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Chapter 125-Payne: Watching for Changes

The benefits that can make the two big Ninja villages heart-stirring, let alone their small Ninja villages.

Naturally, there are some small villages that are not afraid of death, sending ninjas to secretly follow behind the ninja troops of the two big ninja villages.

It is a pity that the troops between the two big Ninja villages are restricting each other and dare not do anything, but they are not soft on these small villages.

Any Ninja Village ninja following them will be killed by them!

Although the ninjas sent by the small ninja villages have basically been eliminated, the small ninja villages are not without any useful information, that is, the direction of the two forces seems to be the direction of the country of fire.

Sand Ninja Village and Wu Ninja Village joined forces to attack Konoha, and many Ninja villages did not respond because it happened so quickly.

To be precise, even Konoha himself suddenly faced the offensive of Sand and Mizuna, and he was a little confused.

In addition to Osha Maru, Sand Ninja Village also didn't know Wu Ninja Village, and even did it on Konoha.

It can only be said that Wuren Village's sudden move made everyone unresponsive, and even if they did, they had to make corresponding choices.

If it hadn't been for the offensive of Mizumi Ninja, Sand Ninja Village would have surrendered in the face of Konoha's strong strength, instead of still supporting it like it is now.

At this time, Konoha's direction heard loud rumblings from time to time, coupled with the unabashed actions of the ninja troops in the two major ninja villages, Yunnin Village and Iwanin Village.

Now, even those who are slow to react know that something big is about to happen!

Yunin Village!

In a very secret and dark cave.

Payne stood on the head of the Outer Golem and looked down blankly.

Not long after, an image with a fictitious name suddenly appeared on the position of the fingers of the Outer Golem.

Payne turned his head and looked at two empty positions. Those two positions belonged to Uchiha Itachi and Kaki Kaki.

Didn't you come?

Payne turned his head again and looked down again blankly.

"Isn't it just recently called? Is there something else?"

There was a trace of dissatisfaction in Scorpion's voice. Now he is staying on his own territory, being a puppet, and it is still an important moment.

Payne's sudden summons naturally made him a little dissatisfied.

"Hey! I'm looking for prey for Lord Cthulhu now!"

Fei Duan said loudly, his voice filled with unpleasant tone.

"I have important things to inform you."

Payne didn't care about everyone's expressions, and still spoke coldly. After speaking, he turned to look at a certain position beside him.

Seeing Penn's movements, everyone's eyes also looked over, and they saw that they looked strange, and the Yin-Yang face Bai Jue slowly rose from the ground.

"Oh, long time no see."

Bai Jue's voice jumped and said, as for Hei Jue who was next to him closed his mouth, and didn't even intend to speak.

"Say something!"

The corners of Deidara's mouth twitched fiercely. One was Fei Duan and the other was Bai Jue. In the face of these two words, Deidara always had the urge to kill them two.

Not only Deidara, but the eyes of others looking at Bai Jue were full of threats. Obviously, no one wanted to hear Bai Jue's nonsense.

Feeling the threatening gaze of everyone around him, Bai Jue couldn't help but whispered, and then honestly told the information.

"What? Kiri-nin and Sanda-nin joined forces to attack Konoha!"

Feiduan showed a surprised look, and couldn't help but speak loudly.

"Not only that, now even Yunnin and Iwanin are on their way to attack Konoha."

Bai Jue spread his hands and continued to speak.

"Lian Yunren and Yanren even participated, interesting!"

Jiao Du said in a hoarse voice.

"In other words, it is possible that war will break out in advance, is there any more specific information?" Scorpion pondered for a while, and said lightly.

"No, there are a large number of Sensing Ninjas in the battlefields around Konoha or in the outskirts of Yunnin and Iwanin forces. If you get too close, you might be spotted."

"More importantly, all four of their villages have the fluctuations of the tail beast Chakra. Obviously, the human column force has been deployed. I dare not get too close." Bai Jue said helplessly.

"Hey! That's interesting, should our plan start ahead of time?"

"Now that Yunnin Village and Iwanin Village have dispatched a large number of ninja troops, it is a good opportunity for us." A bright smile appeared on Angle's face.

"By the way, why didn't the two guys Uchiha Itachi and the dried persimmon ghost shark show up? I remember they both went to Konoha."

Hiduan looked curiously in the direction of Uchiha Itachi and Kaki Kaki.

"The two of them should have encountered some trouble."

Payne's voice sounded, making everyone present quiet.

"Since the intelligence has been told to everyone, then this matter will be discussed here, and the meeting will be over!"

Payne's cold voice came again.

"Are we not doing anything? This thing is good for us." There was a puzzled look on the corner of his forehead, his voice hoarse.

"Before all the dust settles down, just watch the changes."

With this voice reaching everyone's ears, Payne's figure has disappeared.

Seeing that Payne had left, the images of the other people also disappeared one after another, leaving absolutely nothing there.

"The sudden outbreak of war is really without warning, what do you think?"

Bai Jue murmured, and then spoke to Hei Jue.

Hei Jue was too lazy to talk to Bai Jue, as if lost in thought.

Seeing Hei Jue didn't reply, Bai Jue had an unexpected expression, still muttering to himself: "This matter has to be told... A Fei, I don't know if he will be happy."

After that, Jude's figure quickly disappeared into the ground.

Soon after Jue left, a piece of paper passed through the air, and quickly disappeared.


Konoha battlefield.

In the face of Konoha's all forces' offensive, Sunnin Village, which did not have a large number of troops as support, could not resist it, and could only continue to evacuate in the direction of Konoha's gate.

The only thing that made Maji and others relieved was that Wuren's troops did not intend to pinch them, allowing them to retreat out of the Konoha gate.

After Maki retreated to the Konoha gate, he could not help a shocked look on his face when he saw Mioi Isofu lying not far from the Konoha gate.

It was definitely not a human column power, but a real tail beast. The people of Wunin Village let a tail beast completely obey them, which is simply incredible.

When did Wunin Village actually have such a method?

Among the five great Ninja villages, everyone thinks that Wunin Village and Sand Ninja Village are the weakest two-person Ninja Villages, but now Maji sees that the strength of Wunin Village is not weak at all.