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Chapter 112 Facing the Fear of Death (4/10)

The muffled sound exploded.

Uchiha Itachi's spirit trembled, and immediately after the moon reading space began to crack!

In the next instant, the moon reading space was shattered.

in reality!

There were blood and tears flowing down Uchiha Itachi's left eye socket.

However, Uchiha Itachi didn't care at all, instead he looked at Youdou with a look of surprise in his eyes.

The chakra just now is a tail beast!


The opponent is not Renzhuli at all!

Uchiha Itachi, with a slightly blurred vision, stayed on a small turtle lying on the left shoulder of the right bucket.

"Three...three tails!

There was a trembling sound in Uchiha Itachi's voice, and he uttered two words hoarsely.

Mioi Isso, who was lying on the shoulders of You Dou, shook his tail slightly, glanced in the direction of Itachi Uchiha, and then retracted his gaze again.

There seemed to be a wave of disdain in his expression.

The Uchiha clan was really disgusted with a chakra, Mioi Isoki thought silently in his heart.

A tailed beast was actually lying on the other's shoulders.

If Uchiha Itachi hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn't believe it if he was killed.

When did the terrifying tail beast be so honest!

Even Penn may be able to defeat the Tail Beast, but it is almost impossible to make the Tail Beast appear such a side.

There are nothing more than two possibilities in this situation. One is that the relationship between the opponent and the tail beast is excellent.

The other is the existence that fears even the mantissa!

As for the first type, although it seems possible, Uchiha Itachi was the first to rule out.

After all, whether the tail beast is good or bad, Uchiha Itachi is not sure, but after so many years of war and forcibly captured, it has become a matter of strength.

Even if the tail beast has a good personality and has experienced so many things, it is impossible to completely believe in humans!

As for the second type, people who can make tail beasts feel terrible, there really are such people in this world of ninja.


Uchiha Itachi's body trembled, as if suddenly remembering something.

If there are really people in this world who can make tail beasts feel terrible, then there are only three.

Senjujuma, Uchiha Madara, and the original Mizukage of Kirinin Village-Right Fight!

As for Akatsuki's organization, there is a person who claims to be Uchiha Madara hidden, and Uchiha Itachi naturally doesn't believe it. During this time, he has been investigating the identity of the guy.

As the son of the patriarch of the Uchiha clan, and a genius in the clan at that time, Uchiha Itachi was able to come into contact with some ordinary ninjas, and even some information that the clan members could not have access to.

For example, about the original Shuiying Youdou did not die, but was only sealed...

Uchiha Itachi raised his head and looked forward, with a right fight on his face with a smile on his face. He turned his head abruptly, looked at the dried persimmon ghost shark who was fighting with Ranmaru, and shouted, "Retreat!!"

After that, Uchiha Itachi turned and fled in the opposite direction!

Yes, it's at large!

No one has noticed the resurrection of the original Shuiying Youdou!

Moreover, the entire Wuren Village seems to be concealing this news deliberately. This is definitely a huge conspiracy.

Sand Ninja Village and Kiri Ninja Village attacked Konoha together, although Uchiha Itachi didn't know what it was for.

But this is definitely an important part of this huge conspiracy.

This message must be passed on!

As long as the news of the resurrection of the original water shadow spreads throughout the Ninja World, no matter what big conspiracy against Konoha, all will be defeated.

At that time, apart from the Wujin Village, the other four great Shinnin Villages will definitely join forces, and even the Akatsuki organization may assist in it.

This new era cannot tolerate any remnants of the old era!

"It looks like it was discovered? In that case, do you think you can leave alive?"

Yoyo's body voice came from behind Uchiha Itachi.

Uchiha Itachi had no intention of turning around, and the speed of escape could not help but increase again.


Suddenly burst into the rear with a sound of breaking through the air!

Several unusually strong, diamond blockades made up of chakras flooded from behind.

The sturdy Chakra chain whipped directly on Uchiha Itachi's Susano.

Although he didn't break through Susano's defenses, Uchiha Itachi staggered directly and almost fell to the ground.

Compared with the initial Chakra chain attack, the Diamond Blockade just now has been improved several times in power and speed.

Obviously at the beginning, the opponent didn't even use all his strength.

The sound of light footsteps came from behind, and Itachi Uchiha turned his head with an ugly expression, looking at the right fight like him slowly coming.

"It's a shame to kill a ninja like you, but now that you have discovered the secret, you have no chance of being alive."

Right Dou's expression was indifferent, and his voice was flat.

Can't escape already!

Uchiha Itachi controls Susano, standing on the opposite side of Youto:

"In that case, as a junior, I would also like to see the strength that was known as one of the "three outstanding" back then!"

Uchiha Itachi's kaleidoscope shape also spins frantically, he intends to desperately!

The current Uchiha Itachi can no longer take care of whether his body can bear it. Now he is not only for Konoha and Sasuke, but for the entire Ninja World!

It's totally necessary!!

Suzuo Nohu's body began to grow bigger, and the two huge wings were gradually condensing from behind.

"Compared with Uchiha Baba, your speed is too slow!"

You Dou looked at the growing Suzao Nenghu, and said flatly.

As the last word landed, the figure of You Dou had disappeared in place.


The sound like a muffled thunder blasted in an instant!

Suzano Nohu, who was beginning to evolve towards a complete body, was directly shattered by a punch from the right fight.

Uchiha Itachi was sweating coldly all over, if it weren't for his quick reaction, he would be manipulating Susao Nogu who had just grown wings.It lifted a little upwards.

I'm afraid that he, who was in the position of his full body just now on the chest, was directly killed by You Dou with a punch.

Seeing Uchiha Itachi who avoided his punch, a smile appeared at the corner of his right bicker:

"Good fighting spirit, but what about the next punch?"

Right Dou's body disappeared again, and Uchiha Itachi's kaleidoscope writing wheel eyes had already turned crazily to the extreme, and the kiss could see the shadow of the right Dou vaguely.

Is this the strength of the "Three Masters" back then?

This kind of fear of facing death and blowing up hair on his body.

Let Uchiha Itachi be able to realize that he checked the information about the scene depicted in that battle.

Can't hide!

Facing the next punch of Youdou, Uchiha Itachi knew that he couldn't dodge at all, so he could only resist!