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Chapter 134 Outbreak, peace? Back hand!

Jilaida also glanced at Tsunade's expression, and sighed lightly. This necklace was indeed a bit heavy for Tsunade.

However, does this necklace have a special function?

"Nothing, try to keep this necklace as good as possible."

Sarutobi Rizen suddenly shook his head, smiled and said.

Danzo, who was pricking his ears, was about to eavesdrop, both Mito Menyan and Zhuan Xiaochun's faces became stiff.

Jilaida was also stunned. Then, looking at Tsunade who was on the verge of rage, the corners of his mouth twitched.

"Since the Four Ninja Villages have joined forces to attack Konoha, let them know the price they will pay for attacking Konoha!"

Sarutobi Rishan exudes killing intent, and his tone is cold.

After speaking, take the lead to walk out of the different space.



Along with the roar of Sanweiji's stroke, the tail beast jade turned into a red glow and blasted towards Konoha.


The sound of breaking like glass was heard from the barrier of defense.

In the next moment, the defensive enchantment similar to Flying Thunder God was completely shattered.


The aftermath of the tail beast jade explosion overflowed at the moment when the barrier was broken.

The enchantment squad near the front was blown out directly by this aftermath, and there were even three enchantment ninjas who were drunk in front of them, and they were killed directly before they could react.

With the fragmentation of the defensive enchantment, this seemed to be an invisible signal.

"As expected of Konoha, he was able to withstand several attacks from the tail beast jade."

Huang Tu looked at Konoha with a hint of admiration in his tone.

"I have no time to listen to a bunch of nonsense here!"

Darui stood in the forefront position and glanced at the loess.

Immediately afterwards, Darui turned and looked at the Yunren troops behind him: "Everyone is ready to attack!!"


There is no unnecessary nonsense, as the last "attack" word fell, a large number of cloud ninjas turned into afterimages, attacking in the direction of Konoha.

Not only Yunnin, but Iwanin led by Huangtu, Sandnin led by Maki, and Wunin simultaneously began to attack Konoha's direction.

No strategy is needed. The number of ninjas led by the four great ninja villages is two or three times as many as Konoha.

This is an absolute quantitative advantage. In such a situation, if there is any strategy, it will be a restriction on oneself.

"Ninjas who are good at land escape are stationed in defense! Other ninjas are attacking from a distance!"

Nara Shikuji let out a loud shout, his face full of seriousness.

In the face of the four great Shinobu villages, Nara Shikajiu knew from the beginning that Konoha could not stop him.

Quantity will cause qualitative changes!

Unless the absolute strong, otherwise, facing the war between ninjas, personal strength will be weakened to the extreme.

Even if it is a ninja of the level of Sannin, or even a tail beast, once it is surrounded by a ninja army, it will only be defeated and sealed.

On Konoha's side, a large number of ninjas who are good at earth escape stepped forward and built a series of defenses like external walls.

At the same time, various ninjutsu and secret techniques poured out from Konoha and blasted toward the four village ninjas.

The technique of super doubling!

Qiu Dao Dingzao let out a loud shout, and his body quickly began to swell. He stepped out of the defense composed of Konoha, and his whole body curled up.

Meatball chariot!!

Combining the two ninjutsu, Qiu Dao Dingzao seemed to transform into a huge meat grinder, crushing it towards the four-cun ninja's call.

"Are you from the Autumn Dao clan? I will meet you!"

With a calm look on Huang Tu's face, his hands were imprinted, and he quickly pressed to the ground.

Earth Escape-Digging and Digging!

There was a rumbling sound from the ground, and the next moment, the ground was like a volcanic eruption, and the ground in the shape of a crater suddenly bulged upward.

The flesh-bomb chariot turned into by Autumn Road Dingza just rolled under this soil, and was suddenly pushed into the air by the suddenly rising crater.

Qiu Dao Dingza quickly unlocked the technique of the meat bomb chariot to reduce the impact on himself, and at the same time stretched his body,

Flying into the air in the autumn road Dingzao, that huge figure is like a cloud, covering the many ninjas below.

Huang Tu saw this scene with a sneer on his calm face, and Jieyin with his hands pressed on the ground again, shouting:

"Soil Escape-The Art of the Mountain!"

The semi-circular soil that resembles a hill quickly rises from the ground on both sides, not only destroying all the terrain in front of Konoha in an instant.

It was even more flanking, enclosing Autumn Road Dingzao in the middle.

Huang Tu's eyes condensed, and his hands snapped together!

The two semi-circular soils that looked like hills directly clamped the Qiu Dao Ding Block, and at the same time kept rolling towards the middle.

This scene also instantly attracted the attention of everyone on the battlefield.

"Good momentum!"

Maji, who was leading Sand Shinobu, couldn't help but let out a surprise.

At this time, even Naruto and others in the back could clearly see this ninjutsu like a hill.

"So strong!"

Sasuke raised his head and swallowed, staring at the scene in front of him in a daze, and couldn't help speaking.

On the other side, Naruto and others were also a little dazed.

This is the first time they have seen this level of ninjutsu. Compared with this, their previous battles can be described as small or small.


Suddenly, two small hill-like hemispherical soils began to collapse rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

I saw that Huang Tu, who was mobilizing this Ninja Village, not only stopped maintaining the Chakra, but also stood there blankly.

"No, it's illusion!" A ninja from Iwanin Village let out a soft cry.

"Not an illusion, but a member of the Konoha mountain."

Chi Tu came over from the side, raised his fist, and slammed Huang Tu's stomach with a punch.

At this time, Konoha's Yamanaka Kaiichi suddenly opened his eyes, and then couldn't help feeling his stomach.

