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Chapter 135 The Crushed Four Ninja Troops

Xianfa-Mu Dun-really thousands of hands!

Sarutobi Hizen pressed the scroll to the ground and let out a loud roar.


A roar like thunder, instantly blasted in everyone's ears.

The whole earth seemed to tremble, and the flat ground in front of Sarutobi Ri had begun to collapse continuously.

Gradually, a giant Guanyin statue with countless huge arms slowly rose from the ground.

The reason why it is slow is to compare that huge body of Guanyin.

In the eyes of other surrounding ninjas, this giant Guanyin statue was rapidly ascending at a speed of tens of meters and tens of meters.


It is unparalleled huge, and even apart from this word, people can't find any words in their minds to describe how huge the giant Buddha statue is.

The huge thousands of hands, the instant Konoha appeared, broke the entire Konoha into two sections.

Sarutobi Hizen, who squatted halfway on the top of the hands of Zhen Qian, was full of shock and pain on his face.

Not only was the entire Konoha destroyed in half, but what made Sarutobi Hitoshi feel more painful was that this ninjutsu was actually used by him to deal with the attacks of the four Shinobu villages.

It's like a cannon hitting mosquitoes.

"Is this the ninjutsu left by the first generation adults? How strong are the first generation adults?"

The corners of Sarutobi's mouth twitched, and there was a trace of trembling in his voice.

Ninjas who have not experienced the Warring States Period will never be able to imagine the level of the strength of the "Three Masters" back then!

The so-called god, I am afraid it is just like this...

The terrifying Chakra breath swept all around!

Maki Senshou just stood there, and the unparalleled horror filled the hearts of everyone on the battlefield.

The entire battlefield was quiet for a while, so quiet that even the sound of drooling could be heard.


Whether it was the ninja of Konoha or the ninja of the four great ninja villages, the weapons in their hands could not help falling to the ground without noticing it.


Such ninjutsu, in the eyes of ordinary ninjas, has exceeded imagination and cognition, and at this moment, only the fear in the heart is left.

"Is this the technique of the first generation adults?"

Tuan Zang's eyes seemed to burst out with bright light, staring at the huge Buddha statue that just shadowed the entire Konoha.

Just the technique left at hand is so terrifying, then in the different space, what level can the remaining two scrolls reach?

Maybe you have the power to unify the entire Ninja World!

A gleam flashed in Tuan Zang's mind, and he thought secretly in his mind.


Thousands of manuals!

Such a huge figure moved without urgency, but it was somewhat beyond everyone's imagination.


Qing turned his head, looked at the many Mistura who seemed to be stiff behind him, and shouted frantically.

Accompanied by Qing's roar, the commanders of several other Shinobu villages also reacted, hurriedly rushing to the order.

This kind of sky-slashing gap was placed in front of everyone, and everyone retreated like a tide.

Almost all the ninjas at the scene have been on the battlefield, and no one is afraid of death, but in the face of such a situation, no one wants to die in vain.

The Wunin troops who had been in the last position, at the moment when the blue roar sounded, all the Wunin troops evacuated the fastest.


A strong whistling sound came from the air. Thousands of hands stretched out an arm and shot it down.

Obviously such a huge Buddha statue, but its movements are a bit faster than everyone's imagination. The huge arm shoots it, as if the entire air below is about to burst.


Along with a loud noise, the slowest reaction parts, Yan Ren and Yun Ren, were directly slammed into the ground by the huge Buddha's palm. It was obvious that they could not die again.

The faces of Loess, Terra, and Darui were full of anger, but they didn't dare to turn around. Instead, the speed of escaping could not help but increased a bit.

In the face of such ninjutsu, their resistance may not have any effect.

Perhaps the bloodstain of Earth Shadow and Raikage, who is said to have the strongest shield and the strongest spear, can resist, but they may not be able to.

The huge palm lifted again, and then fell suddenly.

The blockbuster ninja didn't have the slightest resistance, and was easily shot to death.

At this moment, Sarutobi Rizhan, who was standing in the hands of thousands of people, was controlling the two arms of the huge Buddha statue, and constantly slapped below, like a fly.

But Sarutobi Hizen's face flashed pale.

Just controlling the movement of thousands of hands, and controlling the random swing of the two arms, let Sarutobi Hizumi have a chakra consumption of continuous use of high-level ninjutsu.

This is just two arms!

In the aftermath of Sarutobi Hisaki, looking at the countless arms behind Mauki Chishou, his cheeks twitched.

If these arms are used together, I am afraid that all his Chakras will be drained instantly.

"However, just two arms are enough. Although there is a feeling of overkill, but since you dare to attack Konoha, stay here!"

Sarutobi Hizen looked at the method, and the ninjas who flee like ants opened their mouths coldly.

The howling sounded again!

An arm shot towards Sand Shinobu's troops this time, and a huge shadow enveloped the many Sand Shinobi below.

Temari looked at the scene in front of him, and the figure running away stopped directly.

Can't escape!

"Really unwilling, why is Konoha so strong? Where is the future of Shinobu?"

Temari's eyes shone with crystal gazes, and he spoke unwillingly.

What can you do if you are not reconciled? Faced with such power, who can resist it?


Two roars suddenly came from behind, and the two tail beast jade turned into two red awns and crossed the sky, while blasting on the huge Buddha palm.


The huge explosion sound, accompanied by pieces of debris, awakened Temari and the many sands under the palm of the Buddha.

The attacks of the two tail beast jade, apart from hitting large pieces of debris and making the Buddha palm pause for a moment, did not cause much damage to the Buddha palm.

However, after a moment of effort, the Temari and others underneath quickly fled towards the palm of the Buddha.

At the same time, Temari's gaze also looked towards the direction of the tail beast jade.

"Yes... Gaara, and Mizuno of Kiri."

Temari looked at the two-headed beasts, rushing in this direction, a look of surprise flashed in his eyes.

Misuo Iso's eyes flashed with stern eyes, and he rushed in the direction of thousands of hands reluctantly.

Thinking of the right fight, Sanwei Isosuke couldn't help shrinking his neck. Compared with the skills left behind by the Senjujutsu, the living right fight was obviously much more terrifying.