Is this over?

Maki was stunned, and really couldn't understand what this young man was going to do to bring Gaara here.

"Your Excellency, that our sand and mist..."

Ma Ji recovered and hurriedly spoke, but before he could finish his words, Right Dou waved his hand and interrupted what Ma Ji was about to say.

"You are very interesting, so if you want to intervene, you can do it, if you don't want to intervene, just watch the show honestly."

With Ruoyouruwu's smile on You Dou's face, he cast a glance at Maji.

"What do you mean by your excellency?"

Mackey's eyebrows suddenly frowned, and he felt that the other party seemed to be playing him.

"Do you think this war is about to end?"

You Dou turned and looked in the direction of Konoha, with a coldness, and continued: "No, this war has just begun!"

"Since Oshemaru is where you are, then you should go back and tell Oshemaru and let him do it, otherwise I will kill him!"

Hearing the coldness coming from the right fighting voice, Maji's body trembled slightly.

Dashemaru's fame was long before him, but Maji believed what the young man said for no reason.

Maki swallowed, turned around and left with Sand Shinobu.

When Gaara was taken away, I couldn't help but turn my head and glance at You Dou. I don't know if it was his illusion. He felt the original tyrannical aura of a Shou Crane in his body, suddenly calming down.

You Dou didn't care about the power of Sand Shinobu and others, and his eyes fixed on Konoha's direction.

As I said, Konoha is dead if there is no other player!

The right fighting figure flashed and appeared on top of Sanwei Isao's head again, sitting cross-legged, stretched out his hand to pat Sanwei Isao's head, and said indifferently:

"Go ahead, Isofu!"


Hearing Youdou's body sound, Sanoiso was originally lying on the ground and opened his eyes suddenly and slowly got up.

The body that looked like a hill once again appeared in everyone's field of vision, and the terrifying Chakra breath swept all around.

The other direction.

When Maji told the right fight to Oshamaru himself.

The Oshe Maru, who had been furious in Maji's original expectation, did not appear.

In addition to an unusually gloomy face, Da She Maru walked out of the resident of Sha Nin Village without saying a word.

He stretched out his hand and bit his finger, and slammed it on the ground: "Psychicism!"



After Wan Snake was channeled out, the first thing he saw was Sanwei Isosuke who just got up not far away.

"Tailed beast? Hey! Dashewan, don't call Lao Tzu out to do such troublesome things!"

Wan She's voice of dissatisfaction sounded in Da She Maru's ears.

"Your opponent is not him, but Konoha in front." Oshemaru said with a sullen expression and cold voice.

Wan She was stunned, turned his head and looked in the direction of Konoha, a humanized smile suddenly flashed in his eyes: "Interesting!"

You Dou glanced at the direction of Oshe Maru, and continued to look forward indifferently.


Miiso Iso let out a loud roar, and a large number of chakras began to gather around his mouth.


At this time, two loud noises came from Konoha's direction.

A huge toad and a huge slug appeared in You Dou's field of vision.

As soon as the two huge psychic beasts appeared, they rushed in the direction of Sanwei Isosuke.

Standing at Sanwei Iso, he stroked the foam not far below, inserted the flute in his hand back into his waist, and jumped forward suddenly.

Half-tailed animalization!

The tail beast Chakra's coat instantly covered the foam and turned into a dark red figure, rushing towards the toad psychic beast summoned by Jilaiya.

On the other side, the Oshe Maru also moved, controlling the Ten Thousand Snake to rush towards the slug summoned by Tsunade!

Jilai also looked at the bubble rushing towards him, and glanced at the three tails of the beast jade not far in front, his face was green.

"Get out of here!"

Jiraiya also cooperated with Toad Ken who was sitting down, sending out a series of ninjutsu in the direction of the bubble.

However, the bubbles were all easily dodged, and with the help of the bubbles from the air, they jumped directly in front of Jiraiya.

"The last battle is not over, no one will help you this time." The bubble said while looking at Jiraiya in the distance.

"jump over!"

Naturally, there is no time to talk to the foam now, and order Toad Jian to jump directly over the top of the foam.

Seeing Jiraiya's movements, the six chakra tails behind Foam flicked hard.

The six tails stretched instantaneously, as if they were turned into chains on the toad's healthy legs.

Immediately afterwards, the foamy body secreted a large amount of comfortable and strong corrosive liquid.

Before Toad Jian jumped up, he felt a strong pain from his forelimbs.

next moment!


Before Jilai could react, Toad Jian turned into white smoke and returned to Miaomu Mountain.

Without the toad health, Jilai also fell directly from the air.

Fortunately, Ji Laiye's skills are fairly vigorous and he hasn't stumbled.

His body turned around in the air and landed smoothly, but Jiraiya's face was quite ugly, looking at the opposite foam.

"If I say, I didn't use my full strength in the last battle, do you believe it?"

The bubble tone was as flat as ever, and he said.

While Jilai here was also stopped by the bubble, Tsunade and the slug on the other side were also stopped by Oshemaru.

"Oshemaru! How dare you do such a thing to Konoha!"

Tsunade saw the angry look on Oshemaru's face.

"Long time no see, Tsunade."

Hearing Tsunade's angry voice, Oshemaru's expression remained unchanged, but there was a trace of nostalgia in his voice.

"From today, there are no more three ninjas in the ninja world, rush over, slug!"

Tsunade's voice was cold and he commanded the slug at the same time.

"Really, that's really a pity." Da She Wan licked his lips, took out a handful of Kumo directly into his palm, and a lot of blood flowed out along the Kumo.

"Your panicemia shouldn't be better yet?"

Not caring about the blood flowing in his hands, Oshemaru pulled out the kunai from his hands and chuckled in Tsunade's direction.

But the next moment, Da She Wan's smile froze on his face, and a fist didn't enlarge quickly in front of his eyes.


Forcibly twisting his body, barely avoiding his head, let Tsunade's fist hit his shoulder.

Da She Wan was blown out directly, almost rolling off Wan She.


Da She Wan coughed up a bit of blood and looked at Tsunade with a look of surprise on his face.

"Although the phobia is not good, it is enough to apply an illusion technique that cannot see blood."

Tsunade looked at Oshemaru with a sneer, but if someone paid close attention, he could still see Tsunade's slightly shaking arms.

Tsunade applied the illusion technique to himself. Although he couldn't see the blood, it was only a visual and psychological illness, and he couldn't overcome it in a short time.

"So, it seems that this battle must be fought."

Da She Wan licked the blood on the corner of his mouth, stood up slowly, and said with a sneer.

the other side.

Because Tsunade and Jilai were also blocked by Oshemaru and foam respectively.

The three tails that no one stopped, completely condensed the tail beast jade.


The tail beast jade directed towards Konoha and launched directly.