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Chapter 115 Go, Jenny...Sanwei (Ling 7/10)

The instant this white spore flew out, it swelled instantly.

In the blink of an eye, a white figure appeared in front of everyone.

Not only the ring of Uchiha Itachi, but also the ring of dried persimmon ghost shark also shoots a spore.


Gan Persimmon Guikun looked at this scene with an ugly expression, the two of them had been monitored by that guy!

Two Baijue appeared, and the two Baijue fled in opposite directions.

While the two sects Bai Jue were escaping, they directly activated the Mayfly technique, went underground and quickly disappeared in front of everyone.

"Since I found out, how can I escape?"

There was a sneer at the corner of the right bucket's mouth, and two chakra chains rushed out of the right bucket's body at an extremely fast speed and shot in the direction of Bai Jue's escape.

In less than a moment, the two Chakra chains paused slightly, and then quickly recovered.

In a few blinks of an eye, the two Bai Jue who had just escaped were firmly bound by Chakra chains and thrown in front of You Dou.

Bai Jue struggled desperately, but was still unable to break free from the imprisonment of King Kong's blockade. One of the Bai Jue stood in the direction of the dried persimmon ghost and shouted:

"Dried persimmon ghosts! You betrayed the organization!"

"Betrayal? If you two die, no one will know that he betrayed your organization."

You Dou walked to the two Bai Juede, showing a gentle smile on his face.

In the next moment, You Dou flicked his finger against the forehead of one of Bai Jue.

I saw that Bai Juejue's whole body was shaken, and the whole body was directly shaken into white powder and dissipated completely in the next moment.

You Dou made the same action, and after the other Bai Jue was eliminated, he retracted the Chakra chain.

"Put out Uchiha Itachi's eyes and keep it with you temporarily. Maybe you can use it."

You Dou patted his hands lightly, and glanced at the dry persimmon ghost fish.

The dried persimmon ghost shark nodded, and walked to Uchiha Itachi cleanly, dug out Uchiha's eyes directly, and put it into a bottle filled with light salt water.

After doing all of this, You Dou arbitrarily made a seal of fire escape and threw the burning flame on Uchiha Itachi's body.

Youto didn't want to see Uchiha Itachi again in the future.

"This matter is resolved, then the war should also enter a climax!"

"If this continues, I am afraid that Shouhe will be unable to hold on."

Right Dou turned around and walked to the edge of the Hokage Rock, looked at Konoha who was caught in the flames of war, and smiled lightly.

After finishing speaking, You Dou reached out and grabbed Miiso, who was lying on his shoulder, in his hand, and then made a gesture of throwing outward.

In Sanweiji's sorrowful eyes, You Dou directly threw Miweiji out.

"Go ahead, Jenny... Three tails!"

Mitsuo Isosuke turned into a stream of light in the air and flew quickly towards the center of Konoha.

At the same time, Sanwei's body expanded rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The battlefield of the Ninja exam.

The battle between Oshamaru and Sarutobi Hisaki had long since been fighting between the two people, and it turned into a support battle between two forces.

Since there is no barrier to fix Sarutobi Rischi in one position and at the same time create a special fighting space, even if Oshamaru wants to kill Sarutobi Rischi.

But from time to time, Anbe or Konoha's ninja harassed him, which made Oshemaru not absolutely sure.

On the other side, Sarutobi Rischi was also in the same situation.

Both of them had participated in Ninja War, and it was natural to know that unless they were the top powerhouses, fighting between individuals would have almost minimal impact on the overall situation.

Even if Oshemaru wanted to hold Sarutobi Hizhan, but when Sarutobi Hizhan found that there was no way to solve Oshemaru in a short time.

Sarutobi Hizen directly withdrew from the battle with Oshemaru, and instead commanded the Konoha ninjas and started countering the attack of Ninja.

At this time, O Shemaru's face was already very ugly, as for the things he planned at the beginning, he had already gone against it.

In the current situation, he was thinking of retreating, but with Sarutobi Hizen's character, he would never let him leave.


Oshemaru can only contribute his own strength, belong to the side of Shinobu, and assist Shinobu in combat.

Except for the funny scene at the beginning due to Naruto, the entire battlefield has once again entered a white-hot stage.

Zhong Xiaoqiang's role in this battle.Minimal, even Naruto and Sasuke are just a strike.

Although Sun Shinobu has a guarding crane as a backing, this is Konoha's home field after all.

As the fighting time between the two sides increased, the original wait-and-see attitude of the major families in Konoha gradually changed.

People from all major families continue to enter the battlefield.

The first family to enter the battlefield was one of the Konoha Nakami family, the Inuzuka family who were good at communicating with dogs and possessed the ability to train animals.

But everyone of the Inuzuka clan is equivalent to having two combat powers, and the intervention of just one clan makes the originally balanced battlefield begin to tilt.

Under the command of Sarutobi Hizen, Sunnin Village and Otonin began to be beaten by Konoha's side.

All the faces of Konoha's ninjas showed excitement.

However, as the commander-in-chief, Sarutobi Hizen was still full of dignity.

There has been such a big turmoil in this place, with Jiraiya's character, it is impossible not to find out, and there is also the Toad Bunta that Naruto summoned just now.

Others may not pay much attention, thinking that Toad Wen was too reluctant to accept Naruto's order and disappeared.

However, Sarutobi Hizaki observed very carefully. Toad Fumata's state at the time was definitely a big battle.

And for such a long time, there is still no news from Ji Lai, which is enough to show that Ji Lai has also encountered an extremely difficult opponent.

There was also the direction of Konoha's gate, and the sound of killing from that place was not much weaker than here.

The strength of Konoha's guards can be said to be the strongest force in Konoha, except for his Anbu and Danzo's roots.

What's more, the two old guys Mito Menyan and Zhuan Xiaochun are also not fuel-efficient lamps.

After all, everyone has participated in the Ninja World Wars several times, and since they take action, they will never give the enemy any chance to breathe.

But now, the strength of Konoha's guards has obviously been held back.

Several thoughts flashed through Sarutobi's mind, filling Sarutobi's face with dignity and worry.

No matter how you look at it, nothing happened to Konoha in any way.

What made Sarutobi Hizumi feel heartache was that this war took place in Konoha Village, and the damage to the village was really serious.