Beside the right fighting, Ranmaru was eye-opening, looking into the distance, to the right fighting to explain the situation of the fighting in various places at this time.

"Although it was a bit hasty to do it in advance because of my relationship, the performance of Shinnin Village really felt bad."

You Dou shook his head and said with a chuckle.

At present, the various units in the village of Sand Ninja were completely suppressed by Konoha. To describe it as bad, they were simply praise of Ninja.

As a big ninja village, on the frontal battlefield, there is not even a handy combat power. It is no wonder that in the original plot, the sand ninja village will still fail in the face of Konoha who is unprepared.

The role of the top ninja in a village is not only the existence of powerful combat power, but also the influence and cohesion on other ninjas in the village.

Such a person, as long as he is not killed on the frontal battlefield, even if his side is in decline, other ninjas will still fight desperately.

It is not like now, once suppressed by the other party, it will be full of panic, and will not even have the courage to resist desperately.

You know, Konoha now doesn't even use all his strength.

Except for a large number of Anbu members and civilian ninjas of the Naruto line, there are no other ninjas on the battlefield.

Not to mention Danzo's roots and some small families, such as Hyuga, Shumichi, Nara, Yumai and so on, did not appear.

In other words, the so-called Konoha collapse plan has not even forced out part of Konoha's background.

"Put all hopes on the body of a tailed beast...maybe part of it is pinned on the body of Dashemaru."

A hint of mockery appeared on You Dou's face.

It's a pity, now that the one-tailed manzhuli can't even control the tail beast, and the big snake pill on the other side has no intention of helping Sunin Village from the beginning.

Speaking of which, Sunnin Village should also be grateful to herself. Although they have pitted them all, Oshe Maru can't do what it used to be.

"Where are the Ranmaru?"

You Dou looked down at Konoha and asked Ranmaru.

"Master You Dou, Sister Ringo Yu Yuri, they have already arrived!"

Lan Wan was silent for a while, and then a happy expression appeared on his face.

Accompanied by Ran Maru's words fell off.

I saw a flash of thunder in the direction of Konoha's gate in the distance, and an explosion suddenly occurred.

The entire Konoha gate was directly blown up!

The Konoha Nakanin exam venue.

An ugly look flashed across the face of Oshemaru surrounded by many anbe ninjas.

If you want to retreat in the current situation, it is definitely more difficult than the original plan.

"Oshe Maru, you have nowhere to escape."

A complex look flashed in Sarutobi's eyes, and he spoke calmly.

"Escape? Why should I escape? Do you think you can stop me?"

Da She Wan licked his lips, with a cold tone, and the Kuwu Wu in his hands closed towards the back.

The sharp blade gently wiped Sarutobi's neck, and a small wound began to leak blood.

"Three generations of adults!"

The surrounding Anbe ninjas exclaimed when they saw this scene.

"It looks like you didn't intend to catch it with your hands, and combined with Sana to attack Konoha. You disappointed me too much by such behavior."

Sarutobi Hitoshi didn't care about the wound on his neck, his tone was unusually cold.

All of a sudden, the whole atmosphere became tense.

At this moment, a sudden explosion instantly attracted everyone's attention.

Looking in the direction of Konoha Gate with the peripheral light of his eyes, Sarutobi Hizen's face was even harder to look.

Could it be that there is still a troop hidden in Sunin Village?

If it hadn't been for the enchantment to be destroyed in advance, this sudden appearance of the troop should have been discovered as long as it appeared in the direction of Konoha's gate.

A deep sneer suddenly rang in Sarutobi's ears.

"Ms. Sarutobi, if you are not careful next, Konoha will be destroyed once."

Sarutobi Rizen's face turned dark, and he shouted, "Do it!"

Huh huh!!

At the moment when the sound of Sarutobi Hisaki sounded, a large amount of kunai shrouded the two people in an instant!

With a "bang", Sarutobi's body turned into a piece of wood and disappeared in place.

And Dashewan's body also turned into a pile of mud and fell to the ground.

Earth clone!


All the Anbe ninjas were taken aback, they didn't even see how Oshemaru escaped?

"You can't run away, Dashewan!"

Sarutobi Hizumi's expression remained unchanged, with an unexpected expression on his face, his hands instantly formed three seals, and then he slammed on the ground.

The originally flat ground suddenly made a muffled noise, and then Oshe Maru jumped up from the ground again.

"As expected of Sarutobi-teacher, have you been discovered?"

Glancing at the blood stained on his arm, O Shemaru sneered at Sarutobi Hizumi.

"I teach you your technique, and I will take it all back today."

Sarutobi Hizaki's voice was full of killing intent.

"Tsk tusk, Sarutobi-teacher is better to look behind you than to find a way to deal with me."

With a ridiculous smile on Da She Maru's face, he opened his mouth relaxedly.

"Haha! My uncle is finally out!"

A huge roar came from an arena where Nakanin took the exam.

A powerful chakra burst out suddenly, followed by a figure, rapidly expanding at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In the blink of an eye, a figure of Morizuru appeared in front of everyone.

Since You Dou let Konoha's collapse plan start ahead of time, Gaara naturally stayed on the audience stage.

Maki pulled Kankuro and Temari and backed quickly, looking ugly at the pharmacist pocket who was also backing beside him:

"what do you mean!"

I felt Temari and Kankuro who were looking at him angrily.

The pharmacist pushed his glasses around, with a gentle smile on his face from beginning to end:

"Judging from the current situation, Konoha Village has been prepared for a long time. Whether it is Oshemaru-sama or yours, Saranin, they will all be targeted."

"Under such circumstances, the plan made at the beginning is no longer feasible. In this case, it is better to let the tail beast explode in advance, perhaps this will change the situation of the battle."

When the pharmacist said this, his voice paused slightly and continued:

"What's more, now there are third-party forces joining in. If you don't use all of your strength, I'm afraid Konoha collapse plan will have nothing to do with you."

Third-party power?

Maji looked at him in surprise and looked at the pharmacist's pocket in surprise.

"You don't think you always thought that Konoha enchantment suddenly exploded, and the explosion at Konoha's gate now was caused by our people? There is no such thing in the plan."

The pharmacist spread out his hands and said helplessly.

"Who is that?" Maji's expression became serious for a moment.

"Which Shinobu and Konoha have had the most trouble in recent times?"

The pharmacist showed a smile on his face.

"Mist Ninja Village!"

Markey was shocked, and slowly uttered three words.