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Chapter 104 Jiraiya VS Bubble

Seeing the foam standing on the branch with a pleasant look.

Many Sand Shinobu showed anger on their faces because of what the foam said just now, but the next moment, they all stunned.

"Mist Ninja Village!"

"It's the people of Wunin Village! Has Sunnin Village already united with Wunin Village?"

Not only Ji Lai also saw the forehead protection on the foam body, other Sand Shinobu naturally saw the same.

Jilai didn't care either, Sharen who was already crippled by him below.

He raised his head quickly and carefully looked around, looking for other Wunin figures.

"Don't look for it, I'm the only one here."

The bubble raised the flute in his hand, with a calm expression on his face.

A person?

Jilai was also preparing to search for the surrounding Wunin's movements, and then suddenly laughed, got up and looked at the foam and said:

"Boy, it seems you don't know who I am?"

"Tell you, I am Miaomu Mountain..."

Jilai also danced an exaggerated dance on Toad Wenta's head, and said, but halfway through the speech, the bubble sounded.

"Jiraiya, one of the three ninjas, I know."

The bubble nodded, still looking indifferent.

"Really, are you underestimated." Jiraiya's movements stopped, and the expression on his face became serious.


"I wouldn't underestimate the legendary three forbearance, if I really underestimate it, I won't appear here."

Foam shook his head gently, inserted the flute in his hand back to his waist, and jumped into the air at once.

In the next instant, a large number of chakras surged out of the foam.

The dark red chakra coat covers the whole body of the foam, and six tails made of chakras sway behind the foam.

Half-tailed animalization!

The terrifying chakra fluctuations made the sands below tremble!

"Six-tailed man Zhuli!"

Jilaiya spit out these five words stiffly. Now he finally knows why the other party dared to go out here alone.


The bubble that jumped into the air, after completing its tail beastization in the air, did not show any tendency to fall. Instead, the body stopped in the air.

The six chakras' tails flicked violently, and directly turned into a red streamer in the air, attacking Ji Lai also at an extremely fast speed!

too fast!

When Ji Lai also reacted, the bubble had appeared not far in front of him.

Ji Lai also slammed on his feet, and his body quickly jumped towards the back, and at the same time his hands were knotted!

Forbearance-Needle Burial!

The white hair grew rapidly and began to harden continuously. In the blink of an eye, the white hair had firmly protected Jilaiya in it, and at the same time, each hair was pierced forward like a steel needle!

At this moment, the foam also appeared in front of Jilaiya, raised his paw wrapped in Chakra's coat, and snapped it off.


The steel needle pierced the palm of the hand wrapped in Chakra's coat for an instant, but at the same time, the hair protecting Jiraiya's body was also pulled off a large piece of foam.

Jiraiya's figure inside was revealed!

Seeing this scene, Jiraiya's expression remained unchanged, and the hands hidden under his hair were also sealed at the same time.

Forbearance-the technique of chaotic lion hair!

The hair that originally covered the whole body swelled again, growing forward at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Standing in the foam before Zi Lai Ye was alive, naturally it was too late to escape, and it was instantly entangled in extremely hard hair and fixed in place.

Even if it was blocked by Chakra's coat, Jilai's hair was as sharp as a steel needle, and most of it pierced Chakra's coat, stabbing the foam inside.

The foam let out a low growl, and the whole body suddenly turned dark green.

To be precise, it should be the foam that secretes a large amount of strong corrosive liquid all over the body, making the whole body present a dark green state.

The unique ability of the six-tailed rhinoceros-Hiruma!


Jiraiya's technique of messy lion hair was corroded instantly when it touched the dark green liquid.

After the foam broke free from the shackles of Jiraiya, the body returned to its dark red state

The body curled up slightly, jumped back violently, and appeared in the air.

The foamy belly contracted slightly, and then the cheeks suddenly bulged. The next moment, it was full of acid-corrosive liquid, which was sprayed out by the foam.

Toward Ji Lai Ya and Toad Wen Tai attacked!

"Wen Tai!"

Jilai also let out a loud roar.

Just now the two people were fighting on top of Toad Wentai's head. Toad Wentai was too natural to intervene, but now, the bubble jumped into the air, which did give Toad Wentai a chance to attack.

As Ji Laiye's old partner, Toad Wentai had moved before Ji Laiye hadn't reminded him.

Water escape-iron cannon!

Toad Wen opened his mouth too much, and several huge water balls sprayed out from his mouth, colliding with the acid corrosive liquid falling in the air.

There was a sound of hiss.

Under the de-thinning of several water balls, the acid corrosive liquid sprayed by the foam was directly lowered several levels, and it was sprayed on Toad Wenta's body.

Although there was still a burst of white smoke corroding, even the skin of Toad Wentai hadn't corroded thoroughly, and naturally it had no effect.

After squirting several water balls, the frog did not stop.

With slight force on his limbs, Toad Wentai jumped directly into the air.

The whole body is flush with the foam in the air!

With a soft cry, Toad Wentai drew out the short sword hanging from her waist, and the huge blade appeared in the air, cutting out in the air in the direction of the bubble!

The sword body had not yet fallen, and the only air wave generated cleared a clearing of the forest below.

Seeing the huge blade about to be cut down, the figure of the bubble falling in the air, there was a momentary pause.

Immediately afterwards, the entire body of the foam suddenly became soft, like soft rubber, sliding directly along the blade.

In the next instant, Foam was already standing on the tip of the huge dagger.


A red light flashed, the foamy figure had disappeared, and when it reappeared, it was already standing on the tip of a big tree.

One shot missed.

Toad Wentai retracted his short knife, and his body fell in the air at the same time, making a loud noise and at the same time splashing a large amount of smoke.

Ji Lai Ye still stood on Toad Wenta's head, looking solemnly at the foam in the distance.

The eyes of the two sides met silently in the air!


So strong!

Standing below, Sand Shinobu, who had been forgotten by the two for a while, watched the battle between the two in a daze.

Compared with the battle between the two people, they found that the battle between them and Ji Lai just now was completely pediatric.

"The other party is also Renzhuli, why is there no such tyrannical aura compared to Gaara?"

A Sand Shinobu said hesitantly.

"Unlike Gaara, the opponent's Human Zhuli can already fully control the power of the tail beast."

The captain of the Sand Ninja troop spoke solemnly.

"Then what shall we do next?" Another Sand Shinobu's voice sounded.

After fighting between Jilaiya and the bubble just now, they have long discovered that this level of battle can't get in at all, and it's totally a burden here.