A huge short knife, mixed with a sonic boom, slashed directly on the head of the six-tailed rhino.

The six-tailed rhinoceros felt that he was suddenly hit hard, and then his body was smashed into the mire of the yellow spring marsh.

However, Toad Wentai didn't show the slightest joy.

Through the handle of the knife, he did not feel the sensation of cutting on the object, but felt that the short knife in his hand was trapped in a soft substance.


A sound of corrosion suddenly came, and Toad Wen too quickly drew out his short knife.

When I saw that a large and small gap had been corroded on the blade, the face of the huge toad was humanized and showed a very painful look.

"Jilaiya, my knife!!"

Toad Wentai let out a scream, and his eyes were full of resentment and looked towards Jiraiya.

Jilai swallowed too, pretending not to see it.

With a strong step under his feet, Jiraiya jumped into the air, the Chakra inside his body gathered on his palm, and a huge chakra ball appeared in Jiraiya's hand in the blink of an eye.

Dayu spiral pill!

Jilai also held the spiral pill and pressed it against the six-tailed rhinoceros below.


A dull muffled sound came from below.

The six-tailed rhinoceros made a rare painful sound, and the next moment a lot of acid corrosive liquid was sprayed outside.

Toad Wentai stretched out his long tongue, rolled it in front of him, rolled Jilaiya into his tongue, and quickly jumped to the back.

Jilai also lay on Toad Wenta's tongue with an ugly expression on his face.

Facing the six-tailed rhino, Jilaiya and Toad Wentai have the feeling of facing Tsunade’s psychic beast slugs. The same soft creatures are almost immune to physical attacks.

The only thing that can cause harm to the opponent is probably Ninjutsu and Sealing.

But the six-tailed rhino is much more powerful than slugs.

Due to the attack by Jiraiya Daiyu Helix Maru, the Six-Tailed Rhinoceros was completely enraged.

The mere humans dare to do so!

Of course, except for the right fight, in the eyes of the six-tailed rhinoceros, the right fight is more terrifying than their tail beast.

A brutal, full-bodied chakra began to gather in front of the six-tailed rhino.

"No, it's Tail Beast Jade!"

Seeing the huge chakra ball that gradually condensed and exuded blue-violet light, Jiraiya's expression changed drastically.

His back is Konoha. Once the tail beast jade is bombed down, the consequences will be absolutely disastrous!

"Jilaiya, don't tell me that I am still rushing forward at this time."

Toad Wentai seemed to feel that Jilai wanted to say something too, so she spoke in advance.

It's nothing more than fighting against the tail beast.

But that is the tail beast jade, he is desperate!

When Toad Wen was too reminded, Jilai showed an awkward look on his face.

He also knew that a hard hit on the tail beast jade was no different from looking for death.

"How sure are you?"

Hamovan gritted his teeth too much, and his voice suddenly sounded.

"Just now it was 30%, now it is 20%." Jilaiya was taken aback for a moment, and quickly said.

However, before Jilaiya had finished speaking, Toad Wentai had already moved.

The huge body rushed in the direction of the six-tailed rhinoceros.

Based on Toad Wentai's understanding of Jiraiya, at this time, let alone there are only two opportunities for success, even if there is only one opportunity, Jiraiya will definitely go.

"Jilaiya, your last 20% chance should be real, otherwise, you won't have to channel me in the future!"

Toad Wentai ran wildly in the direction of the six-tailed rhino, while cursing at Jilai!

A smile appeared on Jilaiya's face, raised his head and looked forward, his eyes flashed with determination and precision!

The distance between Toad Wentai and the six-tailed rhinoceros is actually not too far.

At the current speed of Toad Wentai, Jilai also believed that he could appear in front of the six-tailed rhinoceros before the tail beast jade was released, interrupting the opponent's attack.

Although this is quite dangerous, it is also the only opportunity at the moment!

Now what the two sides are comparing is who is faster!

At this time, the battle between Jilaiya and the six-tailed rhinoceros had reached the most critical moment.

On the other hand, the battles between Naruto and other Xiaoqiang and Temari, Yakushidou and others have also been intensified.

Although Yaoshidou, Maji and others are not dominant in number, there is a tail of Shouzuru as the opposing line, and the battle between the two sides has been stalemate for a while.

"Damn it, one tail's body is too huge, and a random level can cause us big trouble."

Asma took a breath and spoke with an ugly expression.

"Unfortunately, Master Jilaiya is not here now, otherwise the giant psychic beast of Master Jilaiya might be able to suppress the opponent.

Kakashi retreated quickly after colliding with a Sand Ninja and couldn't help but speak.

Although the voices of Asma and Kakashi were not loud, many ninjas on Konoha's side could hear them, and most of the ninjas showed an expression of approval.

Naruto, who was waiting behind Kakashi, couldn't help but shine.

On the current battlefield, all of their underdogs look like soy sauce.

This is naturally very unwilling for Naruto and Sasuke.

But the conversation between Kakashi and Asma made Naruto suddenly clear for a moment.

If the toad boss is summoned, it will definitely change the current role of playing soy sauce.


Naruto couldn't help but appear in his mind, after summoning the toad boss, the scene of killing the Quartet.

After swallowing his saliva, Naruto's heart moved and immediately mobilized the chakras in his body and a large number of nine-tailed chakras.

Feeling the flow of Chakra outside of Naruto, everyone's eyes couldn't help but look over!

Naruto bit his finger and slammed on the ground and shouted: "Psychic art! Come out, Toad boss!"

After all, the current Naruto has only reached a contractual relationship with Miaomushan's Toad Wentai.

At the same time!

Jilaiya and Toad Wentai have appeared in front of the six-tailed rhino.

The tail beast jade in the mouth of the six-tailed rhinoceros is basically completely formed!

Toad Wentai, who saw this scene, jumped up and rushed in the direction of the six-tailed rhino.

"Rush me!"

Jilai also let out a loud roar, the spiral pill in his hand was also ready, stepped on Toad Wenta's body, and ran forward.

not good!

At this moment, Toad Wen's expression changed, he felt a chakra that could summon him forcibly, that was the power of Kyuubi!

If it is under normal circumstances, it can be forcibly rejected, but it is already desperate.

In addition, due to the high-intensity battle with the six-tailed rhino, the physical strength has been consumed almost, and there is no way to pass the will of rejection to Naruto.



Two white smoke and two muffled noises suddenly sounded.

It's just that the muffled sound and the white smoke did appear in two places.

As the white smoke gradually dissipated, Toad Wentai made a dive and appeared at Naruto's feet.