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Chapter 116 The Big Guys of the Autumn Dao Clan (8/10 in the morning)

Sarutobi slashed back and looked at the battlefield in front of him.

Fortunately, Sand Ninja has been suppressed in front of him, and only by looking for the right opportunity to break through Sand Ninja's defensive circle, he can solve the problem of one Shou crane.

"Is it a false sleep?"

Sarutobi Rizen raised his head and looked in the direction of Kazuo Morizuru.

This technique is very simple, as long as the force is forcibly awakened, then the problem of the one-tailed guard crane can not be solved.

Sand Shinobu without a Shou Crane as a support, in the eyes of Sarutobi Hizen, it was like a fish without water, which was no longer a threat.

The only thing that made Sarutobi Risaki a little bit incomprehensible was the behavior of Oshemaru now.

As a former teacher of Oshe Maru.

Even Sarutobi Rischi had to admit that the strength of Oshemaru was quite terrifying and strong, and he didn't know how many secret techniques Oshemaru had in his hands.

Simply speaking, if Oshemaru summons a psychic beast now, although it may not be able to change the situation of the battle, it can completely let the currently disadvantaged Sand Shino ignite the war spirit again.

Now Da She Wan hasn't done this at all, it's more like a role sitting and playing soy sauce.

This was the only place that made Sarutobi Hisaki a little puzzled.

Is Konoha still in the heart of Dashemaru

Sarutobi Hizen directly shook his head and vetoed it. If that was the case, this scene would not happen.

Just at this time!

A huge roar suddenly came from the direction behind Sarutobi Hizen.

Sarutobi Hizen's face changed wildly, because the direction behind him was the center of Konoha.

Accompanied by this huge roar, everyone's eyes followed the direction of the sound.

A huge tortoise with three tails all over its body appeared in everyone's field of vision.

Three tails!

Fog Shinobu Village!!

On Konoha's side, everyone's faces changed wildly!

Sanweiji stretched his body as soon as he appeared, swaying his strength freely, and flinging his three tails at random, the surrounding buildings were directly emptied.

"Sure enough, this is the most comfortable way!"

Sanweiji said secretly in his heart, but the next moment, the right fight appeared in his mind, and his neck couldn't help but shrink.

Sano Iso lowered his head and looked at the many Konoha ninjas who appeared in panic and panic because of his appearance, and a bloodthirsty gaze flashed in his eyes.

You Dou didn't tell Mioi Isosuke what to do, because it was completely unnecessary, because random movements of that huge body could cause huge destructive power.

"Roar! I didn't expect it to be Isofu, quack!!"

At this time, Kazuo Morizu also saw Mitsuo Isosuke in the distance and let out a wild laugh.

It's been a long time since he broke so unscrupulously!

Ichio Morizuru's voice also instantly attracted the attention of Mitsuo Isosuke.

Miiso squinted his eyes slightly, opened his mouth and pointed it in the direction of a Mori Tsuru, and a large number of chakras began to gather at the position of the mouth.

"No! It's going to start the tail beast jade!"

Among the crowd, a Konoha ninja let out an exclamation.

"Damn it! Wunin Village, Sand Ninja Village directly used the power of the tail beast."

Sarutobi Rizen couldn't help but explode with a foul language and cursed.

At this time, the face of Sarutobi Rizuan was black, and the two tailed beasts were raging in Konoha. If they were not cultivated enough in normal times, I am afraid they would directly curse.

"Super push hand!"

A loud shout came from under Sanoiso's body.

Mioi Isosuke just felt the whole body sway for a while, and the tail beast jade that had originally gathered in his mouth became a little unstable because of the attack Mioi Isosuke was attacked.


The tail beast jade exploded directly in front of his body, and Sanwei Isosuke couldn't help let out a painful roar.

"Super-accompanying technique!"

Another loud shout sounded again, and I saw that a figure quickly grew bigger, like a hill-like figure, appeared in front of everyone.

In the blink of an eye, this figure was about the same size as Sanwei Isosuke.

"Great, it's Lord Ding Zuo!"

Seeing this huge figure, Konoha's many people were taken aback first, and then a look of joy appeared on their faces.

"Lu Jiu, Hai Yi, you two quickly help evacuate the people around you."

Akimichiro turned his head and looked at Nara Kajiu and Yamanakahira who were not far behind, shouting loudly.

Nara Shikahisa and Yamanaka Kai glanced at each other, and then nodded, leading the many ninjas in the family, and they scattered towards the fourth quarter.

The two of them knew that in the face of such a behemoth as the mantissa, only the secret technique of the Qiu Dao clan was most suitable.


Suddenly appearing in front of him, Akudo Dingza, who was about the same size as himself, Mio Isso let out an angry roar. Although he was afraid of right fighting, it did not mean that he was afraid of others.

Sanoiso stroked his limbs and ran into the direction of Akudocho.

As Mioi Isofu moved, the entire ground seemed to have experienced an earthquake.

Qiu Dao Dingzuo's face changed, even though his current body was equally huge, but after all, it was only the effect of the secret technique.

It would definitely be uncomfortable to face the collision of the tail beast.

Thinking of this, Qiu Dao Dingza took the lead to move, but his huge body rushed towards Sanwei Isosuke.

Akiu Mitsuo will attack the opponent first before Mioi Isosuke's body can form the greatest inertia, so that the impact of Mioi Isosuke will be reduced to a minimum.


A heavy muffled sound resounded all around.

Sanwei Ji opened his mouth, and a thick jet of water sprayed directly on Qiu Dao Dingza's body, causing Qiu Dao Dingzao to step back.

Qiu Dao Dingza quickly fought back, but unfortunately, facing Sanwei Isso's hard tortoise shell, he could hardly cause much damage.

After launching several attacks, Akita Choza attacked in the direction of Miiso Isosuke's head and limbs.

But the effect was minimal. Sanwei Isao's defense power was among the top nine big-tailed beasts.

There is no way, Qiu Dao Ding can only step forward and hug Sanwei Isso's neck.

Fighting against the danger of being bitten by Miiso Iso, he yanked Miiso Iso by the neck, pulling towards Konoha's sparsely populated side.

However, the strength of Mioi Isosuke obviously surpassed Akudo Dingza. No matter how hard Akudo Dingza was exerted, Sanwei Isosuke still stood motionless.

Even, several times almost directly injured Qiu Dao Ding Zuo.

"Master Ding Zuo, don't forget us!"

I don't know when, in the area where Akio Docho was sitting and fighting with Miiso.

A member of the Mingqiudao clan, standing on the roof, looked at the Qiudao Ding with a smile on his face.

At the next moment, all bursts of shouts sounded at the same time!

"The technique of super doubling!"

"The technique of super doubling!"



In the blink of an eye, seven or eight people, like hills, appeared in a position not far from Qiu Daoding.