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Chapter 119 Families with all their strength

After a while, I saw Danzo's mood stabilized.

The ninja at the root respectfully continued to speak:

"My lord, what do we need to do next?"

Danzo's body paused, and a sharp light flashed in his eyes:

"At this time, the roots should also surface. Send all root ninjas to the battlefield!"


The root ninja hurriedly spoke, got up and was about to turn and leave. After Danzo's body voice paused, it continued to sound:

"We are sending a few root ninjas to Mito Menyan and Turning Koharu to temporarily take over control of the Konoha Guard Department from the two of them."

With the fall of Danzo's voice, the expressionless face of the root ninja showed a rare hesitation:

"The two adults Mito Menyan and Zhuan Xiaochun, I'm afraid they won't..."

"Tell them that the responsibility of Konoha's gate being broken, the two of them can't afford it, but let's add the old man's words."

Tuanzang spoke in a cold tone, and did not continue speaking at this point.

The root ninja nodded, his figure flashed, and he disappeared.

"This turmoil may not be an opportunity for me."

A faint voice sounded in the dark basement.



A huge roar sounded over Konoha from time to time.

Konoha at this time has completely entered a state of combat readiness.

A large number of civilians began to evacuate toward the rear. Faced with the sudden battle, everyone looked at the houses on both sides of the road in amazement while showing a panic expression.

In the original eyes of Konoha civilians, Konoha had not many ninjas, and these ninjas were usually invisible.

But these densely jumping figures suddenly made the panicked civilians feel a little calm.

As the top of the five ninja villages, it also has a ninja school as a foundation, plus it is in the most prosperous country of fire.

Konoha has the largest number of ninjas in the five ninja villages.

Although most of these figures are Zhong Ren and Xia Ren, for a war, these talents are the real main force.

As Mistura broke through the Konoha gate, the families that had originally planned to wait and see, like cats with their tails stepped on, jumped out one by one!

Under the covering of the nest, there are finished eggs!

Everyone understands this. Hyuga, Akimi, Nara, Yamanaka, Yuzuchi, and various families, large and small, all moved.

A large number of ninjas of the Hyuga clan rolled their eyes, and almost all the dynamics that occurred in Konoha appeared in their eyes.

Mist, Sand, and Otonin are based on teams.The ninja who caused the chaos for Konoha was found by all the Hyuga clan in a short time.

The ninjas of the mountain clan gathered all the information seen by the Hyuga clan by secret techniques, and then retransmitted it to the Konoha ninjas near these enemy teams.

In addition to their own high IQ, the Nara group has more importantly their occult attacks, not only secretive, but also not weak.

Large tracts of insects, centered on the Hokage Office Building, are continuously spreading around.

There are also some small families. Once the power of these families breaks out, it is quite terrifying.

The first to suffer was Mioi Isosuke, who was near the center of Konoha.

Originally, the eight members of the Akudo clan were unable to cause effective damage to Sanwei Isso. The only thing they could do was to use brute force to stroke Sanwei to drive out the center of Konoha.

Now, with the addition of a large number of ninjas, countless ninjutsu, secret skills and even sealing techniques mixed with them, like raindrops, are coming towards Sanweiiso.

A large amount of roar sounded on Mioi Isso, and Mioi Isso let out an angry roar, and thick water jets and water escape spouted from his mouth.

However, they were all blocked by the people of the Qiudo clan, and with the support of many ninjas, the people headed by Qiu Dao Dingza insisted on their injuries and firmly surrounded Sanweiiso in the center.

Gu Gu Gu Gu-

At this moment, a lot of bubbles floated from the sky.

Because these bubbles appear in the sky above Konoha, they are not only transparent but also extremely secretive, and coupled with the huge chakra of Mitsuo Isosuke as an attraction, even a perceptual ninja can only perceive it vaguely.

Therefore, when these bubbles appeared in the eyes of everyone, all talents reacted.


A bubble suddenly exploded in the air, and then as a chain reaction, a large number of bubbles began to explode continuously, and the power of each bubble was like an initiating talisman.

Near the center of these bubbles, the bubble is sitting in a slightly larger bubble, and it is fully launching the bubble technique.

Countless bubbles surged out, all blasting towards a ninja of the Qiu Dao clan.

With the rumbling explosion, the ninja of the Qiudo clan who was too late to make a defensive move was blown to the ground.

The ninja of the Qiudo clan even relieved the super-doubling technique and exposed the Sanweiiso who was in the center.

"court death!"

Qiu Dao Dingzuo showed anger on his face, and he stretched out his huge palm and patted the bubble floating above.

The bubble took out his flute and tapped it quickly, the bubble he was sitting on.

The floating bubbles dissipated directly, and the figure of the bubbles quickly fell downwards, avoiding the blow of Qiu Dao Ding Zuo.

The rapidly falling bubbles flicked the flute into the air, and a series of small bubbles appeared in the air.

Using these bubbles as a foothold, between the rise and fall of the bubbles, they have already broken through the defense of the Qiu Dao clan.

The figure quickly moved in the direction of Sanwei!

Perceiving the familiar Chakra, Sanoiso glanced at the small black spot flying in the sky, and let the bubble fall on his head.

"Take advantage of this opportunity I created, and go in the direction of Konoha Gate."

"Where the tail beast sits, there is no fear that Konoha's people will take it back in a short time."

Foam took a few breaths, squatted halfway on top of Sanwei Isosuke's head, and said directly.

"Boy, are you ordering me!"

A voice full of tyranny sounded in the bubble's mind.

"I don't dare to order you. This is a plan made by Master You Dou in advance. Otherwise, why do you think Master You Dou let you out?"

Hearing Sanwei's voice, the bubble's face remained unchanged, and he shook his head and spoke calmly.

Hearing the words "right fight", Sanwei Isosuke's original tyrannical aura immediately withered.

However, Sanwei Isosuke felt so easy to compromise, and he lost his identity as a tail beast.

Miiso's fierce voice continued to sound in the bubble's mind:

"The rhino! I remember, it has allowed you to use its power."

"I have used the tail beastization twice in a row just now, once in a full body state, and I can't use it in a short time, otherwise the body may not be able to support it."

There was a tired look on the foam's face, and the power of the tail beast itself was very corrosive to the body.

If it weren't for the six-tailed Chakra constantly, as he repaired his body, I'm afraid he could no longer support it now.

"What a weak body!"

Sano Iso let out a cold snort, and its perception told it that the bubble was not lying.

Miso Iso twisted his body abruptly, and his huge body knocked the Akudo Dingza on the left two steps back.

With the help of the gap created by the bubble just now, Sanoiso moved his huge body.

Seeing this scene, all the people's faces changed, and they quickly stopped.

Unfortunately, I thought that the tail beast's huge body would not be able to stop it if there were no people of the same level or effective terrain as a barrier.

When everyone was about to try their best to stop him, he suddenly noticed that the outside position of Miiso Fuguki had moved.

Everyone's attack couldn't help but slow down.

After all, everyone's original purpose was to drive Sanwei out of Konoha's center, but now Sanwei moved to the outside by himself.

How can many Konoha ninjas have a reason to stop?

"Sanwei is heading towards Konoha Gate!"

A ninja of the Hyuga clan in the crowd shouted loudly.

Everyone was stunned, and then they understood the purpose of Sanwei.