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Chapter 105 Peace? ridicule!

After a little thought, the captain of this sand ninja troop raised his head to face the other sand ninjas and ordered:

"In that case, just give this place to the people in Wuren Village. Let's go and assist other troops!"

Hearing the captain's words, the other Sawa glanced at each other and nodded slightly.

Indeed, there is no point for them to stay here.

It's impossible to say that the aftermath from the attack of the two is enough to hurt them, if that is the case, their face will be lost.

Under the leadership of Captain Sand Shinobu, the other Sand Shinobi turned and rushed to the other troops fighting Konoha.

Jiraiya glanced lightly at the departure of the Ninja from Sand Ninja Village, before regaining his gaze.

Compared with this group of Sand Ninja, the six-tailed people in front of him were really tricky.

As for the foam, Sha Ren could not leave, it didn't have much impact on him, and it even got in the way.

"Why start the war between Shinobu Village? Isn't peace what everyone expects!"

Jilai also looked at the opposite foam and asked loudly.

Although he knew that this question was stupid, he still wanted to ask clearly.

Foam didn't answer, and he covered Chakra's coat, so that Ji Lai couldn't see the foam's expression at all.

But Jilai also knew that although the other party had become a beast, he could definitely hear what he said.

After a while, a slightly low voice came from the foam's mouth:

"Compared to fighting with you here, I hope I can lie down on the tree and sleep."

Jilai's eyes lit up, and he said quickly: "Then why do you do this!"


The beastly-tailed foam slowly stood up, and the dark red chakra began to slowly fade from the head, revealing the original appearance of the foam.

When the dark red chakra dropped to the neck position, it stopped.

Foamy closed eyes opened gently, looking at Jiraiya in front of him, his voice was unusually cold and said:

"Peace? You and I should know that the so-called peace in front of you is just an illusion after all. How long can such a peace be maintained?"

Hearing the sound of foam, Jilaida just wanted to say something, the sound of foam sounded again.

"The peace in your mouth, in our view, is the biggest mockery of us. If there is so-called peace, then how could I, as Ren Zhuli, appear in front of you!"

Master You Dou was right. Instead of waiting for the Ninja War to break out, it would be better to get it done once and for all, and completely kill all wars in the cradle!

"Such as... If the Ninja world is really peaceful, then why do so many people hate us? So many... many people die because of us."

There was a hint of deepness and vibrato in the foamy voice, not only recalling the master's face in his mind.

Jilaiya's expression was a little stiff, and for a while, he couldn't utter what he wanted to say.

The bubble is right. The existence of Renzhuli is the biggest mockery of the so-called peace.

If every village really wants peace, then why arrest the tail beast and create a pillar of strength?

"you are wrong……"

After a while, Zi Lai also spit out three words. When he wanted to say something, Foam had slowly closed his eyes.

The dark red Chakra started covering the foam's face again, and at the same time a faint voice came from the foam mouth.

"Perhaps I was wrong, but right or wrong is never judged by the current situation. You have not experienced real peace. How can you know that the peace maintained by the status quo of the Five Great Ninja Villages is right?"

"What's more, Ninja is never right or wrong, only winning or losing!"

As soon as the speech of the bubble fell, Jilai also knew that there was no need for the two sides to continue talking.

As a human pillar power that can completely control the power of the tail beast, the six-tailed human pillar power in front of him is definitely a high-end power in Wunin Village, even a high level.

Only if the opponent is captured, maybe he can negotiate with the whole Wuren.

Quick decision!

This is at this time, the bubble and the idea that appeared in Jilaiya's mind at the same time.

Both sides are high-end combat power, as long as they lose, they can indirectly affect the entire battle.

The half-tailed foam, the chakra all over the tail beast became more and more full.


A muffled sound came from the foamy body, and the next moment, the foamy body quickly expanded at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Completely beastly!


A little bigger than Toad Wentai, a tail beast like a slug appeared in front of Jiraiya.

"Is this the true form of six tails?"

Jilai was stunned, his face quickly dignified, and he said too loudly to the toad: "Next, I will use my full strength!"

"No need to say it!"

Toad Wentai also yelled, and his body began to jump forward, at the same time faster and faster.

With the movements of Toad Wenta, the ground under his feet seemed to have an earthquake, constantly shaking.

The bubble at this time has completely turned into a six-tailed tail beast.

Instead of calling it a bubble, it's better to call it six tails.

Looking at Toad Bunta rushing towards him, the six-tailed rhinoceros shrank slightly, and several stomata on its head pointed in the direction of Toad Bunta, and a large amount of white mist was suddenly ejected.

Strong acid gas!

At the moment these gases were sprayed, a strong smell of sour rot was in the air, and the large tracts of trees in front withered and disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Toad Wentai, who was rushing fast, shrank his huge eyes slightly, but the speed still did not stop.

The thick water column continuously sprayed from Toad Wentai's mouth, trying to use the nature of water to relieve the acidity of the mist around the six-tailed rhino.

Standing on the Toad Wentai, Jilaiya also made a seal with both hands and let out a low cry:

"Earth Escape-Yellow Spring Marsh!"


In an instant, a huge swamp appeared at the feet of the six-tailed rhinoceros, and the huge body of the six-tailed rhinoceros began to sink downwards on the swamp!

Seeing this scene, Jiraiya's face showed joy, but the next moment, his smile froze on his face.

The six-tailed rhinoceros let out a neigh, and the huge body first lay on the ground, and then, the extremely soft body was easily pulled out of the swamp.

Jilai also curled his lips, squatted down, and patted Toad Wentai: "It's going to go!"


Toad Wen violently jumped directly into the air.

Fire escape-toad oil bomb!

The scorching flame spewed out and enveloped the six-tailed rhinoceros below.

At the same time, Toad Wen too took advantage of the flame's cover, and his whole body rotated in the air. When he appeared again, he had already flown behind the six-tailed rhinoceros.

Toad Wentai directly pulled out the short knife hung around his waist, aimed at the position of the head of the six-tailed rhinoceros, and slashed it down.

Concealed Weapon Technique-Toad Cut with a Short Sword!!