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Chapter 129 Meeting of the Four Villages of Fog, Sand, Rock and Cloud

The concentrated tail beast jade turned into a purple beam and blasted toward the direction where Konoha's army gathered.

At this moment, everyone in Konoha looked at the blasting tail beast jade with panic faces.

Once this tail beast jade falls, there will be no idea how many people will die.

"Damn big snake pill!"

Tuan Zang's face flushed, angrily picked up the crutch in his hand and knocked on the ground forcefully.

"Enchantment squad!!" Sarutobi Rizhan shouted at the front.

I saw that dozens of ninjas held scrolls in front of Konoha while pressing them on the ground.

In the next moment, dense lines appeared in the air, and then disappeared.

What appeared in front of everyone again was a semi-transparent enchantment.

The tail beast jade blasted over at an extremely fast speed, and all Konoha's faces were covered with sweat.

In the next instant, the tail beast jade had already blasted on the barrier, there was no imaginary explosion.

I saw that the tail beast jade seemed to be trapped in the barrier, and then bit by bit was swallowed by the barrier.

With the disappearance of the tail beast jade, a huge explosion exploded in a place far away from Konoha.

Sitting on the top of Sanwei's head, the right fighting, seeing this scene, couldn't help but raise his eyebrows:

"Is this feeling... Flying Thunder God?"

At the beginning, in Naruto's body, he fought with Bo Feng Shuimen in a right fight, and he clearly felt that this barrier was somewhat similar to Fei Lei Shen.

Right Dou turned his head to look at Ranmaru next to him: "Inform Qing, let him prepare to welcome the guests."

Lan Wan's face showed joy, and she jumped off Sanwei Ji's body.

Right Dou turned his head again, stretched out his fingers and tapped Miiso Isosuke's head, and said in a flat tone:

"Go on, I would like to see how long their barrier can last."

Hearing the sound of the right fighting, Mizuo quickly raised his head again, and started shooting the tail beast jade in the direction of Konoha.

Facing the attack of the tail beast jade, Tsunade and Jilai were also dragged by each other's people.

Konoha's people didn't dare to rush out of the barrier and attacked Wunin Village.

In this Ninja World, no one dared to withstand the attack of the beast jade with one blow.

The Qiu Dao clan's super-doubling technique can only be used in hand-to-hand combat.

"When I reach the sixth door, at my speed, I should be able to appear in front of the opponent's three tails before launching the tail beast jade."

A Kai stepped forward, walked to Yuan Yuan Feiri cut himself, and spoke seriously.

"No! Even if you rush over, you have no way to solve the three tails. Now you can only rely on the sealing techniques of Jiraiya and Tsunade." Sarutobi Hitizumi directly refused.

As for Kai's strength, Sarutobi Rizhan is quite recognized, but Sanwei is the most famous defensive power among the tail beasts.

Moreover, even if Kaineng defeated the three tails, if the three tails were not completely sealed, all the efforts were wasted.

"There is the power of Nine Tails." Danzo turned and stared at Sarutobi.

"No!" Sarutobi Rizhan firmly refused again, and at the same time gave Danzo a hard look in his eyes.


Hearing Sarutobi Hisaki's words, Danzo spoke angrily.

Just when Konoha's side fell into passive defense, two strands of dust came from a distance towards Konoha.

The forces of Yanren Village and Yunren Village looked at each other vigilantly, and at the same time, they came towards Konoha at the same speed.

"That's... a psychic beast with three tails. It's Wunin Village!"

Suddenly there was a cry of exclamation from the two units.

Three huge psychic beasts and the figure of the three tails were reflected in the eyes of Yun Ren and Yan Ren.

"The intelligence seems to be correct, but Wunin Village has directly activated the tail beast, obviously has made up his mind."

Huang Tu looked at the three tails who were launching the tail beast jade in the distance, with a hint of wonder on his face.

"What do we do now?"

Chi Tu's voice came from the side, making Huang Tu's face flashed with thought.

The Yunren troops on the other side also had a similar scene.

Darui saw the battle in the distance, and his face also showed a tangled look. Joining the battlefield at this time was not a good decision.

However, the two sides didn't struggle for long, they suddenly saw the two figures standing in front of their troops.

Huang Tu and Aka Tu glanced at each other, and gestured to the Iwanin troops behind them.

Darui of Yunren Village also made similar actions.

It didn't take long for the two units to stop.

In front of the two units in Yunren Village and Yanren Village were Qing and Maji.

Qing had already removed the blindfold, and stared at the two units of Yunren and Yanren with white eyes, and saw a huge chakra hidden in each of the two units.

Qing's expression tightened slightly, the familiar feeling of Chakra, he had seen it on Foam, obviously, the other party brought Ren Zhuli over.

Ma Ji had some doubts at first, why Wu Ren's Qing would suddenly bring him here.

But now when I saw Yunnin and Iwanin forces ahead, Maji instantly understood what had happened.

Not long after, a figure came out from Yunren and Yanren and walked towards here.

Huang Tu and Darui looked at each other, and the two turned their heads to look away at the same time. Yun Ren and Yan Ren can be regarded as feuds.

If it weren't for the shadows of the two parties, the order was given in advance, and the two sides would have been fighting when they met on the road.

But even so, the two people are still quite worried about each other.

With solemn expressions on their faces, Huang Tu and Darui walked towards Qing and Maji.

The four people stood in four directions and looked at each other.

There is no need to make extra self-introductions. Wearing protective foreheads on their heads represents their own Ninja Village.

What's more, the four people standing here are all well-known ninjas in the ninja world, and the intelligence of each village has basic information about each other.

The four people looked at each other silently, and there was a moment of silence.

"Presumably everyone knows why I am here."

Qing took the lead in breaking the tranquility, and said in a flat tone.

"So, what are you going to do when Kiri and Sanda stand in front of us?"

Darui put his hands behind his head and cast a calm look, Qing and Maji.

"Our Suna Shinobu has joined forces with Wu Shinobu."

Ma Zhan Jie said indifferently from the side that the strength of the four villages now belongs to their weakest, but they still have to show toughness.

What's more, throwing out this message is to wait for Yunren and Yanren to see their surviving troops, and they won't have the thought of doing it.

Qing cast a faint glance at Maji with the light of his eyes. He naturally knew what Maji had been thinking carefully.

But at this time, he naturally wouldn't refute the opponent.