Under the full attack of Sarutobi Hisaki and Danzo, all the hostile ninjas in the entire village were eliminated.

The Sun Shinobu troops all retreated outside the Konoha gate and garrisoned with the Wu Shino troops.

On a high platform.

Sarutobi Rischi and Danzo stood together in the forefront position, and the two were silent.

"Next, use all of your power to solve the battle between Wunin and Sanda in one breath."

Danzo's voice was cold, but his tone was unusually firm.

Sarutobi nodded, although he had some disagreements with Danzo in terms of political construction, but facing a common enemy, the two people had the same idea.

"It's really a quick decision. With such a big movement, I'm afraid Yun Ren and Yan Ren have already received the news."

Sarutobiji frowned, with a trace of worry in his voice.

Step on-

The sound of light footsteps sounded in the back, and Mito Menyan and Zhuan Xiaochun came over with a bit of bitter expression on their faces.

"Sun Slash, we are responsible for the failure of Konoha Gate. It is our two negligence."

Turning to bed, Koharu cut his way to Sarutobi with a wry smile.

The Mito Menyan on the other side also lowered his original high head slightly, with a wry smile on his face.

Sarutobi Hizen's expression remained unchanged, and he did not speak.

Seeing the silent Sarutobi Hitoshi, Mito Menyan and Zhuan Ke Xiaochun looked at each other and looked in the direction of Danzo.

In the eyes of everyone, this battle has basically come to an end, no matter if it is Mizuna or Sanda, it is impossible to carry out a long-term battle.

What's more, this is Konoha's base camp, and Konoha's ninjas don't need to worry about supply.

Therefore, Mito Menyan and Zhuan Xiaochun planned to admit their mistakes before the war was over.

"Wuren's attack was too sudden, and the barrier was destroyed, and the two consultants did not react, which is normal."

Tuan Zang's faint voice sounded from the side.

Sarutobi Rizen raised his head and cast his eyes on the faces of the three people, his voice still flat: "I'll talk about this after the war is over."

Danzo frowned slightly and did not continue to speak. He understood Sarutobi's temper, and he had already helped with this matter. As for whether he could succeed or not, he didn't need to manage.


Several cracking sounds sounded.

Several of Konoha's Shinnin appeared behind Sarutobi Hizen.

"Hokage-sama, through the Hyuga clan, has already found out the other party's intelligence clearly. In terms of military strength, we are several times that of the other party, and we are fully capable of solving the other party completely.

Asma glanced at her face calmly, Danzo and the three of them, and then returned their eyes to Sarutobi Hiruchi, the voice filled with killing intent.

"Well, what do you think of Lu Jiu?"

Hearing Asma's words, Sarutobi Hizen nodded lightly, and then looked at Nara Shikahisa next to him.

"Asma is right, but the only trouble now is the three tails. If you are a little careless, it may cause large-scale casualties to our ninja."

Nara Lujiu spoke softly, with a trace of worry on his face, he always felt that things were not so simple.

"Three-tailed problem, let us solve it."

A hearty voice came from a distance, and it suddenly attracted everyone's attention.

"Master Jiraiya! Master Tsunade!"

Lujiu Nara was taken aback when seeing the two people, and then he spoke respectfully.

Sarutobi Hizen saw Tsunade next to Jiraiya, and he was also taken aback for a moment, and then a smile appeared on his face.

"Sorry old man, I was delayed by something."

Naturally, Tsunade glanced at Tsunade beside him. At this moment, Tsunade was completely out of fear. He breathed a sigh of relief and said with a big smile.

Outside Konoha gate.

Although Wu Ren and Sand Ninja were stationed together, the two ninja forces were quite distinct.

Maki's face was extremely ugly at this time, and Konoha's strength was completely beyond their imagination.

This Konoha collapse plan is completely ridiculous in the eyes of Maji now.

If there is no Wunin Village, I am afraid they have raised their hands and surrendered now.

At this time, the entire Sand Ninja force was temporarily controlled by him. As for Master Fengying, he glanced at the direction of Oshemaru, but Maji did not mention it.

Now is not the time to mention this!

However, the only thing that surprised Mackey was that the Oshemaru group suddenly became more honest.

"My lord, what should we do next?"

A Shinobu stood in front of Maji, with a hint of panic in his voice.

Macky glanced at the ninja, but didn't say anything. No matter how you look at this situation, it is that Sand Ninja is on the weakest side.

"Find two ninjas to go with me to Wurenina, the current situation can only join forces with Wurenina."

It was not that the thought of surrender had not flashed through Mackey's mind, but that was the last choice.

Soon, Maki took the two Sand Shinobi and walked directly towards the Wunin troops.

When the three of Maki were about to approach the Wujin troops, a sudden breaking through the air came from one side.

With a strong whistling sound, the decapitated broadsword was inserted directly in front of Maji.

With a sneer on her face, Taodi squatted halfway on the handle of the decapitated broadsword, looking at Maji and others coldly:

"Sara Shinobu, what's the matter?"

Seeing this obvious beheading knife, Mackey's eyes narrowed slightly.

Peach Land, one of the Seven Swordsmen, will not be cut again!

However, isn't it to say that Tao Di's reunion is rebellious, how can it appear here now?

"On behalf of Shinobu, I have important things to discuss with you."

Mackey's expression remained unchanged, and he spoke in a low voice.


Hearing this word, his expression remained unchanged, but his eyes looked at the three of Maji with disdain.

Feeling the look in the eyes of no longer cutting, anger appeared on the faces of the two sand ninjas standing on Maki.

When the two of them just wanted to make a move, Maki turned his head and glanced at the two sands coldly.

"Momochi will not cut your lord anymore. Since you Wuren letting our Sunnin guard stand beside you, I'm afraid it's not here to come to see our Sunnin jokes."

Maji spoke solemnly.

"Unfortunately, I originally wanted to kill a few Sand Ninjas. What is the difference with Konoha's Ninjas?"

Taodi curled his lips without cutting, with a pity expression on his face, and then said impatiently: "Wait!"

After a while, with a gentle smile on his face, Bai came over from behind.

"Don't cut your lord again." Bai walked to the side of Don't cut again, with a gentle smile on his face.

If he didn't cut his head, he took up the decapitation knife and walked in the other direction.

Seeing that he would leave without cutting, Bai showed a helpless expression, then turned his head to look at Maji and others, and said flatly: "The three of you come with me."

After speaking, Bai turned and walked in the direction he had just come.

Ma Ji was taken aback for a moment, and quickly followed behind Bai.

After entering the resident of Wuren, Maji clearly felt a breath of Xiao Sha in the air.

Is this the Mist Shinobu known as the "Blood Mist"!

Macky's heart trembled slightly, and the ordinary Sand Ninja troop might not be the opponent of this Mist Ninja troop.

Under Bai's leadership, it didn't take long for a huge figure to slowly emerge in Maji's eyes.

The tyrannical atmosphere mixed with the terrifying Chakra filled the air.

Cold sweat was directly on the foreheads of the three of Maki.

This is Sanwei!

When Bai walked here, he stopped and raised his head to look forward.

A young man wearing a blue robe with a flute stuck to his waist appeared in front of the three of Maki.

The bubble appeared in front of the three of Maji, and glanced at Maji faintly, the bubble voice said calmly:

"My lord is sitting on top of Sanwei's head. If you want to meet, you can go straight up."

The top of Mio's head?The body of the upper tail beast?

For a moment, a layer of sweat appeared on the foreheads of the three of Maki.