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Chapter 130 Joint Attack on Konoha

Kiri and Sanda join forces?

Hearing Maji's words, especially after seeing the green expression unchanged.

The eyes of Huang Tu and Darui flickered slightly.

If Wu Ren really joined forces with Sun Shinobu, then the things that are now worrying would be easier to handle.

The reason why the four people appeared here to meet alone was naturally because they were not at ease with other Shinobu villages and wanted to know the current information.

"The current situation should be clear to both of you. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

"From the First World War in the Ninja World to the present, the Ninja villages have basically fought alone, even if they are joined together, it is temporary."

"And I'm afraid this is the only time I can defeat Konoha in one fell swoop, and even erase it from the territory of Ninja World."

With a serious look on Qing's face, he paused slightly when he said that, after looking at the people with some thoughtful expressions, a smile flashed in his eyes.

After waiting for a while, seeing that everyone consumed almost what he said, Qing said again:

"With the power of the four Ninja villages, if Konoha can really be eliminated in one fell swoop, then the huge territory of the Fire Country will be completely open to our four Ninja villages."

"Compared to Konoha, which is just in the middle, there are not too many entanglements between the four Ninja villages. We can completely divide Konoha!"

As the voice of Qing entered the ears of the three, Huang Tu and Darui were all shocked.

From Qing's words, the two people immediately made up the scenes that will appear in the future.

As Qing said, the benefits of Konoha's destruction completely exceeded all Shinobu's imagination.

With such a large territory as the Land of Fire, it would take many years to consume the four Ninja Villages together.

At that time, unless the Four Ninja Villages completely digest the country of fire, otherwise, there is absolutely no possibility of war again.

The immediate returns are too profitable, even those without economic savvy can see that the four Ninja Villages attacking Konoha together is the most correct.

As for the idea of ​​monopolization?

Without even thinking about it, no Shinobu has the ability to swallow it in one bite.

Maji, who was standing by, was breathing fast. Among the four great Shinobu villages, if anyone supported this plan the most, it was definitely Sand Shinobu Village.

Compared with other Ninja villages, the whole Sand Ninja can be described as poverty, not to mention the division of Konoha, even if only a piece of meat is bitten from Konoha, it will be enough for Sand Ninja village to eat for a long time.

Seeing Yanren's loess and Yunren's Darui had signs of heartbeat, but there was a hint of hesitation on his face.

A smile appeared on Qing's face, looking at the two and saying:

"Since the two ninja troops have brought Renzhuli, the shadows of the two villages must have the same idea."

As Qing's voice fell, Huang Tu and Darui couldn't help but look at each other at the same time, and then withdrew their eyes.

"We Tukage-sama said that the head of the family of Wuren Village, Koshiro Koshiro was killed by Konoha's people. Naturally, we have to ask Konoha's people for an explanation. We Iwanin is here to help Wuren."

Huang Tuweng said with a sincere face.

Darui glanced at the loess in disdain, turned his head to look at Qing, and uttered a cold tone: "Okay!"

After speaking, Darui turned and walked towards Yun Ren's troops.

Feeling Darui's disdainful eyes, Huang Tu couldn't help but flash a blush on his face, and he quickly turned and walked towards his Yannin troops.

He also felt very shy about what he said just now, but he couldn't help it, his father Ohnogi explained in advance.

As for how to divide Konoha equally, and the distribution of the various Shinobu villages, the four people did not mention it very tacitly.

Asking this question at this time will not do any good except to prove to others that you are stupid.

Seeing the two people leaving, Maji raised his eyebrows and said softly: "These two people seem to have to report to their village about the situation here."

There was a Ruoyoruowu smile on Qing's face: "That's natural. The spies in their villages have basically been cleared by Konoha. Inquiring about the intelligence here is one of their goals."

"However, this matter has already been done, and you, Sha Shinobu, should also be prepared. Whoever caused the most casualties to Konoha during this attack on Konoha, I am afraid that the benefits will be higher by then."

Qing also turned and walked in the direction of Wuren's troops, and at the same time, he seemed to kindly remind Ma Jidao.

Seeing Qing's gradually disappearing figure, Maji's eyes flashed, and after a few jumps, he had disappeared in place.

On the other side, after Huang Tu and Darui returned to their ninja department respectively, they immediately transferred all the situations that happened on the spot back to their own village using spiritism.

Before long, along with the fluctuation of spiritism, the two people almost indiscriminately received the news from the village-jointly attack Konoha!

Huang Tu stood in front of Iwano's troops, looking in the direction of Konoha, his eyes were cold: "Prepare to attack Konoha!"

On the other side of the Yunren force, Darui shrugged helplessly as he looked at the command passed back in his hand.

"Darui, are you really going to attack Konoha?"

Kirabi came from the side, looking at Darui with a complicated expression.

"Bi, I know what you are thinking, there is no personal will between Shinobu Village and Shinobu Village."

"Master Raikage explained that if there are no special circumstances, you will not be allowed to act."

Darui sighed softly and spoke to Kirabi.

After speaking, Darui walked to the front of Yunren's troops and felt everyone's eyes.

Darui showed a troubled expression and said flatly, "Prepare to attack Konoha!"

On the top of Sanwei Isosuke's head.

You Dou looked at the barrier that Konoha gradually cracked in front of him, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

The technique of the Thunder God of Wave Wind Water Gate is used on the barrier. It is indeed a very powerful barrier, but it is a pity that any barrier has an upper limit.

After receiving the attacks of three tail beast jade one after another, this enchantment is already quite good.

It's a pity, I'm afraid that another tail beast jade attack will make this enchantment unbearable.


The sound of the wind rang in You Dou's ears.

With a respectful look on Qing's face, he half-kneeled beside You Dou.

"How are things going?"

You Dou turned his head to look at Qing, and said curiously.

"It's not too different from your plan. The only thing that wasn't expected is that Yun Ren and Yan Ren brought Ren Zhu Li to come."

With a respectful look on Qing's face, he spoke softly.

"Both of them bring human strength? It seems that Raikage and Tuying of this generation are much more bold than I expected."

You Dou couldn't help laughing, his face looked indifferent.

For You Dou, let alone splitting Konoha equally, even if the entire Konoha site was given to three Shinobu villages, You Dou would not care.

Anyway, his purpose is to unify the entire Ninja World, and no matter who's territory will be his territory at that time.

Moreover, the two people Zhuli came to the front, and suddenly they saved the effort of searching for the tail beast.

"Konoha, Konoha, the power of the four Shinobu villages, and the five-headed beasts are all gathered here. I wonder if you can bear it?"

A bright smile appeared on You Dou's face, looking in the direction of Konoha.

To be precise, You Dou's gaze looked at the huge Hokage Rock statue between the Senjue pillars carved on the mountain wall far away from Konoha.