After the crowd was quiet.

A lot of eyes fell on Nara Shikahisa who was currently doing civilian evacuation and coordinating work.

Feeling everyone's eyes, Nara Lujiu showed a wry smile on his face.

After thinking for a while, Nara Lujiu solemnly said:

"Although Konoha's portal is important, it is more important now to clean up all the fog, sand and Otonin teams around the village center."

"After ensuring that the civilians in the rear are sufficiently safe, we are gathering forces. We will assist Master Naruto and regain control of the village portal."

The calm voice came into everyone's ears, causing everyone present to nod slightly.

Indeed, this is the safest method now.

After all, their residences of all ethnic groups are all near the center of the village. It is in their interest to remove the nearby threats first.

What's more, Konoha's gate has been lost, and it doesn't matter whether he goes or not.

As Nara Lukisa's voice fell, there was no three-dimensional threat, and everyone began to act.

Qiu Dao Dingzao relieved the super-doubling technique, and suddenly sat on the ground.

Nara Lujiu hurried over, and after taking a look at Qiu Dao Dingzao, he found that Chakra was over-consuming, and he was slowly relieved.

"What's wrong, Ding Zuo, is there anything?"

Nara Luji saw Ding Zuo's face with a serious look, a trace of curiosity flashed in his eyes, and couldn't help but speak.

Qiu Daoding put his hands on the ground and took a breath: "I feel that some things are strange."

"Strange?" Nara Lu Jiu was stunned, did not understand the meaning of Qiu Dao's words.

"After fighting with the three tails for so long, I found that the three tails are not human pillars."

"If it weren't for Renzhuli, with his huge body, how did it suddenly appear in the center of Konoha?"

"Tailed beasts may be able to compress their own strength, but with the character of the tailed beasts, how could it be possible?"

"There is also the person who suddenly appeared on top of Sanwei's head. Although I don't know what he did, after he appeared, Sanwei went in the direction of Konoha Gate."

Speaking of this, Akiu Michido took a breath and looked at Nara Lukisa with a serious face:

"When have you seen or heard that tail beasts will obey humans?"

Along with Akudo Dingza's opening, Nara Lujiu's expression became more and more serious.

This kind of thing is indeed a bit strange, but there is too little intelligence now, even if it is analyzed, it can't analyze anything.

Nara Luji raised his head and glanced at the surrounding ruins, with a rare trace of worry in his eyes.

After listening to the words of Akimichi Chooza, Nara Luji had a very bad premonition more and more.

Reaching out his hand to pull up Akudo Dinza, Nara Lujiu calmly said:

"No matter what, now I can only do it step by step. Even if there is a huge conspiracy, the other party will definitely show its feet."

Qiu Dao Dingzuo nodded, and now he can only do so.

With the departure of Sanwei, the Konoha ninjas who were not in order to contain, quickly began to clean up the enemies in Konoha.

No matter how good they were hidden, they were all found in front of the white eyes of the Hyuga clan, the insects of the oil girl clan, and the ninh dogs of the Inuzuka clan.

Even when the three clans mobilized all their strength, even several undercover agents hiding in the villages of Yunren and Yanren among the civilians were found together.

The main battlefield on the other side.

Sarutobi Hizhan saw the figure of Mizoi Fu leaving Konoha's center and running towards Konoha's gate, and the ugly expression on his face lightened slightly.

Although Mitsuo Isofu still caused a huge loss to Konoha along the way, it is completely negligible compared with the loss in the center of the village.

"It seems that the other party has clearly seen the situation in front of him, ready to hold on to the door, and then make plans?"

Sarutobi Hitoshi said in a low tone.

Although it seems that the current Konoha is falling into the wind, in the eyes of Sarutobi Hizen, except for the three tails who raged in the center of Konoha just now, and the Osamaru hidden in the dark, they are considered threats.

The other ninja troops are not considered threats to Sarutobi Hitoshi!

After all, this is Konoha's home field.

Regardless of whether it is the troops of Sunnin Village or Wunin Village, the number of people attacked by both sides is limited after all, but Konoha has a steady stream of reinforcements.

Fighting a war of attrition on his own turf, Sarutobi Hisaki doesn't think he will lose!

Just when Sarutobi Hizen was silent, an Anbe ninja standing behind Sarutobi Hizen, with respect in her voice, suddenly said:

"Hokage-sama, the battle between the two sides has been deadlocked, and Shizuo Morizuru has suppressed everyone too much, do you need me to take action?"

When he arrived at this Anbe, Sarutobi Hisaki recovered from his thoughts and glanced at the Anbe ninja behind him, with a gentle smile on his face:

"It's Tenzo, I didn't intend to expose you to other Shinobu villages prematurely."

"But now it seems that other Shinobu villages regard Konoha's kindness as weakness, and it is indeed time to reveal Konoha's strength."

With the sound of the third generation of Hokage, the Anbu nodded slightly, just about to move forward.

He stretched out a hand and gently placed it on the shoulder of this Anbe ninja.

This Anbe ninja had a physical meal. Although he could not see his face while wearing a mask, he could feel the confusion of the Anbe ninja.

"You are carrying Konoha's fate. Since you have inherited that power, tell the world."

"There will be no Tianzang in the future Anbu, your new name is... Yamato!"

A hint of unique color and heaviness flashed in Sarutobi's eyes, but still wearing a kind smile on his face, he stretched out his hand and slowly took off the mask in the dark part of his eyes.

A man with a little delicate appearance and big eyes appeared in front of Sarutobi Hizen.

Yamato's expression was a bit dazed, obviously, he didn't understand what was going on for a while.

New name?

Is it Yamato?

In other words, I am no longer hidden in the shadows, can I stand in the sun openly?

Thinking of this, Yamato's eyes flashed with a dazzling look.

"Go, Yamato!"

Sarutobi Hizen's voice spoke again, but his tone was more determined.

And at this moment, a Shou Crane was aimed at the direction of Sarutobi Hizen, sending out a wind escape!

Wind Dun-practice empty bombs!

A huge air cannon was spit out and fell crashingly.

Seeing the wind attack that flew towards the three generations of Naruto, everyone's eyes all looked over.

There were other Konoha ninjas who were about to step forward to block them.

A loud shout sounded in everyone's ears.

"Mu Dun-Wooden Ingot Wall!!"