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Chapter 122 Danzo who picked the "fruit"

Hearing You Dou's words, Gan Shi Gui Yu couldn't help but stunned.

Is there any difference between Mu Dun and Mu Dun?

Although the distance is a little far away, the dried persimmon ghost shark can still feel the power of Mu Dun's ninjutsu.

However, thinking that Uto-sama could easily overcome Uchiha Itachi's strength, only that level of wooden escape would probably not have much impact on Uto-sama.

The dried persimmon ghost couldn't help but glanced at You Dou secretly, what level of strength the legendary "three outstanding" reached.

"Are you curious about the real Mu Dun? Don't worry, you will see it."

Feeling the eyes of the dried persimmon ghost shark, You Dou had a faint smile on his face.

"The action is much faster than I thought. It seems that I have to watch the play in another place."

Looking down at Konoha below, You Dou stood up from the Hokage Rock and stretched out.

There was a puzzled expression on Lan Maru's face, but he didn't ask any questions. From Lan Maru's point of view, all he had to do was to follow Master You Dou.


But at this moment, three blasts sounded from the front.

Only three Konoha ninjas appeared in front of Youdou and others.

A ninja of the Hyuga clan, an Inuzuka clan, as for the other one, you can't see which clan belongs to, but I think it should be a small clan in Konoha.

"Sure enough, there is a team from Wuren Village hidden here."

The ninja from the Inuzuka clan looked at the three people with a sneer on your face, and raised his hand to touch the big dog at his feet.

"No wonder I didn't find them. Is it the other party's special blood succession boundary? You can't even see it with a blank eye."

The ninja of the Hyuga clan standing in the center glanced at Ranmaru's red eyes, his face a little ugly.

"Now that you find it, then solve it!"

Another Konoha ninja opened the mouth in the same cold voice. After speaking, he rushed towards the right Dou trio.

Seeing this Konoha ninja move, the dried persimmon ghost shark slightly opened his mouth, with a bright smile on his face.

He grabbed the shark muscle behind him and stepped forward.

The moment the dried persimmon ghost shark stepped out, the other two Konoha ninjas also moved at the same time.

The three people choose a target respectively, and rush towards the three people of You Dou.

But before they were all near, the dried persimmon ghost shark and Lan Wan were already standing in front of the right bucket.

Ran Maru held the Explosive Knife in his right hand, and stretched his arms to block the Explosive Knife in front of You Dou.

The dried persimmon ghost shark also holds the shark muscle, horizontally in front of the right bucket.

"Only the three of you are not worthy of this adult's hands."

Dry Persimmon Guikun coldly looked at the three people who rushed over, and said coldly.

"I won't let you come near!" Lan Wan's face showed an unhappy look, dissatisfied.

You Dou could not help but twitch at the corners of his mouth when he saw the movements of the two people, the dried persimmon ghost shark and the Lan Wan.

The behavior of the two of you is not telling each other blatantly, am I important?

Sure enough, after hearing the words of the dried persimmon ghost shark and Ranmaru, especially seeing the two people protecting the right fight, the three Konoha ninjas who had rushed over looked at each other slightly.

The trio's strategies that they had planned to defeat one by one were immediately cancelled, and instead rushed towards the right fighting direction with all their strength.

Based on the actions of Ranmaru and Dry Persimmon Ghostfish, Konoha's three ninjas can conclude that the identity of Youdou is very important, and it may even be a high-level person in Wuren Village.

In the blink of an eye, the five people fought together.

It seems that after coming to the conclusion that You Dou's status is quite high, Konoha's three people did not rush towards You Dou, and focused on solving the two of Ranmaru and Ganshi Guiyu.

Seeing no one dealt with himself, You Dou was rather happy.

However, it is a pity that Konoha's three people completely underestimated the strength of Lan Wan and dried persimmon.

Facing the powerful strength and speed of Ranmaru, the ninja of the Hyuga clan was directly defeated and retreated.

And another Konoha ninja from a small family was almost crushed by the dried persimmon ghost shark.

Had it not been for the help of the Inuzuka clan, I am afraid that these two would have already lost.

But this time didn't last long, when it landed with the last wailing.

The Ninja dog of the Inuzuka clan was chopped in half from the middle by the dried persimmon ghost shark, and blood was spilled all over the ground.

This kind of battle is not fierce for either the dried persimmon or the blue pill, it only causes a little trouble.

Right Dou was expressionless and directly passed the corpses of the two people in front, and walked to the front of the ninja of the Hyuga clan.

I took a look at the eyes of the Hyuga clan, and saw that the eyeballs had been destroyed.

"Is this the so-called "cage bird"?It's really an appropriate name, but it seems that at present, it seems that the people who are playing are probably from the Hyuga family."

You Dou said with an unexpected expression, cold tone.

Different from the large number of branch families, the number of Hyuga clan families can be called pitiful.

The direct line is one line as the clan, and it is bound to not cause too many people in the clan.

"I hope Neji Hyuga can surprise me."

A smile appeared at the corner of the right bickering mouth, and he got up and walked in a certain direction.

The dried persimmon ghost shark and Lan Wan hurriedly followed You Dou.

Although all the people who came to attack You Dou were killed, the overall form did not change much.

Under the full search of many Konoha ninjas, the Ninja Village forces that continued to cause chaos and harassment almost completely destroyed.

Even if it was supported, it quickly evacuated towards the periphery.

For these small teams, You Dou did not intend to help from the beginning.

Except because of these chaotic squads, the squads in Wunin Village are completely pitiful, and they are basically people from Sand and Otonin.

More importantly, the word war itself is full of blood.

As these teams were constantly being cleaned up, the forces scattered around Konoha became more concentrated.

Similarly, Danzo, Mito Menyan and Zhuan Xiaochun, who led the guards of Genbu and Konoha, also appeared at this time.

Unify all these scattered ninjas and take over the work of Nara Shikahisa directly.

Although Nara Lu was a little helpless for a long time, he had to give up his rights.

With the help of two consultants, Mito Menyan and Zhuan Xiaochun, Danzo stood directly on the bright side.

Many Konoha ninjas who don't know the truth thought that so quickly evacuating the Konoha civilians and the ninjas who cleaned up the enemy village in Konoha's center were all due to Danzo.

Suddenly, Danzang's reputation reached a small peak.

"Damn it, Danzo dares to take all the credit for himself so blatantly!"

Looking at Danzo, who was surrounded by many ninjas in the center, Qiu Dao Dingza's face was angry.

"Don't be impulsive, Ding Zuo, what if a little credit is given to Danzo. At this time, Konoha himself must not have any disturbances."

Nara Shikaji pressed the shoulders of Akimichicho, and spoke with a helpless expression on his face.