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Chapter 136 Five Big Tailed Beasts Come Out!

Under You Dou's soft gaze, Sanwei Isao turned into a tail beast that is not afraid of life and death, and rushed directly in the direction of thousands of hands.

Seeing this scene, You Dou nodded in satisfaction, then raised his head, looking in the direction of thousands of hands ahead, with a rare smile on his face.

It is really nostalgic ninjutsu.

"Thousands of hands, I can almost guess what you left behind."

You Dou smiled and said to himself, although there is still some uncertainty, it is still 80% possible.

"This battle should almost be over, but the other three ninjas in Ninja Village..."

Right now stopped, although there was still a smile on his face, there was a hint of coldness in his voice.

The right-fighter Sanwei Iso rushed over, naturally not to save the people of Sand Shinobi, but to give the Zhongnin Village of Wunin Village time to retreat.

However, what left You Dou didn't expect that Gaara's originally weak body could still enter the state of full body.

Gaara at this time was controlling a tail of the crane and rushing in the direction of thousands of hands.

Gaara may not care about most of the ninjas in Sand Ninja Village, but for Temari, who is an older sister, although she doesn't usually show it, she still has deep feelings.

It is because of this kind of feeling that Gaara, who was originally extremely weak, is transformed into a Shou crane here.

"Asshole! Run away for this uncle, you are sending death for nothing!"

The angry voice of a Shou crane sounded in Gaara's mind.

But Gaara didn't respond. The full-body tail beast was already huge enough, but compared with the size of a thousand hands.

The body of the tail beast is like a newborn baby, or even worse.

But Gaara's face had no fear at all, instead it was full of madness.

Looking at the two headed beasts rushing, if it were before, Sarutobi Hizen might only have the idea of ​​retreating.

But now, Sarutobi Hizen, who controls thousands of hands, has a sneer directly on her face, and the ninjutsu left between the thousand hands makes Sarutobi Hizen feel invincible!

Even the tail beast that frightened the world before is nothing more than that in the eyes of Sarutobi Rischi.

With the thought of Sarutobi Rizen, the hands of the giant Guanyin statue that were originally going to be slapped on the ground suddenly stopped, and then they changed direction at the same time.


Two heavy muffled noises exploded in the air.

Before one tailed Morizuru and Sanwei Isosuke could react, the two palms that were blasted over were pressed against the ground.

Gaara spouted a mouthful of blood, but the madness in his eyes was even worse, madly urging Chakra inside.

Large tracts of sand rose from the ground, trying to blast the palm of the Buddha on his body.

On the other side, Sanwei Jifu gave out a huge roar, and the chakras in his mouth began to gather quickly, preparing to blast away the palm of the Buddha with the tail beast jade.

Sarutobi Rizhan naturally would not give the two heads and tails a chance, controlling the two Buddha palms, turning their palms into fists, and constantly bombarding the two heads and tails.

The whole earth seemed to have an earthquake for a while.

"Yeah, interesting."

You Dou raised his eyebrows and said softly.

The foam standing behind the right bucket saw this scene, a flash, disappeared in place, and rushed forward.

Within a moment of effort, the figure of the six-tailed rhinoceros appeared in the eyes of everyone.


At the same time, two huge roars came again from a distance.

I saw that the Han who served as a precaution against accidents in Iwanin's troops also used the power of the tail beast at this time to transform into the five-tailed Mu King, appearing not far in front of the real thousands of hands.

If you don't use the tail beast, I am afraid that my own Iwanin troops will be cleared by the aftermath.

And the other roar was the figure of the eight-tailed bull ghost.

The blockbuster Yun Ren was killed, even if he was attacked by four Shinobu villages at the same time, Kirabi who sympathized with Konoha was furious at this time.

As for the initial sympathy, it has long been left behind.

The so-called sympathy is nothing more than something that has nothing to do with oneself.

The figure of the five beasts roared on the battlefield at the same time.

This is like a scene of a masterful battle, and all the ninjas in the entire battlefield can't help but feel a sense of excitement.

Even the four village ninjas who were fleeing couldn't help but look a little sideways.

Such a scene, for them, I am afraid that eternal life will never forget.

Standing behind You Dou, No. 1 and the others, looking at the battlefield in the distance, couldn't help but glance at the figure of Lord You Dou.

Ringo Yu Yuri, and the others suddenly couldn't imagine what kind of level the strength of You Dou-sama reached.

On the battlefield.

The six-tailed rhinoceros rushed forward first, curled up slightly, and then sprayed a large amount of acid-corrosive liquid from its mouth, spraying it on the arm that was beating Sanwei Isosuke.


The harsh sound of corrosion came from the arm, and within a short period of time, the wooden arm corroded countless holes.

Sanwei Isao also took this opportunity to open his mouth and spray water escape ninjutsu, which also blasted on this arm.


A loud and clear noise exploded in the air.

Under the simultaneous attack of the three-tailed and six-tailed beasts, the corroded arm broke directly and fell from the air, splashing a large cloud of smoke.

On the other side, the five-tailed King Mu slightly lowered his head and rushed over.

The horns are broken!

The five giant horns on the head of King Mu Wuwei directly touched him, from the air, preparing to pound the fist of a Shouhe.

When the two collided, a heavy muffled sound resounded across the entire battlefield instantly, and some unprepared ninjas quickly covered their ears to reduce the impact of the sound on them.

Five-tailed King Mu froze with one arm of Zhen Qianqian.


Five-tailed King Mu let out a low roar, and slowly raised his head vigorously. For a while, it turned out to be even more powerful than the arm of thousands of hands.

Lei plow hot knife!

The beast-tailed Kirabi rushed in this direction.

A large number of chakras have formed huge heads like bones in front of the eight-tailed bull ghost.

The strong impact instantly hit this arm of thousands of hands, causing the entire arm to squeak and squeak.

In the next moment, the eight-tailed bull ghost's tail was like an octopus, all wrapped around the arm of thousands of hands.

The eight tails exert force at the same time, plus the power of King Mu with five tails.


A very familiar crisp sound rang again on the court.

This arm with thousands of hands was also broken!

The five-headed beast retreated at the same time, and the tall figure seemed to form a city wall, blocking the front of thousands of hands.

Obviously, everyone's purpose is to create time for the ninjas in their village to evacuate.