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Chapter 110 Illusion? (May 2/10)

Although Ranmaru's red eye ability did not have the resistance to illusion, it could be found that Uchiha Itachi in front of him was a fake.

Ranmaru, who had appeared in front of Uchiha Itachi at an extremely fast speed, twisted his body forcibly in a 90-degree arc.

The blasting knife and droplets in his hand were facing the left side, and the empty place was chopped down.

Following Ranmaru's movements, Uchiha Itachi's body slowly emerged from the open space on the left.

However, watching the big sword attacking him, Uchiha Itachi's face was still calm, as if Ranmaru was not attacking him.


A sound of breaking through the air came from the other side.

A big sword wrapped in white cloth stood in front of Uchiha Itachi.

An expression of surprise and excitement appeared on the dry persimmon ghost shark's face, looking at Ran Wan and said:

"Unexpectedly, you kid turned out to be the knife-holder of Explosive Knife·Flymo, which really surprised me a bit."

Lan Wan didn't talk nonsense at all, the blasting knife in his hand slashed directly in the air, and there was a heavy muffled noise with the shark muscle in the hand of the dried persimmon ghost.

At the moment when the two knives collided, the expression of the dried persimmon ghost shark who was holding the knives in one hand sank, and instantly both hands firmly grasped the handle of the knives.

A lot of strength!

Feeling the terrifying power passing down the shark's muscles, and the slightly numb mouth of the tiger, the ghoul's face changed involuntarily.

Thinking of the act of holding up a lot just now, a trace of cold sweat came out on the forehead of the dried persimmon ghost.

Almost ashamed!

Due to the contact between the two weapons, the shark muscle's ability was automatically activated, and the chakras in the blue pill began to be absorbed along the weapons.

The abilities of the shark muscles are quite hidden in the eyes of the dried persimmon ghost sharks. Unless the opponent loses a large amount of chakras, at first, ordinary ninjas will not find their chakras lost.

However, with the ability of the red eye, the chakra flowing in the scalpel muscle can be seen so clearly.

"What a magical ability, but the opponent is an enemy!"

Lan Maru's eyes were bright, and he spoke quietly.

Each ninja sword has its own ability, and the other six ninja swords have been seen by Ranmaru, and now facing the abilities of this new ninja sword, Ranmaru naturally couldn't help showing an expression of interest.

However, although Ranmaru was interested, he also knew that he was in battle now.


Lan Wan squeezed Explosive Knife·Flymo, and said silently in his heart.


An explosion without warning, suddenly broke out between the orchid pill and the dried persimmon ghost shark.

The dried persimmon ghost shark was directly stunned by the power of the explosion for a few steps, and looked at the opposite Lan Wan with dumb eyes. At such a close distance, even he was within the explosion range.

If it weren't for him to react faster, I'm afraid the opponent would really hurt him.

As the smoke and dust from the explosion dissipated, Lan Wan appeared unscathed in front of the dried persimmon ghost shark, making the eyes of the dried persimmon ghost shark widened.

"Interesting, it's so interesting, it's been a long time since I met such an opponent."

The dry persimmon ghost shark couldn't help grinning, and said with excitement.

After Ran Maru repelled the dried persimmon ghost shark, he wanted to continue to attack Uchiha Itachi.

It's a pity, how could the dried persimmon ghost shark, who was aroused by Lan Wan, let this opportunity go.

Grabbing the shark muscle, they rushed towards Ranmaru, and after blocking Uchiha Itachi, the two of them fought again as they looked at each other.

Uchiha Itachi walked to it step by step, standing not far from Youdou, the original black pupils turned blood red directly, and the three gouyu slowly began to rotate, gradually turning into a shape similar to a rapidly rotating fan.

Looking at the right fighting still sitting there, Uchiha Itachi said in a cold voice: "Your Excellency is going to catch it with your hands?"

"Catch it with your hands? I'm just looking at Konoha that a rebel wants to protect. In such a situation that is close to a war, there are still people hiding, unwilling to consume their power."

You Dou seemed to have heard some funny joke. While laughing, he looked down at Konoha below, with a hint of mockery in his tone.

Uchiha Itachi's expression was slightly silent, he naturally understood the meaning of Youdou's words.

"Although I am a rebel now, no matter how dark the village is and how many contradictions there are, I am Konoha's Uchiha Itachi."

Uchiha Itachi said in a cold tone.

"You are loyal, but unfortunately there are only two or three people left in Uchiha."

Youto turned his head to look at Uchiha Itachi, with an unabashed pity in his voice.

Whether or not all the Uchiha clan members were killed by Uchiha Itachi, there is no denying the cold blood of Uchiha Itachi.

"Really a pair of beautiful eyes."

Youto looked directly at Uchiha Itachi's kaleidoscope writing wheel eyes, flashing a trace of nostalgia.

When the two sides were hostile, he even dared to look directly into his eyes. Right Fight was the first one so far.

Without the slightest hesitation, Uchiha Itachi directly activated the illusion.

Magic-The Art of Songhang!

As Uchiha Itachi's illusion was activated, Youdou only felt a flower in front of him, and the whole person felt that he appeared in a special space.


A sound of breaking through the air sounded beside You Dou's ear, and then four thick iron pillars penetrated the right Dou's limbs and fixed it in place.

Even at the location of the wound where Tie Zhu penetrated, bursts of pain were clearly heard!

You Dou looked at all this indifferently:

"Good illusion, but it's just ordinary illusion. If there is only this, then break it."

As the words of Right Dou fell, a layer of once dense cracks appeared in the space around the illusion, and the next moment they all collapsed.

And You Dou's consciousness also recovered at the same time, and even Sanwei's power was not used.

Seeing that his Eudemon Art was easily cracked, a look of surprise flashed in Uchiha's eyes.

Even if his illusion is just ordinary illusion, but with the blessing of Kaleidoscope writing round eyes, even ordinary illusion can burst out the power of high-level illusion.

Even better than advanced illusion!

Uchiha Itachi furrowed his eyebrows slightly. When did such a powerful person appear in Kirinin Village?

He originally thought that he could easily solve the opponent with illusion, but now it seems that it may not be so easy.

Uchiha Itachi quickly made the seal with one hand, and it was completed in the blink of an eye, and at the same time he let out a loud voice:

"Fire Escape-The Art of the Fire Dragon!"

A fire dragon about tens of meters.Appeared in front of everyone's eyes instantly, rushing towards the right Dou with the scorching heat.

There was no explosion, and there was no so-called loud noise, when this huge fire dragon hit You Dou.

Uchiha Itachi found that the fire dragon disappeared quickly at a speed visible to the naked eye. To be precise, ninjutsu was being swallowed by the right fighting.