"It's okay."

Nara Shikahisa stretched out his hand and pressed Yamanaka Kaiichi's shoulder.

"It's okay, everyone is an old opponent, and the opponent has several times more people than us. This battle is not easy to fight."

Shanzhong Haiyi shook his head and said with a wry smile.

Due to the ninjutsu of the loess, the defense formed by Konoha cracked, and the four village ninjas began to attack in the direction of the crack.

At the same time, a large number of ninjas in Konoha also gathered here, and began to defend and attack.


A series of light green mists floated from a distance, coming down in the direction of Konoha's people.

Konoha Ninja who hadn't noticed, as soon as he smelled such a mist, his whole body immediately fell limply to the ground.

"Although our army of Ninja has fewer people, the people killed with poison may not necessarily be fewer than you."

Seeing the poisoned Konoha ninja, Maji's face showed a rumorous smile.

"These mists are poisonous, and quickly plug this gap." An Anbe ninja shouted.

Earth escape-clay from the sky!

Several Konoha ninjas rushed out from the side and joined hands with Kie Yin.

A huge alien space appeared above Konoha, and then a large amount of red clay fell out of the sky, blocking the crack in an instant.

At the same time, several wind ninjutsu blew out from Konoha towards the outside, and the mist in the air gradually dissipated a bit.

The troops in Yunren Village rushed to the forefront, all kinds of thunder ninjutsu flashed one by one, causing a lot of damage to the defense formed by Konoha.

Even if the Konoha people occupy favorable terrain, they face multiple ninjas and endless ninjutsu in various villages.

The plan that Nara Lukisa made in advance was unable to face such a complicated situation.

In a short time, the first layer of defense formed by Konoha has been directly broken.

A large number of Konoha ninjas and four village ninjas began to fight.

And the small players in the rear, even if they want to play, no one dares to give them a chance.

This kind of battlefield, like them?If there is no special means, I am afraid that someone will be killed in a short time. After all, this is not a one-on-one battle.

Kakashi and others directly participated in the war, randomly arranged a Zhongren, and the small strong leaders led them to withdraw towards the second layer of defense.


The entire battlefield can be described as tragic.Suddenly, the cry of killing resounded over Konoha.

A large amount of blood stained the ground, and in the short span of the battle, Konoha everyone was suppressed.

The number of enemies is too much, and the ninja who is resisting in Konoha has almost reached the level of one-to-two or even one-to-three.

You Dou still sat quietly on Sanwei Isosuke's body, looking calmly at the battlefield in front of him.

Unless you have absolute strength to suppress, war will never be reversed by personal will.

"At this level, I'm afraid that the people in the villages don't need to use their strength." You Dou put his cheek in one hand and said quietly.

If someone appears in the sky now and looks at the low battlefield, you will find that although the ninjas of the four villages are fighting with the people of Konoha, the people of Kirinin are at the back of the other three ninja villages.

At this time, on the hillside some distance from the Konoha battlefield.

A man wearing a mask, and a strange-looking guy with a yin and yang face, suddenly walked out of a whirlpool.

"Sure enough, after telling you this news, you can't help but take a look."

Bai Jue looked at the masked road with a smile on his face.

Bringing the soil did not speak, but looked into the distance, some fuzzy Konoha, silent slightly.

"Is it a bit far here, why not get closer?"

Seeing that the soil was silent, Bai Jue didn't care and scratched his head and continued to ask.

"There are quite a few people there, and Payne should come here too, there is a possibility of being discovered."

A slightly low voice with soil rang from the side.

Bai Jue nodded as if he didn't understand, he was taken aback for a moment, and then quickly said: "He's here!"

As Bai Jue's voice sounded, a whirlpool once again surrounded the two and disappeared instantly.

Not long after, not far from the place where Bai Jue and Dai Tu just disappeared, Payne and Xiao Nan slowly appeared there.

Payne glanced thoughtfully, and turned his head to look at Konoha again in the direction where the two of them had disappeared.

"Will this affect the plan?"

Xiao Nan looked at the battlefield in the distance and frowned slightly.

"No." Payne said stiffly.

"As long as there is a great power, won't the Ninja world stop the war?" After a moment of silence, Xiao Nan's tone was a little low.

"Wars between countries have always been for profit, and wars will definitely produce pain. Perhaps it is only because of this that people will yearn for peace even more."

"Feeling the pain and longing for peace, this is the will of being a god." Payne's blunt and firm tone slowly spread into Xiao Nan's ears.

Konoha battlefield.

This battle was doomed from the very beginning to a quick defeat for the weaker side.

A large number of Konoha ninja corpses fell on the ground.

No one will have grief at this time, because the next moment he may become the person who fell underground.

When Sarutobi Hits the crowd came out, they saw this scene in front of them, and everyone's eyes were a little red.


Danzo clenched the scepter in his hand angrily.

As soon as Jiraiya and Tsunade wanted to rush out, Sarutobi Hitizan stretched out their hands and stopped them.

"The techniques left by the first generation adults will solve everything."

After finishing speaking, Sarutobi Hisaki patted Jiraiya's shoulder with a look of surprise, and said softly, "Next, Konoha will be handed over to you."

Just as Jiraiya wanted to say something, Sarutobi Rizen stepped forward and rushed out.

"Ninjas of Four Villages, Konoha is not so easy to invade!!"

A loud shout of anger sounded throughout the battlefield.

Let all the fighting ninjas have a slight meal, and couldn't help but look over.

Sarutobi Hizen held a large scroll, yanked it away, and pressed it to the ground.

I saw that the name of this technique was clearly written on one side of this scroll.

Xianfa-Mu Dun-really thousands of hands!