be said that most ninjas in the entire ninja world know what the name Sannin represents.

"Damn it, it's not rumored that Konoha also left, so how could it appear at this time."

Another ninja from Sand Ninja Village had a hint of unwillingness in his voice.

This is the legendary Three Ninjas, I didn't expect to be directly confronted here.

"Now is not the time to froze! Since the psychic beast can't work, just do it!"

The captain of Sand Shinobu, who was in charge of leading this unit, let out an angry roar at the many Sand Shinobu around.

Hearing the captain's words, many other sands also reacted.

Among the crowd, ten Sharen stepped forward at the same time, quickly forming seals with both hands and hands, pressing them on the ground, and shouting together:


Dozens of soil walls with a height of several meters rose from the ground, but instead of blocking the sands, they formed a circle, but surrounded the toad in the middle too tightly.

At the same time that these ten Shinobu Ninjutsu launched the Doryubi Ninjutsu, on the other side, the captain of Shinobu also completed the seal.

"Earth Escape-Earth Flowing River!!"

The ground under Toad Wentai's feet quickly became soft, and then the entire ground directly turned into a mud-rock flow like quicksand.

Under the action of the surrounding earth flow wall, the debris flow rises rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In the blink of an eye, the mud drift sand had already submerged four soles of Toad Wentai, and the mud drift sand began to solidify.

Obviously, many ninjas in Sand Ninja Village want to imprison the actions of Toad Bunta!

After all, with a body as large as Toad Wentai, once moved, the impact alone was enough to hurt them.

"Tsk tsk, it's a good idea, but they look down on you too much, Wen Tai."

Seeing this scene in front of him, Jilai smiled and spoke to Toad Wen too.

Toad Wen was too silent, or too lazy to talk to himself.

The four sturdy, muscle-filled legs pressed down gently, and the next moment, Toad Wentai jumped directly from the ground.

The surrounding earth flow wall and the confinement of the earth flow river seem to be nonexistent.

The huge figure of Toad Wen just like the top of Mount Tai, fell directly from the air and smashed towards the many sands below.


A huge roar resounded all around, and a large amount of dust instantly covered a small half of the forest.

"With this strength, I want to attack Konoha, and the people in Sand Ninja Village are really getting more and more whimsical."

Jilai also looked at the dusty scene below, and said in a flat tone.

The ninja from the sand Ninja Village below was not seen by Ji Lai from the beginning.

What really makes Jiraji also care about is Oshemaru!

However, due to Ji Lai Ye's early return, plus the predictions given by the Toad Immortal, Ji Lai Ye naturally attaches great importance to it.

Therefore, compared with the original work, when faced with the attacks of Oshemaru and Sunin Village, he was slightly caught off guard.

Now, it is not staged in Konoha at all.

Ji Lai Ye and Sarutobi Rizen had prepared in advance, just to prevent accidents from happening.

Sunin Village and Oshe Maru joined forces, naturally it is impossible to attack only these two directions.

There are also several forces from Sand Ninja Village who are attacking Konoha Village in other directions.

However, the same scenes were staged one by one.

The offensive in Sand Ninja Village and Otonin Village was not long before they were completely suppressed by the sudden appearance of Konoha Ninja.

You must know that the locations that Sun Shinobu and Otonin attacked were relatively remote locations in Konoha. In this case, they were suppressed by Konoha's many ninjas.

It is conceivable that now, let alone an attack on Konoha, it would be impossible for Konoha to cause great losses.

But so far, the only thing that surprised Jiraiya and Sarutobi Hizen was that Konoha's defensive barrier was destroyed.

I don't know why, the current situation is clearly that Konoha has the upper hand, but Jiraiya can't help but a bad premonition flashes in his heart.

The prophecy of "Konoha in the flames of war" was given by the Toad Immortal, but based on the current situation, it seems that Sunin Village is not qualified to let Konoha into the flames of war.

Isn't the prediction of the toad immortal so accurate?

In other words, such things as prophecies themselves represent uncertainty.

Ji Lai also shook his head lightly, lowered his head again, and looked down at the sand Shinobu sinking in the dust.

No matter what, let's get rid of this Sand Shinobu force first, and rush to Sarutobi-teacher.

"Wen Tai, get rid of them in one go!"

A smile appeared on Jilaiya's face and shouted.

"Prepared to do this a long time ago!" Toad Wen too lifted his huge soles of his feet and slammed into the dust below.

A gust of wind formed, just like the wind ninjutsu blowing away the smoke and dust below, revealing the figure of the sand ninjutsu troops below.

On the ground, all the sand ninjas were colored, and even one-third of the sand ninjas couldn't avoid it. When they were smashed by the toad, they were pierced by various gravel splashes and severely injured.

Although it looks like a long time, in fact, the time between the two sides has been quite short since the battle between the two sides. In just a moment of effort, this unit of Sha Ninbu Village has suffered heavy losses.

"How can it be so strong?!"

"Is this the strength of the legendary Sannin!"


Shocked voices came from Sand Shinobu.

The opponent didn't even make a move, just relying on the psychic beasts had already made them defeated.

The captain of this Sand Ninja unit looked unwillingly at the arrogant face standing on the toad Wentai, his hands couldn't help clenching his fists.

"Is there really no hope for the rise of Sand Ninja Village?"

He knows better than any other Shinnin in the room. If Shinnin loses in this attack on Konoha, what is going to be facing Shinnin.

On the Hokage Rock in Konoha Village.

Right Dou slumped his legs and sat comfortably on top of the Hokage Rock between the Senshou Pillars.